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The following is a list of the revisions made to previously published chapters since 2021:

31 May 2024
Georgia (added listings for B001 – B005, B259)
New France (initial publication)

24 May 2024
Albania (added listing for B305az)
Argentina (added listings for B426b/c; renumbered B426az as B426bz)
Australia (added listings for B233e/f, B234d)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (added listings for B224d, B225d, B226c, B227c, B228d, B229d, B230d, B231d)
Brazil (added listing for B870bs1/2)
Chile (added listing for B298i)
Colombia (added listings for B967is, B993h, B996h)
Greece (added pricing through B890)
Guatemala (added listing for B606kz)
Indonesia (added listings for B620c, B621c)
Iran (added listing for B296d)
Iraq (added listing for B359az)
Lesotho (deleted listing for B101b)
Malawi (renumbered B161c as B161d)
Mexico (renumbered B722 as B720, B726 as B721; added listing for B722a)
Mozambique (added listings for B226az, B227az)
Nigeria (added listings for B238e, B238ez)
Siam (extended prefix ranges throughout; added listing for B212as, B233t1/2, B235s, B236s; added illustration for B206a)
Sierra Leone (added listings for B031, B032, B071, B091, B106ez, B113az, B121cz, B124as, B127ez, BNP102as; extended prefix ranges throughout)
Slovakia (added listings for B401as1/2, B401bs1/2, B401ds1/2, B401es1/2, B402as1/2, B402bs1/2, B402cs1/2, B403as1/2, B405bs1/2, B406cs1/2, B406ds1/2, B407as1/2/3, B408as, B409as1/2, B410az, B412as1/2, B413bs, B414as, B415as, B416as, B417as, B418as, B419as)
Thailand (added listing for BNP107.5)
Uruguay (added listings for B545es, B545fs, B546cs, B546ds, B546es, B547fs, B548cs, B548ds, B549cs, B549ds, B550cs, B550ds)

17 May 2024
Argentina (added listings for B429, B430)
Botswana (extended prefix ranges throughout; added listings for B104bz B107cz, B107dz, B109az, B110az, B112bz, B113bz, B117az, B120az, B124cz)
Brunei (added listing for B305c)
Eswatini (added listing for B106a)
French Pacific Territories (added listing for B107b)
Hungary (added listing for B592h)
Kiau Chau (added listing for B101as)
Kyrgyzstan (added listing for B241a)
Latvia (added illustrations for B116as, B117as2; added listing for B117as1/2)
Lesotho (extended prefix ranges throughout; corrected B208az prefix; added listings for B204bz, B213cz, B214dz, B216az, B219az, B221az, B224az)
Nigeria (added listings for B244e, B245e)
Romania (added listing for B288d)
Seychelles (added serial number ranges for B103 – B305; added listings for B108ds1/2, B112b, B114as1/2, B115as1/2, B116as1/2, B119bs, B121ap1/2, B122bp, B123p1/2, B124bs1/2, B124ds1/2, B124p, B125ds3, B125p1/2, B203ap1/2, B301as1/2, B303ap, B304b, B403ap, B404ap, B420as, B421as1/2)

10 May 2024
Burundi (added listing for B242b)
Dominican Republic (added listing for B728e)
European Monetary Union (added listing for B108v4)
Hong Kong (added listing for B696c)
Kuwait (renumbered B230)
Mauritania (added listing for B122az)
Philippines (added listing for B1088gz, B1098dz)
Serbia (added listings for B204r, B206s1/s, B309as, B422as; extended prefix ranges for B414 – B422)
Switzerland (added listing for B358c)
Venezuela (added listings for B342ap, B348bs1/2)
Yemen (added listing for B129.5a)
Zimbabwe (improved illustrations for B201; added listing for B201az)

3 May 2024
Congo Democratic Republic (added listing for B317e2z)
Costa Rica (renumbered B509, B512, B514, B522)
Finland (renumbered B209, B210)
Greece (renumbered B424)
Ireland (renumered B526 – B554, B713 – B724)
Scotland (added illustration for B117; improved illustration for B123; added listing for B237b; renumbered B176, B181, B195, B198, B201, B202, B205, B206, B745, B747, B783, B784, B834, B839, B1461)
Turkey (added listings for B303f, B305g)
Venezuela (renumbered B302, B303, B304)
West African States (added listing for B121Kx)

26 April 2024
Bangladesh (added listing for B353p)
Ghana (added listing for B154as)
Greece (added listings for B471ap1/2)
Honduras (added listing for B345e)
Iraq (added listing for B356g)
Kyrgyzstan (added listing for B234as)
Nicaragua (added listing for B506c)
Nigeria (added listing for B246dz)
Paraguay (added listing for B846e)
Saar (added listings for B103a, B103ap, B104a, B104ap, B105a, B105ap, B106a, B106ap, B107a, B107ap, B301a, B301b, B302a, B302b, B303a, B303b, B304a, B304b, B304c, B305a, B305b, B306a, B307a, B307b, B308a, B308b, B308c, B309a, B309b, B310a, B310ar)
Samoa (added listings for B110cs1/2, B111ar, B112as1/2)
Saudi Arabia (extended prefix ranges throughout; added listings for B106as1/2, B108as1/2, B109as1/2, B109bs1/2, B110as3, B115as1/2, B116as, B121bs, B122cs1/2, B122r, B124bs, B124cp, B125cs, B126as3, B127as1/2, B128as1/2, B129as)
Slovakia (added listing for B405as1/2)
Suriname (improved descriptions and illustrations for B550a, B551a)
Thailand (added listings for B157ez, B163as1/2, B164as1/2)
Uganda (added listing for B159g)
Uzbekistan (added listings for B217as, B218as, B219as, B220as, B221as, B222as)

19 April 2024
Bahamas (added listings for B354as, B355as)
Bangladesh (added listings for B207k, B209g, B351.5d)
Canada (added listing for B375e)
Central African States (added listings for B108Ad, B109Ad)
Greece (initial publication)
Indonesia (added listing for B622c)
Nigeria (added listing for B246d)
Poland (extended prefix ranges thoughout; added listings for B802as1/2, B803as3, B803br, B803bz, B804bz, B805br, B805bs3, B805bz, B806bs3/4, B806bz, B807bs3/4, B807bz, B808as, B808bs3, B808bz, B809ar, B809as, B809bs1/2/3, B809bz, B810as1/2/3, B810az, B817az, B818as1/2, B818az, B819as1/2, B819az, B820as1/2/3, B821as3, B822as1/2, B823as3)
Rhodesia (added listings for B101as, B101c1/2, B101c2s, B101ds, B101es, B101p, B102bs, B102cs, B102h1/2, B102h1s, B102h2s, B102p1, B103a1/2, B103a2s, B107as, B108as, B109ds, B110as, B110jz)
Rhodesia and Nyasaland (renumbered varieties throughout)
Rwanda (added listings for B110as3, B112as3, B125p)
Rwanda and Burundi (added listings for B105as3, B105p, B107p)
Saar (added prefix/series ranges throughout; added listings for B204ap, B205ap, B206ap)
Saint Helena (added listings for B302as1/2, B306as1/2)
Saudi Arabia (added descriptions and illustrations for B202a, B203a)
Suriname (added listings for B550a, B551a)
Thailand (added listings for B154bz, B154iz)
Uganda (added listing for B156h)
Ukraine (added listing for BNP813)
West African States (added listing for B122Hw)
Zimbabwe (added listings for B198a – B205a)

12 April 2024
Aruba (added listing for B121as)
Colombia (added listing for B983dz)
Comoros (added listing for B308az)
Cuba (added listings for B917f, B917fz)
Danish West Indies (initial publication)
Egypt (added listings for B339cz, B341cz, B344az)
Finland (added listing for B349b)
Guatemala (added listing for B606jz)
Hong Kong (added listing for B699c)
India (added listing for B303i)
Jordan (added prefix ranges for B201 – B234)
Lebanon (added s/n ranges for B224 – B229, B501 – B509; extended prefix ranges thoughout; added listings for B206as1/2, B212t, B219as3/4/5, B219bs1/2, B222as3, B224as3, B225gs, B304at1/2)
Mongolia (added listing for B447bz)
Nigeria (added listing for B245d)
Philippines (added listing for B1098d)
Republika Srpska (added listings for B102as1/2, B103as1/2, B104as/12, B105az, B106az, B107as1/2, B110as1/2, B111as1/2, B112as1/2, B112az, B201as1/2, B202as1/2, B203ar, B203as1/2, B204as1/2, B205ar, B205as1/2, B206as1/2, B207as1/2, B208as1/2, B209as1/2, B210ar, B210as1/2, B210az, B211as1/2)
Thailand (added listings for B157oz, B163hz)

5 April 2024
Cayman Islands (added listings for B220c, B221c, B223b)
Congo Democratic Republic (added listings for B317i, B317j)
Indonesia (added listing for B619c; corrected watermark descriptions for B617 – B623)
Kazakhstan (added listing for B158az)
Lebanon (added listings for B118as, B118cs, B503cs, B505bs, B505fs3, B507hs3)
Madagascar (added listing for B334c)
Mauritius (added listing for B427ez)
Mexico (added listing for B726j)
Qatar (extended prefix ranges throughout; added listings for B103as, B105as1/2, B105at, B106at, B113ar, B113as1/2, B201bs, B202bs, B203bs, B204as, B205as, B206as, B221bz)
Republic of the Congo (extended prefix ranges throughout; added listings for B201ds, B202es, B204p, B205as1/2, B208as)
Romania (added listing for B286f)
Saudi Arabia (added listing for B204b)
Thailand (added listing for b163dz)
Trans-Dniester (added listings for BNP223a, BNP224a)

29 March 2024
Chile (added listing for B300l)
Honduras (added listing for B346e)
Isle of Man (added listing for B117cs1/2)
Mexico (added listings for B714e, B717v)
Northern Ireland (added listing for B111as1/2)
Pakistan (added listing for B231y)
South Sudan (added listing for B116d)
Thailand (added listings for B159as, B195f)

22 March 2024
Bhutan (added listings for B216cz, B218cz)
Ethiopia (added listing for B320bz)
Lithuania (added listings for B158as, B159as, B160as)
Mongolia (added listings for B434bs, B447as)
Nigeria (added listing for B244d)
Philippines (added listing for B1102d)
Poland (added listings for B824bs, B826as1/2, B826bs, B827bs, B828bs, B828cs4/5, B829as, B829bs1/2/3/4/5, B830bs3, B830t)
Solomon Islands (added listings for B227as, BNP206a)
Tunisia (added listings for B223b, B304b)
Ukraine (added listings for B844bs, B844cs, B845cs, B845ds, B845cs, B846ds, B846es, B848bs, B848cs, B848ds, B849cs, B849ds, B850cs, B850ds, B850es, B850fs, B851bs, B851cs, B852bs, B852cs, B852ds, B852es, B853as, B853bs, B853cs, B853ds, B858as1/2)
Zimbabwe (added listing for B197bz)

16 March 2024
Guinea (added listing for B343c)
Mexico (added listing for B715d1/2)
Poland (added listings for B826br, B827cr, B828cr, B828cs3, B829br, B830br, B831ar)
Somalia (improved illustrations for B320a)
United States of Ionian Islands (initial publication)
Zimbabwe (added listing for B197b)

8 March 2024
Afghanistan (added listing for B377az)
Brazil (added listings for B867is1/2, B867js)
Burma (extended prefix ranges throughout; added listings for B301r, B308r, B701ar, B702ar, B801as, B802as, B803as, B804as, B806as1/2, B810at3, B812ap, B812as3, B814as3, B901as1/2, B901bz, B902as1/2, B903as1/2, B1006as, B1007ap, B1008ap, B1009ap, B1010ap, B1011ap)
Cambodia (extended prefix ranges throughout; added listings for B102at1/2, B103as5, B104as2/3, B105hr, B106ap, B106bp, B106et1/2, B107as4, B108as1/2/3, B109as, B110as, B112as1/2/3, B117bp, B404az, B404cz, B406cz, B419az)
Colombia (added listing for B994g)
Fiji (added listing for B521az)
Hong Kong (added illustration for B627)
India (added listings for B298g3, B300g3, B301f4, B301f5, B302g3)
Kyrgyzstan (improved illustrations for B235 – B237)
Lesotho (added award information for B232)
Macau (added listing for B238az)
Malaysia (added listing for B153d)
Mauritius (added listing for B422j)
Morocco (added award information for B522; improved illustrations for B523)
Nigeria (added listing for B245c)
Oman (added listing for B244b)
Papua New Guinea (added listings for B155bs, B155cs, B156as, B157as, B159b, B159bs, B161as)
Romania (added listing for B291f)
Singapore (added listings for B205k, B209h)
Sudan (added listing for B413c)
Thailand (added listings for B157bz, B157kz
Tonga (added signature 12 to NRBT Signature table)
Uruguay (added listing for B522ez)
West African States (added listing for B123Dw)

1 March 2024
eSwatini (added listing for B105az)
Honduras (added listings for B356a, B357a)
India (added listings for B298h, B301g)
Macau (added listings for B071bz, B072az, B213cz, B214dz)
Mauritius (added listing for B427e)
Mongolia (added listing for B428cz)
Peru (added listing for B541az)
Somalia (added listing for B306cz)
Singapore (added listing for B208q)
Tajikistan (added listing for B219.5bz)
Thailand (added listings for B157cz, B158az, B175ez, B195ez)
Vietnam (added listing for B347n)

23 February 2024
Canada (added listing for B371f)
Congo Democratic Republic (added listings for B320f, B321e)
European Monetary Union (added listings for B110n4, B113e4)
Gambia (added listings for B237c, B238c)
Guatemala (added listings for B601nz, B606l)
Guinea (added listing for B339d)
Hong Kong (added listings for B423c, B424c, B426b, B697c, B924c)
Kyrgyzstan (added illustrations and descriptions for B235 – B237)
Macau (improved illustrations for B091, B092, B237, B238)
Mexico (added listings for B715i, B717u)
Poland (added listings for B808bs1/2, B811as1/2, B812as1/2, B813as1/2, B814as1/2, B827cs3, B828cs1/2, B830as, B858as1/2; extended prefix ranges throughout)
Romania (added listing for B293s)
Thailand (added listing for B152dz)
Tibet (initial publication)
Uruguay (added listing for B557c)
West African States (added listing for B120Km)

9 February 2024
Afghanistan (added listing for B374b)
Belize (added listing for B324g)
Cretan State (initial publication)
Eastern Caribbean States (added listing for B246a)
Poland (added illustrations for BFX1005, BFX1006, BFX1009, BFX1010, BFX1014, BFX1017, BFX1109, BFX1110; added listings for BFX1003as4, BFX1004as3, BFX1006as3, BFX1007as3, BFX1008as3, BFX1009as3, BFX1010as3, BFX1011as, BFX1015as)
Romania (added listing for B271as1/2; corrected printer for B266 – B271)
Thailand (added listing for B158fz)
Vietnam (added listing for B343o)

2 February 2024
Afghanistan (deleted listing for B340bz; added listings for B317cs, B342a1z)
Aruba (added listings for B122as, B123as, B124as, B125as)
Bahrain (added listings for B301as, B302as, B303as, B304as, B305as)
Bangladesh (added listings for B334az, B334cz, B354ms)
Brazil (added listings for B874as, B875as, B876as, B877as)
Burundi (added illustrations and description for B243a; added listings for B239bs, B240bs)
Denmark (added illustrations and descriptions for B941a, B942a)
Dominican Republic (added listings for B727f, B729e, B730b, B731d)
European Monetary Union (added listing for B108y4)
Fiji (added listing for BNP514as)
France (added listings for B916tp, B917bp, B917fr, B918bp, B918ct, B918p, B921cp, B923p, B927ap, B927p1/2/3, B929ap1/2, B934fp, B941ap, B942bp, B946.5a, B951p, B965ap3, B968p1/2/3, B977ap, B979.5a, B979.5ap, B994bp, B994p, B995p, B997p; added illustration for B509)
Hong Kong (added listings for B921c, B922c)
India (added listings for B283a1s, B298gs, B299e3/4, B300g1/2)
Iraq (added listings for B352cs, B352ds, B352es, B355bs, B355cs, B355ds, B356bs, B356ds, B357bs)
Ireland (added listings and illustrations for B774as, B775as; added listing for B770cr)
Laos (added listings for B509c, B509cz)
Mexico (B651as, B661as, B678as, B679as, B696as, B697as, B713as)
Morocco (added listings for B517as, B518as)
Nigeria (added listing for B224c)
Pakistan (added Looking Forward item)
Philippines (added listings for B1044ez, B1091az)
Qatar (added listing for B212as)
Reunion (added listing for B212.5a)
Romania (expanded prefix ranges for B601 – B607)
Russia (added listings for B829as, B830as)
Samoa (added illustrations for B124a, B125a; added listings for B122as, B123as, B124as, B124az, B125as, B125az, BNP105a)
Singapore (added listing for B208p)
Solomon Islands (improved illustrations for B228a, B229a; added listings for B228as, B229as)
Somalia (improved illustrations for B318a)
Thailand (added listing for B153mz)
Venezuela (added listings for B2220ap, B2701ap)
Vietnam (added listings for B345o, B346p)
West African States (added listings for B123Hv, B123Hw)

