Morocco new 20-dirham commemorative note (B519) reported for intro 00.09.2019

According to a press release dated 21 August 2019, this polymer note commemorates the 20th anniversary of the enthronement of King Mohammed VI, with the back featuring some of the major projects completed under his leadership. It will be introduced in September 2019.


Trans-Dniester new 1-ruble numismatic product (BNP216) reportedly introduced 20.08.2019

On 20 August 2019, the Trans-Dniester Republican Bank introduced a 1-ruble banknotes commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Jassy–Kishinev Operation, a Soviet offensive against Axis forces, which took place in Eastern Romania from 20 to 29 August 1944 during World War II. 1,500 notes were packaged in folders.


Courtesy of Albert Vokhmin.

Yemen new signature 100-rial note (B131b) confirmed

Like unconfirmed B131a, but with new signature (Zammam). Prefix A/13 - A/15.

Courtesy of Eyad and Fawzi Alali ().

Gambia new 2019 note family (B235 - B240) confirmed

On 6 August 2019, the Central Bank of The Gambia introduced a completely new banknote family with native birds instead of the portrait of former President Yahya Jammeh. We are still awaiting 300-dpi images of the 200-dalasis note.






Courtesy of Andrea Bossi.

Nigeria new sig/date (2019) 50-naira note (B236l) confirmed

Like B236k, but new signatures (Emefiele/Eleje) and new date (2019). Prefix VG.

Courtesy of Felix Ohmberger.

West African States new sig/date (2019) 2,000-franc note (B122Ts) confirmed

Like B122Tr, but new signature and date (2019).

Courtesy of Kevin Warfel.

West African States new date (2018) 10,000-franc note (B124Tr) confirmed

Like B124Tq, but new date (2018).

Courtesy of Kevin Warfel.

Bangladesh new date (2019) 500-taka note (B353k) confirmed

Like B353j, but new date (2019).

Courtesy of Kamrul Huda,

Pakistan new signature 5,000-rupee note (B239n) confirmed

Like B239m, but new signature (Reza Baqir). Prefix BX.

Courtesy of Iftikhar Ahmad.

Vietnam new date (2019) 200,000-dong note (B347j) confirmed

Like B347i, but new date (2019).

Courtesy of Don Ludwig and Stane Štraus (

Vietnam new date (2019) 500,000-dong note (B348o) confirmed

Like B348n, but new date (2019).

Courtesy of Don Ludwig and Stane Štraus (

Venezuela new 50,000-bolívar note (B381) confirmed


Courtesy of Dario Silva.

Iran to revalue and rename currency

According to a DW article dated 31 July 2019, the Iranian government has approved a plan to remove four zeroes from the rial and rename the currency the toman, a former superunit of official currency that was in circulation until 1925. Iranians have for decades continued to use the term toman for its simple conversion rate: 1 toman = 10 rial.

Courtesy of Chris Kropinski and Tu Minh Duy.

Romania new 20-leu note planned for introduction in 2020

According to a press release dated 31 July 2019, the National Bank of Romania plans to introduce a 20-leu note in 2020 depicting Ecaterinei Teodoroiu.

Courtesy of Daniel Stoian.

East Caribbean States new 50-dollar polymer note (B243a) confirmed introduced June 2019

According to a press release dated 29 May 2019, the new 50-dollar polymer note was to be introduced in June, and preceding paper notes will continue to circulate in parallel. The new notes are printed by De La Rue on Safeguard.

East_Caribbean_States_ECCB_50_dollars_2019.00.00_B243_PNL_SX_052941_f East_Caribbean_States_ECCB_50_dollars_2019.00.00_B243_PNL_SX_052941_r

Courtesy of Tristan Williams and KK Lim ().

Philippines new signature 1,000-peso note (B1089e) confirmed

Like B1089d, but new signatures.

Courtesy of Sing Chai Tan ().

Belarus new 5- and 10-ruble notes (B144 and B145) confirmed introduced 20.05.2019

These new 5- and 10-ruble notes introduced on 20 May 2019 are like the preceding issues, but dated 2019, without signatures, printed by Goznak, with additional watermark features and wider security threads.



Courtesy of Ivan Bogdanov ( and Thomas Augustsson.

Venezuela chapter of The Banknote Book is now available

Venezuela cover
The Venezuela chapter of The Banknote Book is now available for individual sale and as a free download to subscribers.

This 44-page catalog covers notes issued by the Estados-Unidos de Venezuela (United States of Venezuela) in 1811 to 1812, República de Venezuela (Republic of Venezuela) from 1849 to 1861, and Banco Central de Venezuela (Central Bank of Venezuela) from 1940 to present. Published 22.07.2019.

Each chapter of The Banknote Book includes detailed descriptions and background information, full-color images, and accurate valuations. The Banknote Book also features:
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  • Specific identification of all vignette elements
  • Security features described in full
  • Printer imprint reproduced exactly as on note
  • Each date/signature variety assigned an individual letter
  • Variety checkboxes for tracking your collection and want list
  • Date reproduced exactly as on note
  • Precise date of introduction noted when known
  • Replacement note information
  • Signature tables, often with names and terms of service
  • Background information for historical and cultural context
  • Details magnified to distinguish between note varieties
  • Bibliographic sources listed for further research

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Indonesia new sig/date (2018) 20,000-rupiah (B613c) note confirmed

Like B613b, but new signatures and new date (2018).

Courtesy of Franer Jürgen.

Pakistan new date (2019) 10-rupee note (B231r) confirmed

Like B231q, but new date (2019).

Courtesy of Muhammad Zeeshan Yameen.