Denmark new 50-kroner note confirmed


On 11 August 2009, Danmarks Nationalbank issued a new 50-kroner (US$9.50) note, the first in a new Danish series intended to make it even more difficult to counterfeit or copy genuine banknotes. Among the new security features is Crane’s windowed Motion thread on the back, which was first used by Sweden and is now incorporated in Mexico’s high-denomination notes. Another feature is a new, sophisticated hologram on the front that reflects light in different colors. The new banknotes will also have the traditional security features such as a watermark with electrotype 50, a solid security thread, and Omron rings.

The theme of the new banknotes is Danish bridges and the surrounding landscapes, or details from these landscapes. The artist Karin Birgitte Lund has chosen to interpret this theme in two ways: bridges as links between various parts of Denmark and as links between the past and the present. The present is represented by the bridges, the past by five distinctive prehistoric objects found near the bridges.

The front of the 50-kroner note depicts the Sallingsund Bridge. The back features a Skarpsalling vessel in a field and a map at right.

Courtesy of Alessio Amato and Paul D. Walters.

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