26 January 2024
Afghanistan (added listing for B341cz; deleted replacement note listings for B330 – B336)
Cayman Islands (added listing for B225az)
Colombia (added listing for B954es)
Congo Democratic Republic (added listing for B206az)
European Monetary Union (added listing for B110s4)
India (added listings for B286c4z, B286i4z, B286i6z, B281f3z, B281f4z, B287b1z, B287c1z, B287c3z, B287d2z, B287e2z, B287e4z, B288a1z, B288d2z, B288e2z, B288f3z, B288g1z, B289b1z, B289c2z, B289e2z, B289f1z, B289f3z, B289f4z, B289g2z, B293a2z, B293b1z, B294a1/2, B294a2z, B294b3z, B295a4z, B295b1z, B295b2z, B295c1z, B295d3z, B295d4z, B298a1z, B298a3z, B298b3z, B298c3z, B298f3z, B299a1z, B299b1z, B299c1z, B299c3z, B299d2z, B299e1/2, B299e2z, B299e3z, B300b1z, B300b3z, B300c3z, B300f2z, B301b1z, B301b4z, B301c2z, B301d2z, B301d3z, B301d4z, B301e1z, B301e3z, B301e4z, B302a4z, B302d2z, B302e3z, B302f3z, B302f4z, B303a1z, B303b2z, B303b4z, B303b7z, B303c2z, B303c5z, B303c7z, B303c8z, B303d2z, B303d3z, B303d4z, B303e2z, B303e3z, B303f4z, B303f5z, B303f9z, B303f13z, B303g3z, B303g5z, B303g6z, B303h1z, B303h2z, B303h3z, B303h6z)
Ireland, Republic of (added listings for B209a1s, B209c1s3, B210c1s, B211c1s2, B211c1s3, B213b1s3, B214b1s2)
Mexico (added listing for B695as)
Nigeria (added listings for B246c, B246cz)
Papua New Guinea (added listing for B161a)
Persia (added illustration for B301a; added listing for B102bs1/2)
Russia (improved illustrations for B839a)
Suriname (added listings for B538as, B539as)
Swaziland (added listing for B229as1/2)
Syria (added listing for B216as1/2)
Tonga (improved illustrations for B225a – B230a)
Venezuela (updated pricing for B301 – B389)

19 January 2024
Albania (added listings for B313ds, B317cs, B318cs, B320bs, B322as, B326as)
Argentina (added listings for B328cz, B412as, B414as)
Colombia (added listings for B986js, B988hs, B989ks, B990ms, B991ss, B992ks)
Dominican Republic (added listing for B724cz)
Guatemala (added listings for B566as, B557fs)
India (added subvariety listings for B298 – B305; added listings for B276as, B282e1z, B282e4z, B282f1z, B282g3z, B283f2z, B283f3z, B283g3z, B283h4z, B283i1z, B283i3z, B286b3z, B286c2z, B286e5z, B286e6z, B286f2z, B286f3z, B286f6z, B287a2z, B287b2z, B287d1z, B287e3z, B288b2z, B288d3z, B288e3z, B288g3z, B289a3z, B289b3z, B289b4z, B289c4z, B289e3z, B289e4z, B293b3z, B293c1z, B293c2z, B293c4z, B293c5z, B294as, B294c1z, B294c3z, B295a2z, b295b4z, B295d2z, B295ez, B298a2z, B298b1z, B298b4z, B298b6z, B298e1z, B298e3z, B299a2z, B299b3z, B299b4z, B299c2z, B299c5z, B300c2z, B300d1z, B300e1z, B300e2z, 301a1z, B301a3z, B301a4z, B301b2z, B301b3z, B301c3z, B301c4z, B301d1z, B301d5z, B301d6z, B301d8z, B301f3z, B302a3z, B302b1z, B302b2z, B302b4z, B302c3z, B302d3z, B302e2z, B303a2z, B303a4z, B303b1z, B303b5z, B303b6z, B303c4z, B303c6z, B303e1z, B303e4z, B303e6z, B303f11z, B303g2z)
Indonesia (added introduction and withdrawal dates throughout)
Iraq (added listings for B349cs, B356cs, B358as, B360as)
Ireland (initial publication)
Kazakhstan (added listing for B158as)
Mauritania (added listing for B111.5a)
Morocco (added illustrations for B523a)
Nigeria (added listing for B219cz)
Slovakia (added listings for B401cz, B402ez, B404az, B406bz, B412az, B413az)
Somalia (added illustrations for B318a)
South Sudan (added listing for B117c)
Thailand (added listings for B152fz, B176bz, B176cz, B176ez, B176gz, B176iz)
Tonga (added listings for B226az, B227az)
Tunisia (added listing for B538as)
Turkey (added listing for B305f)
Uganda (added listing for B157h)

12 January 2024
Afghanistan (added listings for B353bz, B353cz, B359az, B375b)
Argentina (added Looking Forward item; added listings for B324iz, B326ez, B327iz, B328az, B331cz, B333cz, B354dz, B358bz, B361bz, B375bz, B394bz, B407az)
Chile (added listings for B286cz, B289kz, B289rz, B293sz)
China (added listing for B4127a)
Colombia (added listings for B972gz, B974cz, B979az, B982cz, B983fz, B984cz, B987bz)
Iraq (added listing for B355dz)
Lebanon (added listings for B522as, B523as, B527bs, B547as, B549b)
Malawi (added listing for B164b)
Mauritius (added listings for B305c1/2)
Nepal (added listing for B215es)
New Zealand (added listings for B108cs, B109ds1/2, B112bz, B113bz)
Nicaragua (added listings for B508bs, B509b, B509bs, B510bs, B514bs)
Peru (added listings for B532az, B539az)
Philippines (added listings for B809as1/2, B1086iz)
Samoa (added listings for B123a, B123az, B124a, B125a)
Solomon Islands (added listings for B228a, B229a)
Thailand (added listings for B153az, B153jz, B153kz, B155bz)
West African States (added listing for B120Cl)

5 January 2024
Dominican Republic (added listings for B727es, B728cs, B729ds, B730b, B730bs, B731cs, B732d, B732ds)
Ireland, Republic of (added listings for B115g, B202f, B209c2, B209c2s, B209c2z, B210c2, B210c2z, B211c2, B212b2, B213b2, B214b2; extended prefix ranges throughout; added number of notes issued throughout)
Philippines (extended prefix ranges throughout; added listings for B305as1/2, B313ar, B561as, B801as, B802bs, B803bs, B804as1/2, B805as, B808as, B809as, B810as1/2/3, B811ar, B811as1/2, B812as1/2, B814bs1/2, B901bz, B906bz, B913ap, B914bs1/2/3, B917gs1/2/3, B918cs, B918ds3/4, B919ds, B919fs1/2, B920bs1/2/3, B920fs1/2, B921ds3, B921es1/2/3, B922bs1/2, B922ds3/4, B923as3/4, B1001as3, B1001bs1/2, B1006bs5, B1009as3, B1010as3, B1013as3, B1019as, B1020as, B1021as, B1048ez, B1081ez; added illustrations for B311 – B314)
Somalia (added listings for B317a, B318a, B319a)
Trans-Dniester (corrected illustrations for B108a)

29 December 2023
Dominican Republic (added listings for B727as, B728as, B729as, B732as)
France (added pricing for B993 – B1020)
French Equatorial Africa (corrected watermark descriptions for B201 – B204)
Ghana (added listing for B142bs)
Ireland, Republic of (added listings for B109Bas, B110Bas, B110Map, B213as1/2, B216bs, B217as, B218as, B221as, B222as)
Kenya (added listing for B126as1/2)
Lebanon (added listing for B546bs)
Malawi (added listing for B116fs)
Mauritius (added listings for B429g, B436bz)
Nepal (added listing for B292as)
Nigeria (added listings for B214bz, B245b)
Pakistan (added listings for B223w, B234v, B235w)
Somalia (added illustrations for B321a)
Venezuela (added pricing for B1201 – B2914)
West African States (added listings for B121Sbs, B122Aas, B123Kas, B124Kas)

22 December 2023
Bangladesh (added listings for B352os, B360cs)
Cayman Islands (added listing for B226az)
Chile (added listing for B290lz)
France (added pricing for B939 – B992, B1201 – B1413)
India (added listings for B298g, B302g)
Gambia (added listings for B235c, B236c, B239cz, B240cz)
German East Africa (added pricing for B115 – B125)
Kazakhstan (added listing for B154az)
Mexico (added listing for B717t)
Nigeria (added listing for B226bz)
Northern Ireland (added listing for B504b)
Pakistan (added listing for B241az)
Philippines (added listing for B1049az)
Peru (added listing for B541a)
Samoa (added listing for B113bz)
Solomon Islands (added listing for B227az)
Tatarstan (added listing for B115as)
Thailand (added listing for B157pz; corrected various Common Era equivalents of Buddhist Era dates)
United Arab Emirates (confirmed replacement listings throughout; added listings for B206ap, B228bs)
Venezuela (renumbered B2901 – B2914)

15 December 2023
Fiji (added illustrations for B203 – B205; added listings for B203ap1/2, B204ap1/2, B205ap1/2, B211 – B219, B231 – B234, B251 – 254)
Ireland, Republic of (added listings for B108Bas, B212bs3, B218bs)
Morocco (added listings for B233as6, B234as6)
Persia (added extensive listing details for B101 – B119; renumbered varieties for B101 – B119)
Peru (added listings for B101ap1/2, B103bp, B106ap, B107ap; deleted listing for B103bs)
Philippines (extended prefix ranges for B1077 – B1102; renumbered B1077q, B1077r as B1077r, B1077s; added listings for B1077q, B1078dz, B1082f1/2, B1082f2z, B1083bz, B1084az)

8 December 2023
Afghanistan (added listing for B376az)
Argentina (added listing for B426az)
Colombia (added listings for B954dz, B959bz, B961az, B964cz, B964gz, B965dz, B967iz, B970jz, B996h)
Congo Democratic Republic (added listings for B317hz, B323dz, B325dz)
East Caribbean States (added listings for B209a1z, B209a2z, B245a)
Hong Kong (added listing for B924b)
Iran (added listings for B285az, B294bz)
Japan (added listings for B509az, B510az, B511az, B511az, B512as, B513az, B514az)
Kazakhstan (added listing for B154as)
Lebanon (added listing for B549a)
Liberia (revised introductory text for early issuers)
Macau (added listing for B214d)
Morocco (added listings for B520a – B523a)
Nicaragua (added listings for B508b, B510b)
Oman (added listing for B212as)
Peru (added listings for B426bs1/2, B429bs, B432cs; extended prefix ranges throughout)
Philippines (added listings for B1046dz, B1083hz, B1089ez)
Scotland (added listings for B218hs, B224cs, B229bs, B233bs, B480gt)
Slovakia (added listing for B413bz)
South Korea (added listings for B244bz, B249az)
Tanzania (added listing for B141cz)
Thailand (added listings for B141bz, B152az, B154gz, B156az, B158hz)
Tonga (added listings for B225a – B230a)
Trans-Dnister (improved illustrations for BNP222a)
Uganda (added listings for B108bz, B121az, B132bz)
United Arab Emirates (extended prefix ranges throughout; added replacement listings throughout; added listings for B101as3, B102as3/4, B105as3, B106as4, B203as1/2, B207as, B208as, B209as, B210bs, B212as1/2, B214as, B214bs, B215as, B215bs, B216bs, B217as, B218as, B219as, B220as, B221as, B221bs, B222as, B223as, B224as, B225as, B226as, B227as, B228as, B230as, B231as, B232as, B233as, B234as, B235as, B236as, B237as, B238as, B239as, B240as, B241as, B242as, B243as, B244as)
Venezuela (added Regional listings for B1001 – B2901)
West African States (added listing for B120Tl)
Zaire (added listings for B101fz, B102f, B105ez, B109az, B131az)

1 December 2023
Bangladesh (added listing for B349.5c)
Biafra (various details added throughout)
Cayman Islands (added listing for B219c)
Denmark (added Looking Forward item)
Gambia (added listings for B239c, B240c)
Guatemala (added listing for B605f)
Kazakhstan (added listings for B154a – B160a)
Mexico (added listings for B714d, B716g, B716j, B726i; renumbered B716g, B716h as B716h, B716i)
Philippines (added listings for B1098c, B1098cz)
United Arab Emirates (added illustrations and descriptions for B250a)

17 November 2023
Argentina (added listing for B428a)
Colombia (added listing for B995f)
German Democratic Republic (confirmed various replacements)
Germany, Federal Republic of (added listings for B202az, B202fz, B202gz, B203dz, B203fz, B204gz, B204hz, B205ez, B207az, B207bz, B224az, B225az, B225bz, B226az, B226bz, B226cz, B228bz, B229az, B229bz, B231az)
Hong Kong (added listing for B699b)
Lagos (initial publication)
Madagascar (improved illustrations for B101as)
Philippines (added listings for B1088a2z, B1089cz, B1089iz)
Rwanda (added listing for B141az)
South Korea (added listings for B103az, B211az, B230az)
Thailand (added listing for B176hz)

10 November 2023
Bahamas (added listing for B347az)
Bhutan (added listing for B223bz)
Dominican Republic (added listing for B647az)
European Monetary Union (added listing for B111s4)
Fiji (added listing for B530bs)
Iraq (added listings for B318az, B349az)
Ireland, Republic of (added listings for B209bs1/2, B209cz, B211bs1/2, B211cs, B211cz, B211dz, B212bs1/2, B212cz, B215az, B215bz, B215cz, B216az, B216bz, B216dz, B216ez, B217az, B217bz, B217cz, B218az, B218bz, B218cz, B219az, B219bz, B220az, B221az, B221bz, B223az, B224az)
Italy (added listings for B322az, B322cz, B323az, B323cz, B447az, B447cz, B447fz, B447gz)
Malta (added listings for B207az, B214az)
New Zealand (added listing for B141b)
Papua New Guinea (added listings for B103as3, B108as; extended prefix ranges throughout)
Paraguay (added listings for B801s1, B805s3, B807s4/5, B811cs1/2, B811cz, B811s, B812cs1/2, B813cs1/2, B814as1/2, B815cs1/2/3, B816cs, B816s1/2, B817cs, B817s3, B818s1/2, B819as3/4, B819bs, B820s1/2, B821s, B822s, B824c1z, B846as)
Philippines (added listings for B1086hz, B1087cz, B1088fz, B1089gz, B1091bz, B1092az)
Scotland (added listings for B215ks, B216fs, B220as, B220bs, B223bs, B227gs)
South Korea (added listings for B236bz, B237az)

3 November 2023
Bangladesh (added listings for B365a, BNP310a/b)
Cameroon (deleted listings for B101 – B103)
France (added pricing for B401 – B938)
German East Africa (initial publication)
German Southwest Africa (initial publication)
Hong Kong (added listings for B409jz, B682hz, B909dz)
India (added listing for B301fz)
Iraq (added listing for B325bz)
Italy (added listings for B454bz, B452az, B452bz, B459cz)
Jordan (added listing for B237az)
Kamerun (initial publication)
Kenya (added listing for B137bz)
Macau (added listings for B073az, B218bz)
Malawi (added listing for B155bz)
Philippines (added listings for B527az, B1046cz, B1079es1/2, B1087bz, B1090az, B1096bz, B1097bz)
Scotland (added pricing for B451 – B488, B1460 – B1469)
Solomon Islands (added listing for B227a)
Trans-Dniester (added listings for BNP222a)
Uzbekistan (added listing for B218az)

27 October 2023
Argentina (added listing for B340bz)
Czech Republic (added listing for B126b)
East Caribbean States (added listings for B103c8z, B104c9z, B104c10z)
Hong Kong (added listing for B402az)
Italy (added listings for B432z, B440az, B441ez, B445mz, B448a1z, B448fz, B448gz, B440az. B440bz, B446sz, B446tz, B450bz, B450ez, B450hz, B451az, B452cz, B454az, B455az, B456bz, B456dz, B457az, B457cz, B457dz, B458az, B461az, B461bz, B462az, B462bz, B462cz, B462dz, B463az, B463bz, B464az, B464bzB465az, B467bz, B467cz, B468az, B468bz)
Mauritania (added listing for B127b)
Nepal (added listing for B289c)
Nigeria (added listing for B228vz)
Paraguay (added listings for B802s4, B806s4, B807s3, B858d)
Philippines (added listing for B1046az)
Scotland (added listings for B208ap, B214ks, B214ls, B215fs, B219as, B219bs, B219ds, B922a-h, B922dp, B922fp, B923a-j, B923fp, B923hp, B923jp, B923kp)
Sierra Leone (added listings for B104bz, B107bz)
Sudan (added listing for B335az)
Suriname (added listing for B545bz)
Thailand (added listings for B152iz, B153gz, B159cz, B160gz, B163az, B164az, B171az, B171dz, B177ez, B178fz, B178iz)
Trinidad and Tobago (added listing for B230bz)
Ukraine (added listing for B854c)

20 October 2023
Cayman Islands (added listing for B227a)
Hong Kong (added listings for B371cz, B410bz, B643cs, B686bz)
Jamaica (added listing for B228fz)
Jordan (added listings for B220bz, B236az)
Mexico (added listing for B715h)
Northern Ireland (added listing fro B421fs)
Pakistan (added and extended prefix ranges throughout; added listings for B108as4, B111s, B112bs, B113as1/2, B113az, B115bs1/2, B115bz, B117as1/2, B117az, B202at1/2, B203es, B204as1/2, B204ds1/2, B207cs, B208is, B209bs, B209ds, B210ds, B210s, B211bs1/2, B211es, B213bs, B217bs1/2, B224gs, B224is1/2, B225as, B225gs1/2, B226as, B227fs1/2, B228ds1/2, B230bz)
Papua New Guinea (added listings for B154c, B154cs, B156b, B156bs)
Philippines (added listings for B517az, B519az, B521az, B525az, B525bz, B531bz, B533az, B539az, B540az, B541az, B542az, B548az, B601bz, B601cz, B603cz, B604bz, B609az, B609bz, B719az, B720az, B920dz, B921cz, B1020ez, B1031bz, B1031dz, B1037az, B1042h1z, B1042pz, B1045fz, B1047az, B1047fz, B1049nz, B1050ez, B1051iz. B1078kz. B1085dz. B1085gz, B1088ez, B1094bz)
Romania (added listing for B287c)
Russia (added illustrations and descriptions for B837a, B839a)
Somaliland (added listings for B123e, B124e)
Thailand (added listings for B151bz, B152bz, B152cz, B152hz, B152jz, B152kz, B153cz, B153iz, B154cz, B154dz, B155iz, B156bz, B156cz, B156dz, B156lz, B157dz, B157jz, B157nz, B158gz, B159bz, B160az, B160bz, B160hz, B161az, B162az, B163bz, B163iz, B163kz, B164bz, B164cz, B164dz, B164ez, B165bz, B169az, B171bz, B174az, B175iz, B175jz, B176az, B176dz, B176jz, B178az, B178cz, B178jz, B179az, B183cz, B198as)
Trinidad and Tobago (added listing for B213dz)
Yemen (added listings for B128az, B130bz)

13 October 2023
Abyssinia (added listings for B103s3/4, B104cs1/2, B104s3, B105s1/2)
Albania (added listing for B104as4)
Barbados (added listing for B105t)
Bulgaria (added listings for B149as2/3, B153as3)
China Regional (added illustrations for B41404as)
Czechoslovakia (added listings for B142at, B143at)
Egypt (added listing for B128at)
Ethiopia (added listings for B101at1/2)
Finland (added listing for B504at)
Greenland (corrected watermark descriptions for B301 – B306, B153 – B156)
Hong Kong (added listing for B661as3)
Iran (added listings for B217ap1/2, B219ap, B223cp)
Iraq (added listing for B108cs3)
Isle of Man (added listing for B101ap)
Lithuania (added listings for B128as3, B129as4)
Maldives (added listing for B106cr)
New Zealand (added listings for B107es3, B108es)
Nicaragua (added listings for B402as4, B405as3)
Philippines (added listing for B1096b)
Portuguese India (added listing for B306as1/2)
Scotland (added listing for B860as; added pricing for many listings)
Somaliland (added Looking Forward item)
Southern Rhodesia (added listings for B103as1/2, B103c2s1/2, B104bs, B108b6t)
Spain (added listings for B512as3, B515as1/2, B521as, B528as1/2, B529as1/2)
Straits Settlements (added listings for B122s, B123t)
Syria (added listing for B211at)
Thailand (added listings for B175cz, B175dz; deleted listing for B175a)
Turkey (expanded specimen descriptions throughout; added listings for B101as1/2, B103as1/2, B104as1/2/3, B107as1/2, B108as1/2/3, B205as3, B208as1/2, B211as1/2, B211at, B213as1/2, B230as1/2, B235as1/2, B236as1/2, B239as3, B245as3/4, B247as1/2, B251as1/2/3, B252as1/2, B254as1/2, B255as1/2/3/4, B256as1/2)

6 October 2023
Argentina (added listings for B333fz, B380az, B383cz, B385az)
Azerbaijan (added listing for B408b)
Barbados (added listing for B231az)
Chile (added listing for B284bz)
Colombia (added listings for B975az, B993g)
eSwatini (added illustrations for B105a)
French West Africa (added listing for B117bs)
Ghana (added listings for B157az, B161az)
Guatemala (added listing for B608f)
Guinea (added listings for B340d, B341.5b, B342b)
Hungary (added listing for B590d)
Jamaica (added listing for B254az)
Mexico (added listing for B717s)
Nigeria (added listings for B244b, B246bz)
North Korea (added illustration of BNP305a)
Philippines (added listings for B1042nz, B1043fz, B1044dz, B1045cz, B1046iz, B1049fz, B1050dz, B1077qz, B1083mz, B1084cz, B1084gz, B1084iz, B1085fz, B1086jz; extended prefix ranges B1001 – B1040)
Saint Helena (added listing for B309bz)
Siam (added listing for B240bs1/2)
Solomon Islands (added listings for B102az, B104as1/2)
South Korea (added listing for B238az)
Swaziland (added listing for B204bz)
Thailand (added listings for B155gz, B155hz, B165fz, B165hz, B167az, B171iz, B177az, B177bz)
Timor (added listing for B129p)
United Arab Emirates (added listings for B237bz, B242bz, B246bz)

29 September 2023
European Monetary Union (added listing for B110t3)
France (renumbered ARM, TRE, AMC listings; added listing for B1311az)
Ireland, Republic of (added listings for B209cs3, B211bs, B222az)
Kuwait (added listing of B232c)
Madagascar (added listings for B101a/as, B102a/as, B103a/as; renumbered B101a as B102as)
Philippines (added listing for B1102c)
Somalia (added listings for B320a, B321a, B322a)
Thailand (added listings for B132s1/2, B158iz, B158jz, B158lz, B158nz, B158oz)

22 September 2023
Afghanistan (added listings for B376a, B377a)
Cuba (added listing for B916g)
El Salvador (corrected BCR signatures 56, 57)
France (corrected description of watermark for B982)
Haiti (added listings for B837i, B850h)
Jamaica (added listing for B255az)
Pakistan (added listing for B238x)
Philippines (added listing for B1103a)
Romania (added listing for B293b)

15 September 2023
Albania (added listing for B309az)
Bahamas (added listings for B25az, B303az, B314az)
Bangladesh (added listings for B352n, B352o, B360c)
Belgium (added illustration for B114a; added listing for B402ap)
Belize (added listing for B308bz)
Bermuda (added listing for B206bz)
Colombia (added listing for B994f)
East Caribbean States (added listings for B101cvz, B102caz)
Egypt (added listings for Trésor Français B299.1a – B299.3a)
Fiji (added listing for B405az)
France (initial publication)
Germany, Federal Republic of (added listings for Trésor Public B301a – B309a)
Hong Kong (added listing for B681fz)
India (added listing for B300g)
Malawi (added listings for B162fz, B165b)
Mexico (added listing for B716h)
Mongolia (added listing for B410az)
Nigeria (added listing for B246b)
Northern Ireland (added listing for B926cs)
Pakistan (added listings for B219as1/2, B223cs, B223ds, B224as1/2, B224es, B224fs, B225es, B226gs1/2, B228at, B231dz, B233jz, B233tz)
Philippines (added listings for B516az, B538az, B546az, B547az, B556az, B558as, B558az, B559as, B559az, B560as, B602cz, B608az, B608bz, B711bz, B717az, B718az, B909az, B911az, B913az, B917gz, B922dz, B1010az, B1016bz, B1018bz, B1021bz, B1042oz, B1042yz, B1044gz, B1102b)
Slovenia (added listing for B201az)
South Korea (added listings for B252az, B253az)
Uganda (added listing for B155g)
United Arab Emirates (added listing for B222cz)
Zambia (added listings for B114az, B124bz, B125az, B125bz, B126az, B126bz, B126cz, B127cz, B128bz, B128dz)

8 September 2023
Dominican Republic (added listing for B729d)
Israel (added listing for B206b)
Mexico (added listing for B718e)
Vietnam (added listing for B343n)

1 September 2023
Algeria (added listing for B401b)
Belarus (added listings for B144az, B145az)
Botswana (added listing for B105az)
India (added listings for B299e, B303h)
Indonesia (added listing for B622b)
Jamaica (added listing for B252az)
Lesotho (added listing for B232a)
Pakistan (added listings for B233v, B234u)
Philippines (added listings for B1019bz, B1027az, B1028az, B1028dz, B1042az, B1042dz, B1042lz, B1042mz, B1042vz, B1043c1z, B1043dz, B1044cz, B1044hz, B1044lz, B1046fz, B1046nz, B1047hz, B1047iz, B1059az, B1060az, B1067az, B1079cz, B1083bz, B1098bz)
Scotland (added listings for Bank of Scotland B100 – B239, Royal Bank of Scotland B401 – B509)
Sierra Leone (added listing for B125fz)
Solomon Islands (corrected CBSI signature 9; added listing for B225cs)
Thailand (added listings for B178az, B178cz, B178dz, B178ez, B178fz, B178gz, B178h1/2, B178h1z, B178h2z, B178iz, B178jz, B179az, B183bz, B183cz)
Zambia (added listing for B166d)

25 August 2023
Eastern Caribbean States (added listings for B101b7z, B104a1s1/2, B206l2z)
Falkland Islands (added listing for B216as3)
Fiji (added listing for B527az)
French Pacific Territories (added listing for B105c)
Hong Kong (added listings for B401gz, B681ez, B682gz, B906cz)
India (added listing for B301f)
Indonesia (added listing for B623b)
Kuwait (added listing for B229b; corrected identification of Minister of Finance for sig. 15/17)
Latvia (added listings for B103bs1/2, B105es)
Oman (added listings for B201ar, B205ar, B206ar)
Philippines (added listings for B1005az, B1020az, B1020cz, B1021az, B1022az, B1029cz, B1030cz, B1031az, B1031fz, B1032az, B1040bz, B1042h2z, B1043az, B1046gz, B1049bz, B1049ez, B1052bz, B1053az, B1053bz, B1055az)
Solomon Islands (added listing for B216az)
Tajikistan (added listing for B219cz)
Thailand (added illustrations for BNP104a)
Uganda (added listings for B144bs, B149as, B150cs, B151cs, B152cs, B153as, B154cs, B155fs, B157gs, B158cs)
Venezuela (added listings for B348cs1/2, B362br, B363es, B367cs, B368bs, B369bs, B369cs, B372as1/2, B373as1/2, B375bs, B375cs, B385as, B386as)
West African States (added listings for B120Dl, B121Dw, B121Hw, B122Dw)

18 August 2023
Argentina (added listing for B334ez)
Northern Ireland (added numbering explanations throughout; added illustrations for B304a, B901a; added listings for B115bz, B117az, B119az, B120bz, B124as, B133as, B201p, B202p, B203p, B204p, B205p, B206p, B412ap, B416p, B418as, B418js, B418s, B419as, B419at, B419ds1/2, B419s, B420as, B420at, B605np, B606mp, B608mp, B608ap, B609ap, B612es1/2, B612fs1/2, B612gs1/2, B614bs, B615as1/2, B615bs, B616bs, B617as1/2, B617cs1/2, B701as3, B702bs, B702cs, B703as1/å2, B703bs, B703cs, B704as, B704bs, B704cs, B705ap, B705as1/2, B706as, B706bs1/2, B707bs, B707cs, B707es1/2, B708as, B708cs1/2, B709as, B803as3, B804as1/2, B804bs1/2, B805as1/2, B805bs1/2, B806as, B806bs, B806cs, B807as1/2, B808as1/2, B902p, B920at, B922as, B923at, B927as, B931bz, B931bz, B933as, B937es, B938hs)
Scotland (added listings for British Linen Company B701 – B753, B803c/d)
Somalia (added listing for B109bs4)
United Arab Emirates (added listings for B103as3, B210as)

11 August 2023
Bhutan (added listing for B220c)
British North Borneo (added listings for B109a1, B109a1r)
Malaya and British Borneo (merged listings for B109b/c)
Mexico (added listing for B717r)
Nigeria (extended prefix ranges throughout; added listings for B201ap, B202ap, B202as9, B203as8, B204as7, B212as4, B213as3, B213fz, B213gz, B214as6, B214bs1/2, B215bs3, B215cz, B216as5. B216bz. B216cz. B217az, B220bz, B221az, B221bz, B222as. B222b1z. B222dz. B223;z. B223mz. B224j2, B224k1z, B224ls, B226hz, B227as, B227o2z, B227x1z, B228uz, B228wz, B228yz, B229sz, B231bz, B232xz, B233as, B234bz. B235cz, B236kz, B238a1s2/3, B238dz)
Pakistan (added listings for B231w, B231x)
Poland (added Looking Forward item)
Sri Lanka (added Looking Forward item; added listings for B123h, B124h, B125i, B126h, B127g, B128i)

4 August 2023
Afghanistan (added listings for added listings for B348az, B350az, B355az, B357az, B357bz. B358bz, B363az. B363bz, B364az. B364bz. B366az. B367az, B369az. B370az, B371az, B372az. B373az, B374az, B375az)
Fiji (added listing for BNP514a)
Georgia (added listings for B256as, B257as)
Jamaica (added listing for B253az)
Lebanon (updated prices for B510 – B548)
Madagascar (added listing for B336c)
Nicaragua (added listings for B401ap1/2, B408ap, B408as3, B420as1/2, B423s1/2, B473ap, B480as1/2, B484as1/2, B485as1/2, B488as1/2, B493as, B494as, B495as, B497bs, B498bs, B501bs, B503bs; renumbered B440b as B440a)
Nigeria (added listing for B236p)
Tajikistan (added listings for B217c., B217cs, B218c, B218cs, B219c, B219cs, B219.5b, B219.5bs, B220c, B220cs, B221c, B221cs)

28 July 2023
Australia (added listings for B223a1/2)
Colombia (added listing for B996g)
Congo Democratic Republic (added listing for B321d)
Hungary (added listing for B591g)
Indonesia (corrected various minor errors; added details to various descriptions)
Mauritius (added listing for B422iz)
Mongolia (added listing for B447b)
Myanmar (added listings for B120a/as)
Scotland (added listings for Commercial Banking Company of Scotland B801 – B871, Union Bank of Scotland B1401 – B1469)
Thailand (added signatory names to variety descriptions)
Ukraine (added listing for B859c)
West African States (added listings for B122Dv, B123Dv, B124Dw; extended series ranges for B111, B112)

21 July 2023
Argentina (improved illustrations for B426a; added listing for B427az)
Australia (added Michele Bullock to RBA signature table)
Bangladesh (added listings for B207i, B207is, B207j, B209es)
Burundi (improved illustrations for B244a, B245a)
Central African States (added listings for B106Mas, B107Mas, B108Mas, B109Mas, B110Mas)
Colombia (added listing for B994e)
Congo Democratic Republic (added listing for B319e)
Egypt (updated USD face values)
European Monetary Union (added listing for B109r4)
Guatemala (added listing for B605dz)
Honduras (added listing for B344e)
Jamaica (added listings for B251az, B256az; improved illustrations for B251a – B256a)
Liberia (added listings for B313bz, B320az, B321az)
Mauritania (added listins for B131b, B131c, B131cz)
Mauritius (added listing for B305d1/2)
Newfoundland (added listings for B101ar1/2, B201bs, B201cs, B201is, B201p, B202bs, B202is, B202p, B203is, B203p1/2, B204as, B204cs, B204is, B204p1/2, B205as, B205fs, B205is, B205p1/2; confirmed multiple date varieties)
Oman (added listing for B218bs)
Pakistan (added listings for B240as, B241a, B241as, BNP201b1/2, BNP201e1/2, BNP202a-d)
Philippines (added listing for B1097b)
Saudi Arabia (added description and illustrations for B206a)
Singapore (added Lawrence Wong to MAS signature table)
Solomon Islands (added listings for B215as, B225c)
South Africa (improved illustrations for B779a, B781a)
Sri Lanka (added listing for B128h)
Sudan (added listings for B415bz, B416b1z)
Syria (added listings for B634b, B634c)
Tunisia (added illustrations for B101a)
Vanuatu (added listing for B210b)
West African States (added listings for B120Bl, B121Bw, B121Su, B121Sw, B121Tw, B122Bw, B122Sw, B122Tw, B123Bw, B123Sv, B123Tw, B124Bw, B124Sw, B124Tt, B124Tu, B124Tw)

30 June 2023
Algeria (added listing for B410c)
Pakistan (added listings for B237t, B237u, B239r)
Singapore (added listing for B206j)
Switzerland (added listing for B359b)
Thailand (added listing for B199as)

23 June 2023
Dominican Republic (added listing for B728d)
Egypt (added listings for B343c, B344a)
El Salvador (improved illustrations for B101a; added listings for B1018.5a, B1018.5as)
European Monetary Union (added listings for B110f4, B110m4)
Ghana (added listing for B156b)
Honduras (added listing for B348e)
India (added listing for B128r)
Lebanon (added listing for B546d)
New Caledonia (extended prefix ranges throughout; added listings for B204ap, B206as1/2, B207ap, B305as1/2, B306d, B317as1/2/3, B319as1/2, B504ap, B505ap)
Philippines (added listings for B1051kz, B1093bz, B1094az, B1098az, B1100b, B1100bz)
West African States (added listings for B120Sl, B120Hl, B122Aw, B123Aw, B123Tv, B124Hw, B124Tt, B124Tu, B124Tv)
Zambia (added listing for B168c)

16 June 2023
Burundi (added listings for B243 – B245)
Dominican Republic (added listing for B727e)
Jordan (added listing for B234iz)
New Caledonia (updated cross-references to New Hebrides chapter)
New Hebrides (added listings for B101b, B206p; extended series ranges throughout; renumbered B203 as B202, B206 as B203, B208 as B204, B210 as B205, B202 as B206, B204 as B207, B207 as B208, B205 as B210)
Philippines (added listing for B1051dz)
Uganda (added listing for B158g)

9 June 2023
Iceland (added listing for B817b)
Macau (improved illustrations for B084a, B085a, B229a, B230a)
Mauritius (added listings for B422i, B427d)
Namibia (added listings for B213ds, B216bs, B217cs, B218as)
Northern Ireland (added listings for B417s, B422cs)
Philippines (added listing for B1098b)
Samoa (added listings for B122a, B122az)

2 June 2023
Indonesia (added listing for B618b)
Netherlands Antilles (expanded prefix ranges throughout; added listings for B101ap, B212bs, B221cs; added numbering explanations)
Netherlands New Guinea (expanded prefix ranges throughout; added listings for B102as3, B104as3, B105as3; added numbering explanations)
Sierra Leone (added listing for B101cz)
United Arab Emirates (added listing for B251az)

26 May 2023
Abkhazia (added listing for B102a)
Argentina (improved illustrations for B427a)
Barbados (renumbered listings B041b – B041e as B041c – B041f; added listing for B041bs)
Costa Rica (added listings for B516t, B523s2)
European Monetary Union (added listing for B109y4)
Indonesia (added listings for B617b, B619b, B621b)
Iran (added listing for B287bz)
Macau (added listings for B084a, B085a, B229a, B230a)
Malawi (added listings for B160f, B162f)
Myanmar (added listings for B101as, B104az, B107as, B109bz, BFX101az, BFX101b, BFX102b; extended prefix ranges throughout)
Namibia (added listing for B205as; added illustrations for B102, B104, B105; added numbering explanations)
Nigeria (added listing for B235oz)
Romania (added listing for B288c)
South Africa (improved illustrations for B780a)
Trinidad and Tobago (added listing for B141bs)
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (added/improved illustrations for B401a – B407a)
West African States (added listing for B124Kw)

19 May 2023
Bahrain (added listing for B310az)
Cayman Islands (added Looking Forward item)
Congo Democratic Republic (added listings for B315az, B317dz)
East Caribbean States (added listing for B201lz)
European Monetary Union (added listings for B108e4, B108u4)
Ethiopia (added listings for B337b, B337bz)
French Guiana (added listing for B100.5a)
Haiti (added listings for B845az, B848bz)
Hungary (added listing for B588d)
Kuwait (added listings for B230b, B231c)
Lebanon (added listing for B546cz)
Mauritius (added listing for B429fz)
Mexico (added listing for B726h)
Morocco (added listings for B214as1/2, B222bs1/2, B237as, B238as, B406az, B407az; added illustration for B102a)
Mozambique (extended prefix ranges throughout; added listing for B215as)
Romania (added listings for B264as1/2)

12 May 2023
Bangladesh (added listing for B353os)
Botswana (added listing for B125h)
Burma (added listing for B702ap)
East Caribbean States (added listing for B101b6z)
Gibraltar (added listing for B131bz)
Guatemala (added listing for B601mz)
Indonesia (added listing for B590ez)
Jamaica (added listing for B227cz)
Jordan (added listing for B238az)
Nigeria (added listing for B234kz)
Northern Ireland (added listings for B306gs3, B429as1/2)
Romania (added listings for B246as1/2, B406as, B408as)
Singapore (improved variety descriptions for B205 – B210)
West African States (added listings for B120Kl, B121Cw, B121Kw, B122Cw, B123Cw, B124Cw)

5 May 2023
Bahrain (added listings for B306b, B307b)
Bangladesh (added listings for B207i, B209fs, B349.5bs, B351.5cs)
Kyrgyzstan (added listings for B235a – B240a)
Malawi (added listing for B161c)
Mongolia (added listings for B308bs, B309bs, B310bs, B311bs, B314bs, B401as, B402as, B404as1/2, B406as1/2, B409as1/2, B410as1/2, B417as, B418bz, B421as1/2, B421az, B422as, B423az, B428as, B429as, B430as, B430bz, B431as, B431bs, B436bz)
Montenegro (extended prefix ranges throughout; added listings for B113ap, B113as, B114as, B115ap, B118ap, B119ap)
Pakistan (added listing for B233fz)
Papua New Guinea (added illustrations for B157a; added prefix ranges throughout; added listing for B155c)
South Africa (added listings for B777a – B781a)
Thailand (added listing for B172dz)
United Arab Emirates (added listings for B246b, B247b; renumbered B249 as B248, B253 as B251)

28 April 2023
Aruba (improved descriptions for B121 – B125)
Bangladesh (added listing for B209f)
Cuba (added listings for B912.5a, B912.5as, B917ez, B918c, B918cz)
Iran (added listing for B291.5b)
Mexico (extended series ranges; added listings for B682as, B716g, B726g)
Moldova (added numbering explanations)
Philippines (added illustrations and description for B1100a; added listings for B1088a1/2)
Singapore (added listing for B210p)
Ukraine (added listing for B858d)
Uruguay (added listings for B524bz, B554b)

21 April 2023
Central African States (added listing for B110Ad)
Congo Democratic Republic (added listing for B324d)
Cuba (added listing for B917e)
Egypt (added listing for B339c)
Guatemala (added listing for B608ez)
Iran (added listings for B297b, B302b)
Romania (added listing for B291e)
United Arab Emirates (improved illustrations for B253a)
West African States (added listings for B122Du, B122Hv, B123Hv)

14 April 2023
Afghanistan (added listings for B331bz, B332bz, B333bz)
Bangladesh (prefix ranges added throughout; added listings for B202ap, B204as, B205dz, B205gs, B205hs, B206dz, B209ds, B305bs1, B320bs1/2, B324bs1/2, B325bs, B325cs, B325cz, B325es, B325ez, B326as, B327bs, B334bz, B335as, B337as, B342as, B345as, B346as, B348as1/2, B351b1/2, B351c1/2, B351i, B351.5as, B352as1/2, B352c2s, B352hs, B352js, B353as1/2, B354as1/2, B354js, B354ks)
Ghana (added listing for B161b)
Haiti (added listing for B850bz)
Iran (added listing for B300c)
Iraq (added listing for B349dz)
Jamaica (added listing for B249gz)
Nicaragua (added listing for B514b)

7 April 2023
Argentina (added listings for B417b, B417bz)
Indonesia (added listing for B620b)
Iraq (added listings for B354c, B358b)
Malaya (deleted listing for B106)
Rwanda (added listing for B108gz)
South Sudan (added listing for B116bz)
Turkey (added listing for B304e)
West African States (added listing for B120Al)

31 March 2023
Bahrain (added listings for B308c, B309b, B310b)
East Caribbean States (added listings for B102cuz, B103cza)
Isle of Man (added listings for B116bz, B1163z, B117cz, B117dz)
Northern Ireland (added listings for B109az, B110az, B119cz, B120az, B121bz, B128az, B614cz, B933dz)
Philippines (added listing for B1084i)
Qatar (added listing for B219az)
Rhodesia (added listings for B101h, B101i, B101j, B101k, B101l, B101m, B101js, B101ks, B101ls, B101ms, B102n, B102o, B102p, B102q, B102r, B102s, B102t, B102u, B102v, B102w, B102ss, B102ts, B102us, B102vs, B102ws, B108mz, B108oz, B108qz, B109dz, B110jz)
Scotland (added listings for B1144bz, B1159dz, B1159ez, B1160az, B1167az, B1169az, B1174bz, B1175bz, B1175cz, B1175dz, B1176bz, B1177az, B1179az)
Sierra Leone (added listings for B102dz, B106az, B113cz, B125f)
Sri Lanka (added listing for B125h)
Sudan (added listing for B416a1z)
Uganda (added listings for B155az, B159f, B159fz)West African States (added listings for B121Sv, B122Kw, B122Sv, B123Kw)
Yemen (added listing for B127az)

24 March 2023
Argentina (added listings for B363cz, B369az, B370bz, B371az, B372az, B377az, B383az, B383fz, B391az, B393cz, B395az, B404cz, B405ez, B407az)
Australia (added listings for B131cz, B132bz, B132cz, B132dz)
Central African States (added listing for B108Ce)
Colombia (added listings for B951hz, B594bz, B956az, B957az, B960az, B960bz, B961az, B961bz, B967fz, B967kz, B967lz, B968ez, B970dz, B972dz, B972ez, B976az, B976bz, B976dz, B976ez, B977bz, B978bz, B980az, B981cz, B984az)
Iran (added listings for B291.5a, B300b, B301d)
Guernsey (added listing for B170az)
Malaysia (added listing for B129az)
Mexico (added listing for B715g)
Mongolia (added listings for B310bz, B305az, B430fz, B431cz, B433az)
Philippines (added illustrations and description for B1097; added listings for B1084hz, B1089h)
Sao Tome and Principe (added listing for B306cz)
Turkey (added listings for B258az, B265az, B268az)
West African States (added listings for B120Dk, B121Dv)

17 March 2023
East Caribbean States (added listing for B102cvz)
Fiji (added listings for B404az, B405bz, B405cz, B406bz, B408az, B409az, B411az, B517az, B518az)
Honduras (added listings for B302s, B315as1/2)
Iraq (added listing for B357d)
Mexico (added listing for B714c)
Romania (added listing for B286e)
Seychelles (added listings for B409bz, B409cz)
Southern Rhodesia (added listings for B102a1s1/2, B103a1s1/2, B103b3s, B103d1s1/2, B104a1s1/2, B104d1s1/2, B106h1s, B107a1s1/2)
Sri Lanka (added listing for B126g)
Uganda (added listing for B154g)
West African States (added listing for B121Aw)
Zimbabwe (added listings for B194az, B195az)

10 March 2023
Central African States (added listing for B107Ce)
Egypt (added listing for B338bz)
Fiji (added listing for B526bs)
Guatemala (added listings for B532as1/2/3, B532bs, B532js, B532s, B536s1/2/3, B541s)
Guernsey (added listing for B171az)
Jordan (added listing for B239az)
Mauritius (added listing for B434ez)
Pakistan (added listings for B118mz, B118nz, B118oz, B222cz, B222ez, B223gz, B224gz, B231az, B231bz, B231ez, B231fz, B231hz, B231jz, B231kz, B311lz, B231mz, B231oz, B231qz, B232az, B233cz, B233dz, B233ez, B233iz, B233kz, B233lz, B233mz, B233pz)
Sao Tome and Principe (added listings for B303cz, B304bz, B304cz, B304dz, B305bz, B305cz, B306dz, B307az)
Sierra Leone (added listings for B129az, B133az)

3 March 2023
Bangladesh (added illustration for BNP307)
Egypt (added listings for B336d, B336dz, B337cz, B340dz, B343b)
Fiji (added listing for B526b)
European Monetary Union (added listing for B109n4)
Gambia (added listing for B240bz)
Malawi (added listings for B143fz, B148b)
Namibia (added listings for B206bz, B213d, B217c)
Ukraine (added listings for BNP812a/b)

25 February 2023
Australia (added listing for B233d)
Bahrain (added listings for B103az, B201az, B206az, B207az, B208az)
Bangladesh (added listing for B354m)
Bhutan (added listing for B224az)
Cayman Islands (added listings for B225a, B226a)
Chile (added listing for B294vz)
East Caribbean States (added listings for B103c10z, B201dz)
Fiji (added listing for B530az)
Gambia (added listings for B236b, B237b, B240bz)
Germany, Federal Republic of (added listing for B117as3)
Guernsey (improved illustrations for B169a, B170a, B171a; added listing for B169az)
Hong Kong (added listings for B672ez, B675cz, B685bz, B689cz, B689fz, B819cz, B909bz, B912cz)
Jersey (added listing for B124bz)
Kuwait (added listing for B215az)
Malaysia (added listings for B101az, B103az, B104az, B111az, B126az)
Mozambique (added listings for B235az, B235bz, B236az, B236bz, B237az, B238az, B239az)
Namibia (added listing for B206z)
Paraguay (added listings for B812cz, B813cz, B819cz, B854dz)
Peru (added listings for B447bz, B475bz, B497z, B526az)
Philippines (added listing for B1093az)
Poland (added listings for B854az, B855az, B857az, B858az, B858bz)
Qatar (added listings for B201az, B209az, B213bz, B215bz, B216az, B217bz, B221az, B223az, B223b, B224az, B224b, B225b)
Samoa (added listing for B113cs)
Serbia (added listing for B404bz)
Slovenia (added listings for B304az, B306bz, B306cz, B308fz, B310az, B310cz)
Tunisia (added listings for B511az, B527az, B531az)
United Arab Emirates (added listings for B103az, B216az, B231az, B235az, B236bz, B238az, B238bz, B239bz, B241bz, B244az, B245az, B246az, B247az)
Uruguay (added listings for B512bz, B516az, B543az, B544az, B545fz, B546ez, B549dz, B5550bz)

17 February 2023
Argentina (added listings for B323jz, B406fz)
Armenia (added listing for B319bz)
Bahamas (added listing for B311az)
Bolivia (added listing for B343az)
Cayman Islands (added listings for B102az, B208az, B223az)
Central African States (added listing for B106Ce)
Chile (added listings for B294gz, B294mz)
Colombia (added listings for B947cz, B947dz, B947ez, B947fz, B947Gz, B947hz, B947jz, B974kz, B947lz, B947mz, B947nz, B947oz, B948fz, B949bz, B949fz, B949gz, B949hz, B949jz, B949lz, B950bz, B950cz, B950ez, B950fz, B950gz, B951bz, B951cz, B951dz, B951ez, B951kz, B954az, B965cz, B969bz, B970gz, B972fz)
Czech Republic (improved illustrations for B130a)
Dominican Republic (added listing for B727d, B728az, B731c)
Gambia (added listings for B238b, B238bz)
Guatemala (added listing for B605e, B606k)
Haiti (added listing for B837h)
Hong Kong (added listings for B373bz, B371dz, B374cz, B401dz, B408cz, B412jz, B412kz, B680bz, B910dz)
Lebanon (added listings for B532az, B534bz, B535bz)
Nigeria (improved illustrations for B244, B245)
Serbia (added listings for B415bz, B416bz, B417az, B417bz, B418bz, B422az)
Singapore (added listings for B103cz, B104az, B105dz, B107az, B108dz, B116az, B119bz, B123bz, B124bz, B125az, B126az, B126bz, B127az, B128az, B132az, B133az, B134az)
Slovenia (added listings for B203az, B208az, B311bz)
Tatarstan (added listings for B104as, B114as)
Tonga (added listings for B118BZ, B118fz, B119cz, B119hz, B121cz, B207az, B218az, B221az, B223cz)
Venezuela (added listing for B337ar)
Ukraine (added listings for BNP811a/b)
Zambia (added listings for B153az, B157cz)

10 February 2023
Argentina (added listings for B323az, B323bz, B323cz, B323dz, B323ez, B323fz, B323gz, B323hz, B324hz, B324jz, B324kz, B324nz, B325cz, B325gz, B325hz, B325jz, B325nz, B325oz, B326dz, B326fz, B327ez, B327kz, B331az, B331bz, B332az, B333bz, B333ez, B336bz, B339az, B342bz, B342cz, B343cz, B344az, B344bz, B344cz, B344dz, B345az, B345bz, B352bz, B354az, B358az, B358dz, B363az, B370az, B378az, B379az, B382bz, B383bz, B393bz, B394az, B394cz, B395bz, B396az, B396bz, B397az, B397bz, B398bz, B398cz, B398dz, B400az, B401az, B401bz, B407cz, B407dz, B408c1z, B408c2z, B409cz, B418bz, B420bz, B421bz, B421cz, B422az, B422bz, B422dz, B427a)
Armenia (added listing for B319b)
Australia (added Looking Forward item)
Bolivia (added listing for B350kz)
Botswana (added listing for B127az)
Brazil (added listing for B807bs2)
British Caribbean Territories (added listings for B107ds, B110cs1/2, B111cs, B112ds1/2)
Colombia (added listings for B956bz, B968hs, B970gs, B972cs, B972fs, B973bs, B974as, B974bs)
Dominican Republic (added listings for B727az, B731az)
Guinea (added listing for B302az)
Haiti (added listings for B813az, B839g, B839h, B845h, B847g, B848f, B848g, B848gz, B849bz, B850g)
Hong Kong (added listings for B425b, B696b, B923b)
India (added listings for B298ez, B299cz, B299dz, B300dz, B300ez, B301dz)
Iraq (added listing for B356f)
Ireland Republic (added listing for B215dz, B220bz, B222bz)
Italy (added listing for B468bz; corrected replacement descriptions for B460 – B469)
Liberia (improved illustrations for B321)
Mexico (added listings for B301ar, B303ar; improved illustrations for B301, B303)
New Zealand (added listings for B110cz, B111bz, B113cz, B113ds, B114cz)
Nicaragua (added listings for B491as1/2, B492as1/2, B497bz)
Philippines (added listings for B1083lz, B1086kz)
Romania (improved illustrations for B292; added FIN signatures 6a/b; corrected descriptions for B116b/c)
Somalia (added Looking Forward item)
South Sudan (added listings for B117az, B117b)
Uruguay (added listings for B513cz, B545fz, B546dz, B547fz, B548bz, B548dz, B548ez, B556az, B550cz, B551az)
Venezuela (added listings for B370dz, B387az)
Zambia (added listings for B150bz, B150fz, B165c, B167c, B170d)

3 February 2023
Argentina (added listing for B375az)
Azerbaijan (added listing for B311bz)
Canada (added listings for B355az, B355bz, B356az, B356bz, B356cz, B357az, B357cz, B358a1z, B358a2z, B358c1z, B359bz, B360az, B360bz, B362az)
Central African States (updated prices throughout; improved illustrations and descriptions for B111 – B115)
Czechoslovakia (added listing for B322as)
Germany, Federal Republic of (added listings for B223az, B223bz, B223dz)
Guatemala (added listings for B601lz, B608e)
Guernsey (added listings for B169a, B170a, B171a)
Hong Kong (added listing for B698b)
Israel (added listing for B443c)
Lebanon (added listings for B528bz, B532bz)
Mauritius (added listings for B308c3s, B308d3s1/2, B310s, B402az, B409ap, B409as3)
Mauritania (extended prefix ranges throughout; added listings for B104ls1/2, B105cs1/2, B105fs1/2, B105js, B105ks1/2, B106cs, B106es, B106hs, B107es, B107fs, B107hs, B112as, B112bs, B112cs, B113cs1/2)
Mozambique (added listings for B224az, B225az)
Philippines (added listings for B920ez, B921ez)
Poland (improved illustrations and description for BNP827a)
Rhodesia (added listing for B107oz)
Scotland (added listing for B1173az)
Thailand (added listing for B185bz)

27 January 2023
Argentina (added listing for B354bz)
Dominican Republic (added listings for B727c, B728c, B729c)
Guyana (improved illustrations for B122a)
India (added listing for B298f)
Maldives (added listing for B217bz)
Netherlands Antilles (added Looking Forward item)
Nigeria (improved illustrations for B246)
Poland (added listing for BNP827a)
Russia (added listing for B816b)
Singapore (added listing for B209g)

20 January 2023
Australia (added listings for BNP201as1/2)
Bangladesh (added listing for B351.5c)
Czech Republic (added listing for B130a)
Egypt (added listing for B337c)
New Zealand (added listings for B111cz, B112cz, B114bz)
Nigeria (added listings for B238a1/2)
Philippines (added listings for B1079hz, B1080iz, B1082az, B1090bz, B1096az)
Western Samoa (added listings for B307ds1/2, B308cs1/2, B309ds1/2)

13 January 2023
Argentina (added listings for B355cz, B382ez)
Cambodia (added listings for B426az, B430az, B432az, B433az)
Canada (added listings for B370as, B373c)
Ghana (added listings for B129gz, B145bs, B146bs, B147bs, B148bs, B149bs, B150as)
Guatemala (added listings for B606dz, B608az)
India (added listings for B299d, B300f)
Indonesia (added listings for B586hz, B587gz, B588ez, B588jz, B597dz, B602fz)
Jordan (added illustrations and descriptions for B236a – B239a; added listing for B235az)
Liberia (added listing for B319b)
Malta (added listings for B208bz, B218az)
Mexico (added listings for B707as, B709as)
Nigeria (added listings for B226cs, B227js, B228fs, B228mz, B229cs, B236gz)
Pakistan (added listings for B238w, BNP201e)
Peru (added listings for B415as3, B431bs)
Philippines (added illustrations and description for B1098)
Scotland (added listings for B1144az, B1180az)
Thailand (added listings for B168bz, B194dz, B196az, BNP116az, BNP117az)

6 January 2023
Bangladesh (added listings for B364, BNP309; renumbered B349m as B349.5a, B349n as B349.5b)
Cambodia (added listing for B435az)
Canada (added listings for B329az, B329bz, B330az, B330bz, B331az, B331bz, B332az, B332bz, B333az, B333bz, B338cz, B338dz, B339az, B339cz, B339dz, B340az, B340bz, B340cz, B341az, B342bz, B343az, B343bz, B347az, B348bz, B348cz, B349az, B349bz, B350az, B351az, B351bz, B351cz, B351ez, B351fz, B352az, B352bz, B353az, B353bz, B354az, B354bz, B361az)
Cayman Islands (added listing for B222c)
Colombia (added listing for B974az)
Jamaica (added listings for B249g, B250h)
Lebanon (added listing for B546c)
Madagascar (added listings for B337b, B337bz)
Maldives (added illustrations for B226)
Malta (added listings for B112as, B116as, B117as1/2, B119bs, B125as1/2, B201as3/4, B203as1/2, B206ez)
Manchukuo (extended series ranges throughout; added listing for B115ap)
Mauritius (added listings for B429f, B434e, B436b)
Mexico (added listings for B718d, B726f)
Mongolia (added listings for B428c, B439az)
Philippines (added illustrations and descriptions for B1096, B1101)
United Arab Emirates (added listing for B239az)
Vietnam (added listing for B347m)

30 December 2022
Algeria (improved illustration for B413)
Bulgaria (added prefix ranges throughout; added listing for B128ar, B129ar, B137as1/2, B197ar, B201az, B202az, B203az, B204az, B220az)
Canada (added listing for B379c)
Congo Democratic Republic (added listing for B317h)
Guatemala (added listings for B601ez, B601n, B608cz)
Guyana (added listings for B108iz, B122a)
Iraq (added listings for B347cz, B352ez)
Jordan (added listings for B230j, B232h, B235a, B235as, B236a – B239a; added prefixes for B101 – B109)
Laos (improved illustrations for B523a, B524a)
Malawi (added listing for B163ez)
Malaysia (added listings for B102at, B103as3, B104as3, B105as3, B109as, B113az, B115bs, B115bz, B116as1/2, B116bs1/2, B117ar, B117bz, B119br, B122as1/2, B124as3, B125ar, B125as1/2/3, B127az, B127bz, B128bz, B129as3/4, B131az, B131cs, B131dz, B131ez, B132cz, B132dz, B133az, B134as3/4, B134az, B134bz, B135az, B135bz, B136as1/2, B136az, B136bz, B137az, B137bz, B138az, B138bz, B139bs3, B139dz, B140as5, B140at, B141az, B141bz, B142az, B142bz, B143az, B144az, B145bz, B147as, B148as1/2, B149as1/2, B150as, B150bz, B151as, B153as, B153bz)
Maldives (added listings for B102bs1/2, B103bs3, B106as3, B106cs3, B106s, B107bs, B210es, B210ez, B211cs, B212bs, B213bs, B214cs, B215as1/2; added Maldavian Months table; added full Western dates throughout)
Mali (extended prefix ranges throughout; added listings for B108as3, B109as3, B201as, B202as1/2, B204bs, B205as1/2)
Mexico (added listing for B717q)
Mozambique (added listing for B215bz)
Nigeria (added listings for B229hz, B229j2z, B230az, B232dz, B235e1z)
Northern Ireland (added listings for B421at, B702az)
North Korea (added listings for B201.5a, B202.5a, B203.5a)
Pakistan (added listings for B223ez, B223gz, B224iz, B230az, B232bz, B233az)
Paraguay (added listings for B857d, B864d)
Peru (added listing for B538az)

23 December 2022
Armenia (added listing for B322az)
Barbados (improved illustrations for B239a – B244a)
Burundi (added listing for B226bz)
Congo Democratic Republic (added listing for B206cz)
Denmark (added listings for B902as, B906as, B909as, B910hs, B911gs, B912cz, B912gz, B912hz, B912iz, B912jz, B914cz, B914jz, B914lz, B914nz, B914oz, B914pz, B914qz, B914rz, B914sz, B914tz, B914uz, B914vz, B914wz, B914xz, B915az, B915bz, B915dz, B915es, B915hz, B915iz, B916as, B916az, B916cz, B916dz, B916ez, B917as, B917az, B917cz, B918as, B924fs, B929as, B930as, B932as, B934as, BB939c)
Egypt (added listing for B333bz)
Estonia (added listings for B215bz, B216bz)
Guinea (added listing for B313as)
Iran (added listings for B259az, B265az, B268cz, B278dz)
Jamaica (added listing for B237fz)
Kazakhstan (added listings for B112az, B112bz, B114az, B114bz, B115az, B115bz)
Kyrgyzstan (added listings for B102az, B103az)
Latvia (added listing for B224az)
Lesotho (added listing for B223az)
Macau (added listing for B070c)
Madagascar (added listings for B332b, B333b, B336b, B336bz)
Malaya (extended prefix ranges throughout; added listings for B101as1/2, B102as1/2, B103as, B115as1/2/3, B117as1/2, B210bs1/2; added illustrations for B151)
Malaya and British Borneo (added listings for B104as1/2, B104bs, B105as1/2/3, B107as3/4, B108ap, B108as1/2/3, B109as1/2)
Nicaragua (added listing for B507bs)
Qatar (added listing for B218az)
Sarawak (improved illustrations for B110a)
Straits Settlements (extended prefix ranges throughout; added listings for B114s1/2, B118at1/2, B119ds1/2, B121bs, B122as1/2)
Thailand (added listings for B187az, BNP113az)
Uganda (added listing for B147az)
United Kingdom (added listings for B207a – B210a)
Uruguay (added listing for B547gz)
Vietnam (added listing for B344m)

16 December 2022
Armenia (added listing for B308az, B309as3, B311cz, B312bs, B312bz, B313as, B313az, B313bs, B313bz, B314az, B315az, B315bz, B317az, B318az, B323az, B323bz)
Bangladesh (added listings for B362, BNP308)
El Salvador (added pricing for Banco Central de Reserva de El Salvador issues)
Estonia (added listings for B216az, B217bz)
Georgia (confirmed replacement notes throughout)
Kazakhstan (added listing for B131az)
Laos (added listings for B523a, B524a)
Latvia (added listings for B232az, B234az, B234bz)
Madagascar (added pricing for B001a – B042a)
Myanmar (added listing for B104bz)
Nicaragua (added listing for B506bs)
Philippines (renumbered B1100 as B1102)
Rwanda (added listing for B106hz)
Saudi Arabia (added description and illustrations for B204a)
Serbia (added listing for B416az)
Slovakia (added listings for B401az, B402az)
Slovenia (added listings for B304bz, B305dz, B313az, B316az)
South Sudan (added listings for B105az)
Tajikistan (added listings for B219bz, B221bz)
Thailand (added listings for B147lz, B148kz, B152gz, B156ez, B157mz, B158pz, B163lz, B172bz, B173az, B175bz, BNP110az)
Tonga (added listing for B213az)
Uganda (added listings for B107c, B123bz, B129az, B131az, B136az)
Ukraine (added listings for B827az, B829az, B829bz, B830az, B830bz, B830cs, B831az, B831bz, B832az, B840az, B840bz, B841az, B841bz, B856d)
United Kingdom (added listings for B172ez, B180az, B180cz, B182cz)
Zaire (added listings for B104ez, B105fz, B143cz, B147az)
Zambia (added listings for B126dz, B137bz, B140bz)

9 December 2022
Azerbaijan (added listing for B311cz)
Bahamas (added listing for B356a)
Central African States (added illustrations and descriptions for B111 – B115)
El Salvador (added validation seal varieties I3, I4)
Hungary (added listing for B587.5bs)
Malawi (extended prefix ranges throughout; added listings for B104as3, B112cs1/2, B114bs, B114ds, B115ds, B116cs, B116es, B116fs, B117as3, B119as1/2, B119az, B120as1/2, B121as1/2, B122as1/2, B122bs, B124az, B126as, B144cs, B145ds, B157ez, B159ez)
Moldova (added listing for B119b)
Northern Ireland (added listing for B941c)
Qatar (improved illustrations and descriptions for BNP201a)
Syria (added listings for B632bz, B632cz, B633bz, B636a)
United Arab Emirates (renumbered B248 as B244, B252 as B245, B254 as B246, B255 as B247, B253 as B249; added listings for B250 – B253)

2 December 2022
Barbados (added listings for B210as, B239as, B240as, B241as, B242as, B243as, B244as)
Colombia (added listings for B949dz, B949kz, B950hz, B950jz, B950kz, B950lz, B950mz, B951lz, B958az, B964dz, B967bz, B967gz, B968fz, B970hz, B970iz, B972bz, B982gz, B983ez, B987az, B987cz, B990az)
East Caribbean States (added listings for B240ap, B241ap, B242ap, B243ap, B244ap)
El Salvador (initial publication)
Kyrgyzstan (added listings for B102bz, B218bz)
Madagascar (added listings for B001a – B042a)
Mauritius (added listing for B420cz)
Mexico (added listing for B714b)
Nicaragua (added listings for B506b, B507b)
Nigeria (added listings for B239a – B246a)
Romania (added listings for B118bs1/2/3/4, B119as, B119bs1/2, B120as1/2, B120bs1/2, B238ar, B240ar, B241ar, B248bs3/4, B249as, B249bs1/2, B250bs1/2)
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (added dimensions to listings for B501a – B506a; added illustrations for B502a)
Vietnam (added listing for B345n)

25 November 2022
Armenia (added listing for B319az)
Barbados (added listings for B220az, B236az)
Canada (added listings for B338bz, B348az, B356dz, B359az, B361az)
Colombia (added listings for B950nz, B979cz, B981ez, B991bz)
Congo Democratic Republic (added listings for B316az, B317az, B319az)
Dominican Republic (added listing for B694az)
Egypt (added listings for B338b, B340d, B341c)
French West Africa (extended series ranges throughout; added listings for B102Dc2s1/2, B104Sc, B105Gas, B106Cas, B106Sc, B106Sbs)
German Democratic Republic (added listing for B303az, B304az, B304bz, B305az, B305bz)
Germany, Federal Republic of (added listings for B224bz, B225cz, B227az)
Guatemala (added listing for B610az)
Italy (added listings for B461bz, B461cz)
Kazakhstan (added listings for B130bz, B131bz, B132az, B153az)
Madagascar (added listings for B202ap, B202r, B203br, B203cp, B204cp, B205ap, B205cs, B206ap, B208ap, B208p, B305bz, B307as1/2, B307bs)
Madagascar and Comoros (added listings for B103s3, B105ap; extended series ranges throughout)
Malagasy Republic (added listings for B101bs, B103a1/2, B103s1/2; extended prefix ranges throughout)
Malawi (deleted listing for B143ez; added listing for B145ez, B146cz)
Mexico (renumbered B716e as B716f; added listings for B716e, B717p)
Mongolia (added listings for B303az, B407az, B428az)
Myanmar (added listings for B105az, B107az, B107bz, B108bz, B110bz, B115az)
Nigeria (added listing for B213dz)
Northern Ireland (added listings for B131az, B420cs, B613ds1/2)
Paraguay (added listings for B809cz, B815cz)
Philippines (added listing for B921dz)
Tajikistan (added listings for B202az, B203az, B204az, B208az, B208bz, B209az, B210az, B210bz, B215az, B215bz, B217bz, B218bz, B219.5az, B220bz)
Turkmenistan (added listings for B234az, B236az, B238az, B239az)
Uzbekistan (added listings for B105az, B110az, B110bz, B111az, B112az, B203az, B213az)
West African States (added listing for B124Sv)
Western Samoa (added TWS signature 5.5: Langstone/McParland)

18 November 2022
Cambodia (added listings for B436, B437)
Chile (added listings for B296l, B299j)
European Monetary Union (added listing for B108m4)
Hong Kong (added listing for B320dr)
Isle of Man (added listing for B115as)
Maldives (added listings for B223a – B229a)
Romania (added illustrations for B292)
Switzerland (added listing for B357b)
Venezuela (added listing for B389az)

11 November 2022
Algeria (added listing for B413a)
Bangladesh (added listings for B353o, B360b)
BNU Signature Varieties (added signatures for A52a/b/c)
East Caribbean States (added listings for B101cvs, B240az)
Fiji (added listing for B530b)
Ghana (added listings for B157b, B158az, B158b, B159b, B160b)
Luxembourg (added listings for B117as1/2, B119at, B310ar, B313as, B314ar, B315p1/2, B319at1/2, B320as1/2, B320at1/2, B321ap, B325ap, B326ap, B326at, B328ap, B329as3, B337ap3, B337as1/2, B329at1/2, B337at1/2, B340as1/2, B341ap, B344as1/2, B344at, B401as1/2/3, B402as5, B403as1/2, B403bs1/2; improved illustrations for B317a, B318a; added illustrations for B201a, B203a, B311a, B312a, B324at2)
Macau (added listings for B007ds, B008at1/2, B028cs, B028fs, B029gs, B030ds, B030es, B030gs, B031cs, B031fs, B033ds, B033es, B034as, B034gs, B039bs1/2, B039es1/2, B039fs1/2, B041ks3/4, B041ns, B046bs1/2, B046es, B046fs, B047bs1/2, B047ds, B047fs1/2, B048bs, B048ds, B048fs, B048hs1/2, B048ks, B049cs, B049ds1/2, B049fs, B050as, B050ds, B050gs, B051bs1/2/3, B051cs, B051ds2/3, B051fs5, B052cs, B052ds, B052hs1/2, B052is, B052js, B053as1/2, B053fs1/2, B053gs1/2, B053hs1/2, B054cs, B054ds, B054hs, B054js, B055r, B055cs, B055es, B055gs, B056as1/2, B056es, B057gs, B058as1/2, B058fs, B059p, B059r, B071as, B071az, B071cz, B071e, B085is1/2, B068as, B068az, B068bz, B069as, B069az, B072as, B072bz, B073as, B201as, B202as, B203as, B204as, B205as, B206as, B207as, B209as, B210as, B211as, B212as, B213c, B214c, B215c, B215cz, B216bz, B216c, B216cz, B218cz)
Macedonia (added listings for B206bs, B207bs; extended prefix ranges throughout)
Malawi (added listing for B157f)
North Macedonia (extended prefix ranges throughout)
Pakistan (added listings for B118l1/2, B225b1/2, BPNP201d)
Qatar (added listings for BNP201a, BNP201az)
West African States (updated prices throughout)

4 November 2022
Cuba (added listings for B830az, B901bz, B904gz, B905gz, B905h, B905hz, B906ez, B906sz, B906vz, B910ez, B916fz, B917dz)
Jamaica (added listing for B240m)
Mexico (added listing for B726e)
Mongolia (added listings for B418az, B421bz, B422bz, B424az, B426az, B430az, B431az, B433cz, B434bz, B440az, B441az, B444az)
Nigeria (added listing for B228y)
Romania (added listing for B290e)
Sri Lanka (renumbered B123d as B123e, B123e as B123f, B124d as B124e, B124e as B124f, B124f as B124g; added listings for B101c1z, B101dz, B102a1z, B104dz, B105bz, B105dz, B106cz, B107az, B107cz, B108az, B108bz, B108cz, B110az, B110cz, B111az, B112az, B112bz, B113az, B113bz, B114az, B114bz, B114cz, B114dz, B114ez, B115az, B115bz, B115cz, B115dz, B115ez, B116az, B116bz, B116cz, B116dz, B116ez, B117az, B117bz, B117cz, B117dz, B117ez, B118az, B118bz, B118cz, B118dz, B119az, B119bz, B119cz, B119dz, B120az, B124bz, B126bz, B127cz, B128bz)
Venezuela (added listings for B379bz, B380bz, B381bz, B383az, B384az, B384b, B384bz)

28 October 2022
Bermuda (added listing for B201az, B201gz, B202cz, B207az, B232az)
East Caribbean States (added listings for B101cgz, B201az, B201gz, B205u1z, B207v1z)
Nigeria (added listing for B238d)
North Macedonia (replaced illustrations for B103a, B106a, B107a)
Sudan (added listing for B417a1/2)
Venezuela (improved various illustrations throughout)

21 October 2022
Barbados (added listing for B205az)
Cape Verde (added listing for B220az)
Congo Democratic Republic (added listings for B320e, B323d)
Guatemala (added listing for B605cz)
Hong Kong (added listing for B629ds)
Hungary (added listing for B591f)
India (added listing for B303g)
Jamaica (added listing for B238cz)
Kazakhstan (added listing for B153a)
Laos (added listings for B521a, B522a)
Pakistan (added listings for B228b1/2, B228bs2, BNP201)
Sudan (deleted listing for B416az; added listings for B416a1/2, B416b1/2, B416c)

14 October 2022
Libya (added listing for B023a/b)
Lithuania (added listings for B109at, B111at, B112at1/2, B113as4, B114as4, B118as4, B119as4, B123ap, B123as4, B125as3, B126at1/2, B127ap, B127as4, B130ap1/2, B143as, B144as, B145as, B146as, B147as1/2, B148as, B149as, B150as1/2, B151as1/2, B152as1/2, B153as1/2, B154as1/2, B155as1/2, B156as1/2, B157as1/2, B164as, B166as, B167as, B169as, B170as, B171as, B172as, B173as1/2, B174as, B175as, B176as1/2, B177as, B178as, B181as; extended prefix ranges throughout)
Philippines (added listing for BNP1005a)

7 October 2022
Hong Kong (added listing for B925b)
India (added listing for B127l)
Libya (extended prefix ranges throughout; added listings for B001as, B002as, B101as3/4, B102as3/4/5, B103as4/5, B104as4, B105as2/3, B106as4, B107ap, B107as3, B201as6, B202as6, B203as1/2, B205as, B206as, B301t1/2, B302bt1/2, B304bs1/2, B304bp, B407as1/2, B502as, B503as, B503bs1/2, B504ap, B505bs1/2, B506as3, B507as3, B508as3, B508bs1/2, B510ap1/2,, B510as3, B512ap, B518ap, B520as1/2, B523bs, B524cs, B531as, B532bs, B533bs, B537as1/2, B538as1/2, B543as, B544as, B545as, B546as, B547as, B550as, B551as)
Northern Ireland (added listing for B802cs)
Sierra Leone (added listings for B126e, B126f, B127f)
Uzbekistan (added listing for B223az)

30 September 2022
Armenia (added listing for B323b)
Bangladesh (added listing for B209e)
Iran (improved illustrations for B302a)
Lesotho (extended prefix ranges throughout; added listings for B213bs, B214bz, B218az)
West African States (switched signatures 23/24; added series ranges for B101 – B114T; added listings for B108Ads, B120Bk, B120Dj, B121Bv, B123Bv, B123Ht, B123Kv, B124Bv)

23 September 2022
Arab Republic of Yemen (added listings for B103as, B106as, B108as1/2/3, B109as1/2)
Chile (added listing for B297g)
Dominican Republic (added listing for B603as)
East Caribbean States (added listing for B102c10z)
Egypt (added listing for B122c1/2)
Gibraltar (added listing for B136az)
Kenya (added listing for B132cz)
Thailand (added listings for B188az, B189az, B190az, B191az, B192az, B198az, B199az)

16 September 2022
Bangladesh (added listings for B349n, B350.5l)
Burundi (improved illustrations for B242a)
Cuba (added listing for B917d)
Iran (added listing for B302a)
Latvia (extended prefix ranges throughout; added text descriptions throughout; added listings for B104f2s, B209as3, B224bz, B231as; added illustration for B301as)
Pakistan (added listings for B234t, B237s, B238v)
West African States (added listings for B120Ck, B122Av, B122Cv)
Yemen (added listings for B130az, B131bs; extended prefix ranges throughout; renumbered B115as as B116as)

9 September 2022
Algeria (added listing for B411b)
Bangladesh (added listing for B350.5k)
Colombia (added listing for B993f)
Kyrgyzstan (extended prefix ranges throughout)
Laos (extended prefix ranges throughout; added listings for B201as4, B204ap, B210as3, B211bs3/4, B517az)
Mongolia (added listing for B447az)
Saudi Arabia (added listings for B130as, B131as, B132as, B133as, B134as, B135as)
Sierra Leone (added listing for B132az)
Thailand (added listings for B181az, B181bz, B181cz, B182az, B182bz, B182cz, B182dz, B183az, B184az, B184bz, B184cz, B185az)
West African States (added listing for B122Bv)
Yemen (added listings for B109b1/2, B110c)

2 September 2022
Canada (added listing for B371e)
Croatia (added Looking Forward item)
European Monetary Union (added Looking Forward item)
Haiti (added listing for B837g)
Isle of Bourbon (initial publication)
Isles of France and of Bourbon (initial publication)
Keeling-Cocos Islands (added illustrations for B111a, B112a, B114a)
Kazakhstan (added listings for B108as1/2/3, B109as1/2/3, B110as1/2/3, B110bs1/2, B111as3, B111bs1/2, B112bs1/2, B113bs1/2, B114bs, B115bs, B116bs, B119as, B121as, B127as, B128as, B129as, B130as, B131b1s1/2, B132b1s, B132bz, B133a1s1/2, B137as1/2, B139as1/2, B142as1/2, B146az, B151az)
Kenya (added listings for B103as, B104as, B104s, B111as, B123cs1/2, B125az, B138ds, B138fs, B138gs, B139cs, B139es, B139ez, B139fz, B139gs, B141fs, B141fz, B141gs, B142hs, B143dz, B143gz, B143hs)
Kuwait (added listings for B201br, B202br, B203ar, B204ar, B205ar, B206az, B210az, B223fz, B225hz, B226fz, B226gz, B233b)
Lebanon (added listings for B111.5a, B115as, B117.5a, B206as, B213s3, B214.5a/as, B215as, B216as1/2, B217as1/2, B217.5a/as, B222bs3, B533bz; improved illustrations for B215)
Northern Ireland (added listings for B612gs, B807bp)
Puerto Rico (improved illustrations for B409; added listings for B414as, B419s1/2)
Saudi Arabia (improved illustrations for B205a)
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (added listing for B231b)
Vanuatu (added listing for B216a)
West African States (added listings for B120Kk, B123St, B123Su, B124St, B124Su)

26 August 2022
Bosnia and Herzegovina (added listing for B215b)
Indonesia (added listings for B617a – B623a)
Israel (added prefix/series ranges throughout; renumbered B412b as B412c and vice versa; added listing for B101ap3, B104ap3, B302at, B304as1/2, B405bs, B407cs, B408ar, B409bs1/2/3, B411as, B412as, B413as, B413bs, B415as, B416as, B417as, B418as, B419as, B420as, B421as, B422as, B423as, B424as, B425as, B426as, B427as, B428as, B429as, B430as, B431as, B432as, B433as, B434as, B435as)
Jamaica (added listings for B062as, B081bp, B082ap, B096p, B101as, B106t, B112as, B204cs1/2, B215bs, B215bz, B219bz, B222cz, B224bs1/2, B225hz, B228as, B228cs1/2, B229as, B231az, B233bs, B240ls, B242bs, B244as, B246as, B248as, B249fs, B250gs; renumbered B241l as B241m, B241m as B241n)
Jersey (added listings for B100, B102s, B107az, B111az, B111bz, B112az, B112bz, B113bz, B114az, B121az, B122az, B123az, B123bz, B127az, B129az, B131az)
Katanga (changed illustrations for B101 – B104; added numbering explanations)
Mexico (added listing for B716e)
Romania (added listing for B291d)
Sri Lanka (renumbered B125e as B125f, B125f as B125g; added listings for B125e, B126f)
Sudan (added listing for B418a)
West African States (added listings for B120Tj, B120Tk, B124Av, B124Dv)

19 August 2022
Cuba (added listing for B906v)
Italian Somaliland (added listing for B203as)
Ivory Coast (corrected series ranges for B102)
Mexico (added listing for B718c)
Pakistan (added listing for B240a)
Russia (added listing for B840b)
Sierra Leone (improved illustrations for B130a)
Sri Lanka (added listing for B127f)
West African States (added listing for B124Hv)

12 August 2022
Algeria (added listing for B408c)
Congo Democratic Republic (added listing for B325d)
Fiji (added listing for BNP513a)
Isle of Man (added listings for B104at, B106at, B109cs3, B114bs, B114bz, B116as, B116az, B116cz, B117as)
Italian Somaliland (added listings for B304as3, B305bs)
Pakistan (added listing for B239q)
Philippines (added listings for B1018az, B1030az, B1046kz)
Syria (added listings for B633b, B635a)
Zambia (added listing for B170c)

5 August 2022
Burundi (added listing for B242a)
Congo Democratic Republic (added listings for B323cz, B326d)
Hungary (added listing for B592f)
Peru (improved illustrations for B538a, B539a)
Qatar (added listing for B220b)
Sierra Leone (improved illustrations for B129a – B133a)
Weihaiwei (improved illustration for B106)

29 July 2022
Algeria (added listing for B410b)
Bangladesh (added listing for B353n)
Cape Verde (added listing for B216az)
Macau (added listing for B070az)
Mexico (added listing for B695e1/2)
Portuguese India (added listing for B327dp)
Sudan (improved illustration for B417)

22 July 2022
European Monetary Union (added listing for B112w4)
French Guiana (added listing for B205as)
Guadeloupe (added listings for B202ar, B203ar)
Iraq (added listing for B357c)
Malawi (improved illustrations for B164a, B165a)
Martinique (added illustrations for B101, B102)
Mexico (renumbered B667b as B667c)
Qatar (added listing for B222b)
Peru (added illustrations and descriptions for B538a, B539a)
Poland (added listing for BNP826a)
Reunion (added illustrations for B105, B106)
Saint Pierre and Miquelon (added illustration for B206)
Uzbekistan (added listing for B223a)

15 July 2022
Bangladesh (added listing for B350.5j)
Central African States (added listing for B110Fd)
Estonia (added listing for B228bz)
Ethiopia (added listing for B306bz)
Falkland Islands (added listings for B217as1/2, B220as, B221as1/2)
Gambia (added listing for B235b)
Germany, Federal Republic of (added listing for B202hz)
India (added listing for B108c13)
Iran (improved illustrations for B298a)
Jersey (added listing for B113az)
Laos (added listing for B520a)
Lesotho (added listing for B221bz)
Liberia (improved illustration for B319a)
Mauritania (added listings for B119az, B125az)
Nigeria (added listings for B229uz, B236o)
Northern Ireland (added listing for B922fs)
Oman (added security feature detaileds to listings for B238a – B244a)
Puerto Rico (added listings for B116ap, B117ap, B117ar, B202ar, B402as, B403as1/2, B405as, B412as, B415as, B422ap, B424as1/2; added illustrations for B601a)
Rhodesia (added listing for B108nz)
Sao Tome and Principe (added listing for B306ez)
Scotland (added listings for B1174az, B1176az)
Slovakia (added listing for B406ez)
South Sudan (added listing for B108az)
Sudan (added listing for B322bz)
Tanzania (added listing for B102az)
United Arab Emirates (added listing for B234az)
Uzbekistan (added listing for B221az)
West African States (added listings for B121Tv, B122Tv)
Yemen (added listing for B126bz)
Zambia (added listing for B169c)

8 July 2022
Bahrain (added prefix ranges throughout; added listings for B104as3, B201as, B204az, B207as1/2, B208as1/2, B212as, B213bz, B214as)
Belarus (deleted Looking Forward item; added listing for B148a)
Central African States (added listing for B107Ad)
Egypt (added listing for B343a)
Puerto Rico (initial publication)
Russia (improved illustration and description for B834a)
Sierra Leone (added numbering explanations throughout; added listings for B105az, B117bz; deleted listing for B121cz)
South Africa (added listings for B738bp, B739bp)
Thailand (added listings for B193bz, B193cz, B193ez, B194bz, B194cz, B195bz, B195cz, B197az, B197bz, B197cz)
Zimbabwe (added listing for B197az)

1 July 2022
Afghanistan (added listings for B374a, B375a)
Azerbaijan (added illustrations for B410a)
Bangladesh (added listing for BNP307a)
Barbados (added listings for B225bs, B232d)
Brunei (added listing for B301d)
Iraq (added listings for B101as1/2, B102as1/2, B103as1/2, B104as1/2, B105as1/2, B105ap2/3, B106as1/2, B106ap2, B107as, B107bs1/2, B108as1/2, B108cs1/2, B109as1/2/3, B109bp, B109es, B111bs, B112as1/2, B117ap, B118cs1/2, B119bs1/2, B119p, B120bs1/2, B120c, B120p, B120t, B121bs1/2, B121p, B121t, B122p, B123bs1/2, B123p, B202ap1/2, B202as, B203ap1/2, B203as1/2, B204as1/2, B207as, B208as, B211as, B212c, B212cs, B212s, B214as1/2, B215as1/2, B301ap, B303as, B305as1/2, B306as, B307as1/2, B308ap, B308as, B308bt, B309as, B309bs, B309cs, B310ap3, B310as, B310at, B311ap1/2, B311as1/2, B311bs1/2, B311cs, B312as, B312bs1/2, B312bt, B312cs, B318as1/2, B319as1/2, B320az, B320bs1/2, B321as1/2, B321bs1/2, B327as1/2, B344ap, B347az, B348as, B348bz, B349as1/2, B349cz, B349ds, B350as1/2, B350bz, B351as1/2, B351az, B351bz, B351cz, B351es, B352as1/2, B352az, B352cz, B352dz, B353az, B354as, B354b, B355az, B356as, B356az, B357as, B357az, B360az; extended prefix ranges throughout)
Guatemala (added listing for B606iz)
Lebanon (added listing for B543az)
Maldives (added numbering explanations throughout; added listings for B103bt, B104bt, B105bt, B106bt)
Papua New Guinea (added listings for B154as, B158as, B159as)
Sao Tome and Principe (added listings for B314as, B315as, B316as)
Syria (added listing for B632d)
Thailand (added listings for B200b, B200az, B200bz)

24 June 2022
Belarus (added Looking Forward item)
Guinea (added listing for B339c)
Hong Kong (added listing for B424b)
Iran (added listings for B106ap, B114ap, B131bs1/2, B132bs3, B201as, B202as, B218at, B219at1/2, B225bt, B228as1/2, B229as1/2, B230as1/2, B230bs1/2, B230cs, B230ds1/2, B231as1/2/3, B231es, B232as1/2, B232cs, B232ds1/2, B233as1/2, B234as, B234ds, B235ar, B235as1/2, B235bs1/2, B235bz, B236as, B236bs, B237as1/2, B237cs1/2, B237ds, B238as, B238cs, B238ds, B239bs, B240as1/2, B249as, B260as, B261as1/2/3, B262as1/2, B266as4, B267as, B268as1/2, B268az, B268bz, B268dz, B269as1/2, B269cz, B269hz, B269kz, B270as, B271dz, B271ez, B272as, B273a1s, B273bs1, B275ez, B275fz, B276az, B277iz, B277jz, B278bz, B278fz, B279az, B279bz, B279dz, B280bz, B280cz, B281az, B282az, B282bz, B282cz, B283cz, B283dz, B283ez, B283fz, B284cz, B285bz, B286az, B286bz, B287az, B288az, B288ez, B288fz, B289a1z, B289a3z, B289bz, B295az, B295bz, B295cz, B301az)
Iraq (added listings for B101as1/2, B102as1/2, B103as1/2, B104as1/2, B105as1/2, B105ap2/3, B106as1/2, B106ap2, B107as, B107bs1/2, B108as1/2, B108cs1/2, B109as1/2/3, B109bp, B109es, B111bs, B112as1/2, B117ap, B118cs1/2, B119bs1/2, B119p, B120bs1/2, B120c, B120p, B120t, B121bs1/2, B121p, B121t, B122p, B123bs1/2, B123p, B202ap1/2, B202as, B203ap1/2, B203as1/2, B204as1/2, B207as, B208as, B211as, B212c, B212cs, B212s, B214as1/2, B215as1/2, B301ap, B303as, B305as1/2, B306as, B307as1/2, B308ap, B308as, B308bt, B309as, B309bs, B309cs, B310ap3, B310as, B310at, B311ap1/2, B311as1/2, B311bs1/2, B311cs, B312as, B312bs1/2, B312bt, B312cs, B318as1/2, B319as1/2, B320az, B320bs1/2, B321as1/2, B321bs1/2, B327as1/2, B344ap, B347az, B348as, B348bz, B349as1/2, B349cz, B349ds, B350as1/2, B350bz, B351as1/2, B351az, B351bz, B351cz, B351es, B352as1/2, B352az, B352cz, B352dz, B353az, B354as, B354b, B355az, B356as, B356az, B357as, B357az, B360az; extended prefix ranges throughout)
Maldives (added numbering explanations throughout; added listings for B103bt, B104bt, B105bt, B106bt)
Nigeria (added listings for B227x1/2, B227x2z)
Pakistan (added Looking Forward item)
Philippines (added listing for B1093b)
Saudi Arabia (added listings for B202a – B206a)
Solomon Islands (added listing for B221b)
Sri Lanka (corrected prefix ranges for B101c1/2; added listing for B120bz)
Switzerland (added series ranges throughout, added listings for B103as, B105as, B109as1/2, B201b1/2, B305bs, B305fs, B307as, B307es, B307gs, B312ns, B312os, B313as, B318gs, B319as1/2, B321gs, B326as, B327as1/2, B328bs, B330as1/2, B332as, B333as, B333ds3, B333fs1/2, B333gs1/2, B333hs1/2, B333is1/2, B333js1/2, B333ks1/2, B333ls1/2, B333ns1/2, B334bs1/2, B334ds1/2, B334es1/2, B334fs1/2, B334gs1/2, B334hs1/2, B334js1/2, B334ks, B334ls, B335as, B335ds, B337s, B338s, B339as, B340as, B341as, B351as, B352as, B353as)
Taiwan (added listing for B501bz)
Ukraine (added listing for BNP810a)

17 June 2022
Albania (added listing for B111as)
Bangladesh (added listing for B351.5b)
Belize (added listings for B325h, B327g)
Chile (added listings for B275ez, B287fz, B289nz, B290kz, B299az, B300az, B300ez; renumbered B290v as B290v1/2, B277as as B277bs; extended series ranges throughout)
Cook Islands (added listings for B108as1/2, B110as1/2)
Madagascar (added listing for B334b)
Tajikistan (added listing for B221b)
Venezuela (added illustrations for B388a, B389a)

10 June 2022
Afghanistan (corrected text descriptions throughout)
Cape Verde (added listing for B207az)
Chile (added illustration for B224a; extended series ranges throughout)
Iceland (added listings for B606a1s1/2, B606b3s/1, B607a1s1/2, B607b1s1/2, B608a1s1/2, B608c3s1/2, B610a2s1/2, B610a3s1/2, B610t, B611a1s1/2, B611a2s1/2, B612a1s1/2, B612t, B613a1s1/2, B613a2s1/2, B614a1s1/2, B703as3, B705as1/2, B706as1/2, B804cs, B805fs, B807bs, B810ds1/2, B811as, B811cs1/2, B813as1/2/3)
Indonesia (added listings for B202as, B401ap, B401as, B402ap1/2, B402as1/2, B403az, B403bz, B405az, B405bz, B406az, B406bz, B407as, B407bz, B408bz, B525as, B540dz, B555az, B565as1/2, B566bz, B571as3, B573as, B576as, B588az, B588bz, B588cz, B588dz, B588fz, B588hz, B588iz, B589az, B589bz, B589fz, B589gz, B590az, B590bz, B590cz, B590fz, B590gz, B592bz, B592dz, B592ez, B592fz, B593bz, B593dz, B594cz, B594dz, B594ez, B594fz, B595as, B595az, B595dz, B595ez, B598az, B598bz, B598dz, B598ez, B598fz, B599ez, B599fz, B599iz, B599kz, B599mz, B599nz, B599pz, B600az, B600bz, B600dz, B600fz, B601bz, B601cz, B601dz, B601fz, B602az, B602bz, B602cz, B602ez, B603bz, B603cz, B603dz, B603iz, B604az, B604bz, B604cz, B604fz, B604gz, B605cz, B605dz, B605fz, B606bz, B606ez, B607bz, B607cz, B608dz, B609cz, B610bz, B611bz, B611cz, B612bz, B613bz, B614cz, B615bz)
Iran (added listings for B116as, B117as1/2, B118as1/2, B119as3, B120as1/2, B122as4, B126as3, B127as3, B129bs3, B134as1/2, B135as1/2, B136as1/2, B137as, B138as, B139as3, B150bs3, B153as3, B158as, B158at, B159as, B159at, B160at; added illustrations for B125, B125.5; expanded specimen descriptions throughout)
New Zealand (added listings for B113ez, B118bz, B119az, B119bz, B124az, B128az, B129az, B130az)
Pakistan (added listing for B231v)
South Africa (added BNP701a, BNP702a, BNP703a/b, BNP704a, BNP705a/b, BNP706a)

3 June 2022
Argentina (added listing for B422e)
Colombia (added listing for B998d)
Jamaica (added illustrations and improved descriptions for B251a – B256a)
Persia (added listings for B114at1/2, B117at; corrected printer imprints for B113 – B119)
Sao Tome and Principe (added listings for B310as, B311as, B312as, B313as, B315az)
West African States (added listing for B120Ak)

27 May 2022
Argentina (added listings for B423a – B426a)
Barbados (added listings for B239a – B244a)
Botswana (added listing for B128dz)
Central African States (renumbered B106 – B108 substrate subvarieties)
Denmark (added listings for B925as, B931as, B933as, B935as, B936as, B937as)
Hong Kong (added listing for BNP906az)
Northern Ireland (added listings for B703as, B705as, B922at)
Seychelles (added listing for B417az)
Sierra Leone (added listings for B129a – B133a)
Solomon Islands (added listings for B215bs1/2, B216as, B216bs, B216cs, B216ds, B217bs, B217cs, B218bs, B219bs, B220bs, B220cs, B222bs, B222bz, B223bz, B224bs, B224bz)
Sri Lanka (added listings for B110bz, B114fz, B119az, B122az, B123bz, B124cz, B126cz, B130az)
Turkey (added listing for B262cz)
Uganda (added listings for B109cz, B144bz, B154dz)
Ukraine (added listing for B820az)
United Arab Emirates (added listings for B254a, B255a)
United Kingdom (added listings for B179bz, B180gz, B181bz)
Uruguay (added listing for B525bz)
Venezuela (added listing for B386az)
Yemen (added listing for B110bz)
Zaire (added listings for B104dz, B142az, B150az)

20 May 2022
Bangladesh (added listing for B349m)
Cambodia (added listing for BNP402a)
Guatemala (added listings for B601m, B609d)
Pakistan (added listings for B233u, B235v)
Peru (added listing for B107as)
Philippines (added listing for B1090b)
Poland (added listing for B863b)
Solomon Islands (added listing for B225bz)
Uganda (added listing for B156g)
West African States (added listing for B121Cv)

13 May 2022
Congo Democratic Republic (added listing for B317g)
East Caribbean States (added listings for B202uz, B244az)
Gibraltar (added listing for B133b)
Philippines (improved illustrations for B1100a; added listing for B1086cz)
Suriname (added listing for B548e)
Timor (added listings for B127bs, B132bs1/2)
Turkey (added listing for B306e)

6 May 2022
Colombia (added listings for B993e, B994d, B995d, B995e, B996e, B996f, B997g, B997h, B998c)
Israel (added listing for B442b; renumbered B443a as B443b)
Mexico (added listing for B717o; renumbered B717m as B717n, B717n as B717o)
Nigeria (added listings for B234n, B235r)
Philippines (added listing for B1086k)
Sierra Leone (added listing for B127bz)
Switzerland (improved descriptions for B311 – B315)
Tunisia (renumbered B537 as B539; added listing for B540)
West African States (added listings for B104as4, B121Kv, B124Kv)
Zaire (added listings for B129as1/2, B130as1/2)

29 April 2022
Fiji (added listing for B520bz)
Iraq (added listings for B355d, B356e)
Lebanon (added illustrations and description for B542a)
Madagascar (added listings for B207as1/2)
Malaysia (added listing for B151c)
Mexico (added listings for B689as, B715as)
Pakistan (added listing for B223b1/2)
Papua New Guinea (added listing for B158b)
Singapore (added listings for B118as1/2)
Sri Lanka (added listings for B124e, B125f)

22 April 2022
Bermuda (added listing for B215az)
Botswana (added listing for B126e)
Hong Kong (added listing for B700b)
Mongolia (added illustrations for B446a)
Nigeria (added listing for B229u)
Philippines (added listings for B555az, B603bz, B810az, B916az, B917fz, B917hz, B919ez, B1001bz, B1005bz, B1006az, B1006bz, B1011az, B1013az, B1015az, B1015bz, B1019az, B1019cz, B1023az, B1026az, B1027bz, B1027ez, B1028cz, B1028ez, B1029bz, B1032bz, B1036az, B1039az, B1040az, B1041az, B1041bz, B1041hz, B1042as, B1042bz, B1042fz, B1042rz, B1042uz, B1042xz, B1043c2x B1045az, B1045dz, B1046lz, B1046oz, B1047cz, B1049cz, B1049jz, B1050as, B1051nz, B1052az, B1056az, B1057az, B1058az, B1062az, B1063az, B1064az, B1065az, B1068az, B1069az, B1070az, B1072az, B1073az, B1076az, B1077az, B1077bz, B1077cx, B1077ez, B1077gz, B1077hz, B1078az, B1078cz, B1078fz, B1078h2z, B1078iz, B1079az, B1079ez, B1080az, B1080bz, B1080hz, B1081az, B1081dz, B1081fz, B1082bz, B1082dz, B1082ez, B1082gz, B1083az, B1083ez, B1083gz, B1083jz, B1084dz, B1085bz, B1086az, B1086bz)
West African States (corrected series ranges for B112a2 s/n errors)

15 April 2022
Congo Democratic Republic (added listings for B317e1/2, B320d)
Czech Republic (added listing for BNP102a)
Fiji (added listings for B533a, B533as, B533az, BNP512a/b)
Guatemala (added listings for B605bz, B605d, B606j)
Maldives (added listing for B217b)
Nepal (added listing for B292b)
Oman (added listings for B211bs, B214cs)
Somalia (added listings for B304as1/2, B305as3, B311as)
Venezuela (added illustrations for B387a)
West African States (added listings for B113Dbs, B119Sf)
Zimbabwe (added listing for B197a)

8 April 2022
Chile (added listing for B298h)
Colombia (added listing for B996d)
Dominican Republic (added listing for B729b, B732c)
Hong Kong (added listings for B697b, B922b)
India (added listing for B300e)
Iran (added listing for B287e)
Malawi (added listing for B162e)
Mauritius (added listing for B427cz)
Mexico (added listings for B715e, B726c)
Northern Ireland (added listings for B417es, B418hs, B419bs, B613cs, B922es, B922fs, B923gs, B924ds)
Thailand (added listings for B193e, B194d, B195e)
Venezuela (added listing for B367as1/2)

1 April 2022
Cuba (added listing for B906uz)
Fiji (added listings for B533a, BNP512a)
Hungary (added listing for B587.5b)
India (added listings for B301d, B301e, B302e, B302f)
Malawi (added listing for B163e)
Mexico (added listing for B717m)
Sudan (added listings for B413as1/2)
Thailand (improved illustrations for B200a)
United Kingdom (added listings for B198az, B199bz)
West African States (added listings for B121Hv, B123Tu)

25 March 2022
Argentina (deleted listing for B393as)
Barbados (added Looking Forward item)
Cook Islands (added listings for B101ar, B102ar)
Cuba (added listings for B906u, B916f)
Indonesia (added listing for B614g)
Iran (added listing for B296c)
Italy (added listings for B460bz, B468az)
New Zealand (renumbered B115b as B115c; added listing for B115bp)
Philippines (added listing for B1094b)
Turkey (added listing for B303e)
Zambia (added listings for B165b, B166c)

18 March 2022
Iran (added listing for B296b)
Iraq (added listing for B353as)
Mexico (added listing for B726b)
New Zealand (added listing for B140c)
Nigeria (added listings for B227ab, B227abz)
Philippines (added listings for B1042h1/2, B1078h1/2, B1089h; renumberd B1080e-g)
Russia (improved illustration and description for B834)
Sierra Leone (revised Looking Forward items)
Sri Lanka (added listings for B123cz, B125e, B126e, B127e)

11 March 2022
Bermuda (added listing for B222az)
Bolivia (added listings for B380c, B383c, B383d, B383e)
Jamaica (added listings for B251a – B256a)
Liberia (added listings for B307gs, B308gs, B309fs, B310gs)
Northern Ireland (added listing for B942a)
Reunion (added listings for B203a1/2)
Sierra Leone (added listing for B105dz)

4 March 2022
China (added National, Communist and Regional listings for Provincial Bank of Kwang Tung Province, Kwangtung Provincial Bank, Shanse Provincial Bank, Shansi Provincial Bank Yung Heng Provincial Bank of Kirin, Kirin Yung Heng Provincial Bank, Imperial Treasury, Hsing Yeh Bank of Jehol, Industrial Development Bank of Jehol, Suiyuan Provincial Bank, Sui Yuan Ping Shih Kuan Tsien Chu, Beei Hai Bank, Bank of Peihai, Pehai Bank of China, Peihai Bank, Pei Hai Bank, Bank of Bai Hai, Boxai, Boxai Inxang, Constructive Bank of Yuo Province, Agricultural Bank of Kansu, Kan Suh Bank, Citizen’s Bank of Chungking, Foh Lee Bank, Feng Yeh Bank, Hunan Commercial Bank, Harbin Municipal Government, Heng Yu Bank, Jingzhao Monetary Bureau, Koan Yuan Bank, Nan Chang City Bank, Nouan Kung Bank of Honan, Farmer’s Industrial Bank of Honan, Farmers & Industrialists Bank of Honan, Agricultural and Industrial Bank of Honan, Peiping Agricultural and Industrial Bank, Sin Chun Bank of China, South Kwongtong Industrial Bank, Taishun Commercial Bank of China, Treasury Department of the Shansi Provincial Department of Finance, Yu Fung Bank, Yung Hung Banking Corporation Shanghai, Yu Kwang Bank, Yu Tung Bank (Chengdu), Yu Tung Bank (Tianjin), renumbered National B2103 – B2112 as B2106 – B2116, B2309 – 2315 as B2308 – B2316, Regional B45699 – B45712 as B45701 – B45731; deleted National B2308, B3803)
East Caribbean States (added listing for B102cmz)
Ethiopia (added listing for B333gz)
Honduras (added listings for B312r, B312s)
India (added listing for B298e)
Malawi (renumbered B163c as B163d)
Sudan (added listings for B401az, B407az, B407bz, B407cz, B408cz, B409az, B409bz, B410az, B410bz, B410cz, B411bz)
West African States (added listings for B122Cu, B123Cv, B124Cv)

25 February 2022
Azerbaijan (improved illustrations for B411a)
Guatemala (improved illustration for B611a)
Guinea (added listings for B340c, B343b)
Guyana (added listing for B114f)
Northern Ireland (added listings for B407h/hs, B424fz, B433.5, B928as)
Pakistan (added listings for B231u, B233t, B235u)
Peru (corrected printer information for B537a, B540a)
Romania (added listing for B286d)
Solomon Islands (added listing for B222b)
Uganda (added listings for B133az, B134az, B134bz, B135az, B137az, B138az)
West African States (added listing for B123Av)

18 February 2022
Afghanistan (improved illustrations for B371)
Guyana (improved illustrations for B121a)
Madagascar (added listing for B335b)
Malawi (added listing for B160e)
Mexico (added listing for B715d)
Mongolia (improved illustrations for B442a, B443a)
Namibia (added listing for B207bz)
Saudi Arabia (added listings for B107as1/2, B117as1/2, B121cs1/2, B122cs)
Sri Lanka (added listing for B123e)
Tonga (added listing for B223c)
West African States (added listing for B121Av)

11 February 2022
Barbados (added listings for B237c, B237d)
Botswana (renumbered B125f as B125g)
Iran (added listing for B301c; corrected dimensions for B297 to B301)
Lebanon (added listing for B308as)
Malawi (added listing for B163c)
Namibia (added listing for B216b)
Nigeria (added listings for B227zz, B227aaz, B229qz)
Pakistan (added listing for B237r)
Venezuela (added listings for B385a, B386a, B387a, B388a, B389a)

4 February 2022
Afghanistan (added listings for B344a1/2)
Albania (improved illustrations for B323a, B325a)
Cuba ( added listing for B908oz)
Ethiopia (added listings for B204br, B205br)
French Somaliland (added illustrations for B201a, B202a)
Germany (added listing and illustrations for B1022as)
Guyana (added listings for B121a, B121as)
Hong Kong (identified SCB signature 14 CFO)
Kazakhstan (improved illustration for B152a)
Malaysia (added listings for B148dz, B152cz, B153cz)
Nigeria (added listings for B228xz, B232pz, B232rz, B235mz)
Peru (added listing for B537az)
Singapore (added listings for B208o, B210o; corrected printer imprint for B106)

28 January 2022
Bahrain (added listing for B212bz)
Bhutan (added listing for B216c)
China (added National, Foreign, Military, Communist and Regional listings for Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China, Agra & United Service Bank, Bank of Central China, Chip Yah Bank, Gwa Swarmwun Yiack Bank, Hwei Hai Industrial Bank, Lee Yick Cheong Bank, Tung Wai Bank, Zee Loo Bank, Anhui Province Military, Army for the Suppression of Yunnan, Dahan Bank, Hunan Provincial Treasury, Republican Government of China, Three Eastern Provinces Military, Wang-Ho Bank of the Republic, B11609a, B32201a/ar, B61115a; renumbered National listings B501 – B506 as Regional B40301 – B40306, National B1721 as B1720, B1721.5 as B1721, B1728 – B1731 as B1729 – B1732, B1743 as B1744, B1744 as B1746)
Fiji (added listing for B522az)
Gambia (corrected dimensions for B235 – B240)
Hong Kong (added listings for B423b, B921b)
Lesotho (added illustrations and descriptions for B227a – B231a)
Nigeria (added listings for B229tz, B232vz, B232x)
Sri Lanka (added listing for B124d)
Ukraine (corrected identification of building on 50-hryvnia notes)
Uruguay (added listing for B555b)
Uzbekistan (added Looking Forward item; added listing for B222az)
Vietnam (added listings for B344l, B345m, B346o, B347l)
West African States (added listing for B120Di)

21 January 2022
Albania (corrected signature info for B230b)
Barbados (added listings for B233c, B234c, B235c)
British Honduras (added listing for B131as dated 1ST MAY, 1969)
Botswana (renumbered B130az as B130bz)
Colombia (added listing for B997f)
Hong Kong (improved illustration for B331a)
Hungary (added listing for B592e; identified signatories for signatures 91/92)Lebanon (added listing for B546as)
Sao Tome and Principe (added listing for B314az)
Sri Lanka (added listing for B123d)
Thailand (added listing for B200a)

14 January 2022
Canada (added listing for B379b)
Cape Verde (added listing for B222as)
Comoros (added listing for B310c)
Guatemala (added listings for B601l, B603cz, B604dz)
Kyrgyzstan (added listing for B232az)
Macau (improved illustration for B236a)
Philippines (added listing for B1091b)
Tajikistan (added listing for B217b)

7 January 2022
Bosnia and Herzegovina (added listings for B141as, B142as, B144as, B147as, B150as, B201as4, B202as3, B203as4/5, B204as3, B205as4/5, B206as4/5, B207as4/5, B208as4/5, B209as4/5, B210as4/5, B211as2/3/4/5, B212as1/2/4/5, B212bs2/3, B213as1/2/4/5, B213bs2/3, B214as1/2/3/4/5/6, B216as, B217as, B218as, B219as, B220bs, B222bs, B223bs)
Central African States (renumbered B109Mb as B109Mc, B109Mc as B109Md)
East Africa (added listings for B201as1/2, B203as1/2, B204as1/2, B206as, B209at1/2, B210ax, B211as3, B211bs1/2, B212bs1/2/3, B216as2/3, B217hs, B217is, B217js, B217ks, B218c3s, B218js, B218ks, B221as1/2, B222bs1/2/3, B223as, B224bs, B225as, B227as, B229cs, B230as3, B230cs, B231as5/6/7, B232as5/6, B233as5, B234as1/4)
Guadeloupe (added listing for B201.5a, B308as1/2, B318p, B318r, B319s, B328ar, B414as1/2; added illustration for B311ap)
Guatemala (renumbered B601j as B601k; added listings for B601hz, B601iz, B601jz, B601kz)
Hungary (extended series ranges throughout; added listings for B553as1/2, B568gs, B570fs, B571bs, B572cs, B573as, B573ds, B574es, B575as, B575cs, B581cs, B581ds, B582es, B582as, B583bs, B583cs, B583ds, B584as, B585bs, B587.5as1/2, B588as1/2, B588cs, B589bs, B590cs, B591as1/2, B591bs, B592cs, B592ds)
Mauritius (added listing for B434dz)
New Zealand (added listing for B139b)
Northern Ireland (added listing for B614cs3)
Kazakhstan (added listing for B152az)
Philippines (renumbered B1084e as B1084f, B1084f as B1084g, B1084g as B1084h)
Qatar (added listing for B214b)
Uzbekistan (added listing for B220az)
West African States (added listings for B122Ht, B122Hu, B124Bu)

31 December 2021
Antigua (initial publication)
Barbados (added listings for B011 – B048)
Bhutan (added listing for B222c)
British Guiana (added listings for B011 – B060)
Cambodia (extended prefix ranges for B106 – B117)
Dominica (initial publication)
Grenada (added listings for B011 – B033)
Guatemala (added listing for B605c)
Honduras (deleted listing for B347e)
India (renumbered B162f as B163a)
Jamaica (added listings for B001 – B096)
Jordan (added listings for B230j, B232h)
Lesotho (added listings for B227a – B231a)
Mauritania (added listing for B125.5a)
Mexico (added listing for B715c)
Moldova (extended series ranges throughout)
Mongolia (improved illustrations for B439a, B440a)
Philippines (added listing for B1084g)
Saint Kitts (improved BAR signature table)
Saint Lucia (added listings for B011 – B033)
Saint Thomas (initial publication)
Saint Vincent (improved BAR signature table)
Tajikistan (added listings for B219.5a, B220b)
Trinidad and Tobago (added listings for B001 – B019, B121 – B155)
Turkey (added listings for B302e, B306d)
Uzbekistan (improved illustrations for B221a, B222a)
West African States (added listings for B122St, B124Ss)

24 December 2021
Botswana (added listing for B130b)
China (added listings for B4125a, B4126a)
Cuba (added listings for B902dz, B908n, B908nz, B908o, B916ez, B917c, B917cz, B918b, B918bz)
Falkland Islands (added listings for B201t1/2)
Jamaica (added listings for B241l/m, B249f, B250e/f)
Jordan (added listings for B233g, B233h, B234j)
Mauritania (added listing for B129b)
Mauritius (added listing for B434d)
Mongolia (renumbered B437 – B448)
Pakistan (added listings for B238u, B239p)
Sierra Leone (added listing for B128f)
Ukraine (added listing for B855b; improved illustrations for B861a, B865a)
United Arab Emirates (added listing for B253az)
Uzbekistan (added listings for B221a, B222a)

17 December 2021
Albania (added listing for B223ds)
Botswana (added listings for B125f, B126d, B127d, B128e)
Guinea (added listing for B344b)
Jordan (renumbered B229i as B229j; added listing for B229i)
Mexico (added listing for B716d)
Philippines (added listings for B1096a – B1100a)
Zambia (added listing for B169b)

10 December 2021
Albania (added listings for B324az, B326az, B327az)
European Monetary Union (added Looking Forward item)
German Democratic Republic (added listing for B301az)
Gibraltar (added listing for B136a)
Guatemala (added listing for B611a)
Kazakstan (added listing for B152a)
Lebanon (added illustrations and description for B543a)
Romania (added listing for BNP204a)
Sao Tome and Principe (added listing for B316az)
Ukraine (added listing for B859b)
United Arab Emirates (added listing for B253a)
Zanzibar (added listing for B106c)

3 December 2021
Bermuda (added listing for B233c)
Hong Kong (added listings for B335cs, BNP906a)
India (added listing for B162f)
Jordan (renumbered B232f as B232g; added listing for B232f)
Lesotho (added listings for B223c, B225c)
Macau (added listing for B236a)
Mauritius (added listings for B427c, B429ez)
Romania (added listings for B291c, B293a)

26 November 2021
Australia (added listing for B233c)
Cambodia (improved illustration for B435a; added listing for B434az)
Kyrgyzstan (added listing for B227az)
Liberia (deleted Looking Forward item; added listings for B317a – B321a)
Malawi (added listings for B164a, B165a)
Mexico (added listings for B717k/l)
Nicaragua (added listings for B506b, B507b)
Pakistan (added listings for B229as1/2)
Philippines (added listing for B1095c)
Poland (improved illustrations for BNP825a)
Seychelles (added listing for B421az)
Sudan (added listing for B415b)
Ukraine (renumbered B860a, B861a as B862a, B864a; added listings for B854b, B857b, B860a – B865a)

19 November 2021
Australia (added listing for B230d)

12 November 2021
Azerbaijan (added listing for B415a)
Colombia (added listing for B995c)
Jamaica (added listing for B240l)
Malaysia (added listing for B143bz)
Mauritius (added listings for B430b, B431b)
Turkey (added listing for B301e)

5 November 2021
Bangladesh (added listings for B353m, B354l)
Bolivia (added listings for B219ap, B221ap, B222ap)
Dominican Republic (improved illustrations for B730a)
Italy (added listing for B447ez)
Mauritius (added Looking Forward item)
Mexico (added illustration and description for B714a)
Papua New Guinea (added listing for B107as3)
Saint Kitts (deleted B301c/d)

29 October 2021
Congo Democratic Republic (added listing for B210dz)
Hong Kong (extended prefix ranges throughout; added listings for B374as1/2, B401as, B402bz, B403as, B406dz, B408az, B408ez, B427b, B650as, B656as3, B656bs, B656cs, B656js, B656ls1/2, B661as1/2, B663hr, B663ir, B665as1/2, B667cr, B667er, B667fr, B672az, B673az, B675az, B676az, B676bz, B677cz, B678az, B680cs, B681az, B681dz, B681gz, B682az, B682bz, B682fs, B683az, B683ez, B683gz, B683iz, B683jz, B684az, B685fz, B685gz, B686cz, B688dz, B688fz, B689ez, B690bz, B690ez, B819bz, B904az, B906bz, B912bz, B912dz, B912ez, B913ez; improved illustrations for B121a)
India (added listings for B135cs1/2, B149as, B150as, B162cz, B213as, B224bs, B235as, B242as, B258gs, B262a1s, B262b3s, B270bs, B271a1s, B272b2s, B275a3s1/2, B280a1z, B280a2z, B280b3z, B280c2z, B280e2z, B280f1z, B280f3z, B280f5z, B280g3z, B280g4z, B280g5z, B280h2z, B281az, B281d2z, B281e2z, B281e3z, B281f2z, B282b3z, B283g2z, B283h3z, B286az, B286hz, B287az, B287c1z, B287dz, B287fz, B288az, B288ez, B289az, B289bz, B289cz, B289e1z, B289hz, B293az, B293bz, B293cz, B293dz, B294bz, B294cz, B295az, B295bz, B295cz, B295dz, B299az, B299bz, B300bz, B301cz, B302bz, B302dz, B303as, B303dz, B303ez, BR204as)
Mauritius (added listing for B434as1/2)
Oman (added listings for B211as1/2, B211cs, B213as)
Philippines (added listing for B1085g)
Poland (added listing for BNP825a)
Sudan (added listing for B408az)
West African States (added listings for B121Tu, B122Tu, B123Tt)

22 October 2021
Cambodia (added listing for B435a/as)
Costa Rica (improved illustrations for B567a)
Falkland Islands (added listings for B204t3, B211as)
Gambia (added listing for B240b)
Hungary (added listing for B591e)
Italian Somaliland (added listing for B101ar)
Malawi (added listing for B162d)
Turks and Caicos Islands (added listing for B102at3)
Uzbekistan (added listing for B219az)
West African States (added listings for B120Hj, B121Ht, B121Hu, B123Du, B123Ht, B123Hu, B124Du, B124Ht, B124Hu)

15 October 2021
Mongolia (improved illustrations for B443a)

8 October 2021
Belize (added listing for B324fz)
Cuba (added listing for B916e)
Haiti (extended prefix ranges throughout; added listings for B842bz, B845bz, B845dz, B845fz, B848az)
Honduras (extended prefix ranges throughout; added listing for B319s1/2)
India (added listing for B300d)
Mexico (added listing for B726a)
Papua New Guinea (added listings for BNP106a – BNP108a)
Saint Vincent (initial publication)
Sao Tome and Principe (added listing for B307cs)
Seychelles (added listing for B421as)
Suriname (added listing for B547c)
Ukraine (added listings for B856c, BNP809a)
West African States (added listings for B120Si, B121St, B123Bu, B123Ss)
Zambia (added listing for B170b)

1 October 2021
Bahamas (added illustrations and description for B355a)
Canada (added listing for B375d)
Guatemala (added listing for B545d1/2)
Guyana (added listings for B101ds1, B101gs2, B102gs2, B102is1/2, B103gs, B104es3, B105bs1/2, B108dz, B108g2z, B114bz, B116az; extended prefix ranges throughout)
Papua New Guinea (added listing for B154b; added illustration for B159a)
Suriname (added listing for B549e)
Uganda (added listings for B154f, B158f, B158fz)
Zambia (added listings for B166b, B167b, B168b)

24 September 2021
Dominican Republic (added listings for B731b, B732b)
Ghana (extended prefix ranges throughout; added listings for B102as4, B114bz, B115as1/2/3, B116es, B117ez, B119ap, B120ap, B121ap1/2, B122ap, B127cs, B143az, B143bz, B144bz)
Guatemala (added listings for B550as1/2, B571as, B577as, B578as, B590bs, B594as, B597bs, B596bs, B609bz)
Guinea-Bissau (added listings for B104as2, B105as4, B106as3)
Honduras (added B347e; renumbered B347c as B347d, B347d as B347e)
Sierra Leone (added listing for B104dz, B112dz)

17 September 2021
Bahamas (added listing for B305bz)
Colombia (added listing for B967fs)
Congo Democratic Republic (added listing for B326c)
Dominican Republic (added illustration for B731a)
Gabon (added listings for B101ap, B201bs1/2/3, B202as, B207as, B208as; extended series ranges throughout)
Gambia (added listing for B222cz; added illustration for BNP101a)
Georgia (added listings for B248a1/2, B254as, B255as, B258as)
Guatemala (improved illustration for B610a)
Iran (added listing for B301b)
Sao Tome and Principe (improved descriptions and illustrations for B314a – B316a)
West African States (added listing for B121Dt)

10 September 2021
Algeria (added listing for B130f)
Bahamas (added Looking Forward item)
Colombia (added listing for B953bz)
Eswatini (added listing for B103a)
Poland (added Looking Forward item)
Sao Tome and Principe (added listings for B314a – B316a)
Sierra Leone (added Looking Forward item)
Uzbekistan (added listings for B219a, B220a; renumbered B218a as B220a)

3 September 2021
Angola (added listing for B559az)
China (added listing for B4115az)
French Indo-China (added listings for B104s1/2/3, B106ap, B119as1/2, B123ap, B124ap, B128as1/2, B130ap, B132bp, B135p1/2, B137ap1/2, B138as, B138bp, B138bs1/2, B138cs, B139ap, B142ap, B142ds, B143p, B144ap, B144as1/2, B151as, B152ap, B154as, B158ap, B161ap, B161as5, B162ap1/2, B162as4, B164as5/6, B205r, B403as6, B405bs5, B409bs5/6, B414as5)
French Oceania (added listings for B219bs1/2, B303bp, B309ap, B309as, B310ap, B310as, B404es1/2)
French Pacific Territories (added listings for B102gs, B103ds1/2, B103es, B104cs)
French Somaliland (added listing for B117.5a)

27 August 2021
Central African States (added listings for B106Ad/e, B106Fe, B106Md/e, B106Td/e)
Chile (added listing for B300k)
Congo Democratic Republic (added listings for B317f, B319d)
Djibouti (added listings for B202b, B203c, B204b)
French Antilles (extended series ranges throughout)
French Guiana (extended series ranges throughout; added illustration for B203; added listings for B102a, B201js, B201ks, B209e2s, B209fs, B209r, B210fs, B210s1/2, B211fs, B217a2r, B217r, B401as4, B417as)
French India (added listings for B107ds1/2, B109p, B109r)
Guatemala (added listings for B601j, B609c)
Peru (improved illustrations for B537a, B540a; added listing for B540az)
Sudan (added listings for B328cz, B335bz)
Thailand (added listing for B197c)
Ukraine (added listings for B860a, B861a)

20 August 2021
Faroe Islands (added listings for B108as4, B109as4, B110as4, B111as3, B111as4, B209dz)
Fiji (added listings for B308bs, B309cs, B311t, B313js, B314t, B316es, B317fs, B318gs, B329bs, B329cs, B329es, B330as, B330bs, B330cs, B330ds, B330gs, B330hs, B330is1/2, B330r, B330s, B331bs, B331cs, B331ds, B331es1/2, B331fs, B331s, B332as, B332bs, B332cs, B332ds1/2, B332es, B332fs, B336as3, B339as, B340as1/2, B341as1/2, B401as1/2, B403as2, B403az, B403bz, B403cz, B404as2, B404bz, B404cz, B405as2, B406as2, B406az, B501bs, B505as1/2, B507as, B511as, B513as1/2, B514as, B514az, B514bz, B520az, B520bs, B522bs)
Finland (added listing for B360ds, B364ds, B365ds, B366cs, B370as)
Hong Kong (added listing for B126.1a)
Oman (added listing for B215as, B216as1/2, B217as1/2)
Tajikistan (added listings for B216az, B218b, B219b, B219az, B220az, B221az)
Thailand (added listings for B193d, B196c)
Yemen (added listing for B132b)

13 August 2021
Canada (added listing for B374d)
China (add Communist listings for Bank of Rehher Sheeng, Bank of Huai Nau, Bank of Nengchiang Sheeng, Bank of West Shantung, Dah Kiang Bank, West Hubei Farmers and Peoples Bank, Fujian-Zhejiang-Jiangsi Soviet Bank, Hubei-Henan-Anhui Special District Soviet Bank, Hubei-Henan-Anhui District Soviet Bank, Hubei-Henan-Anhui Provinces Soviet Bank, Hubei-Henan-Anhui Provinces Soviet Workers and Farmers Bank)
Guatemala (added listing for B610a)
Mexico (added listing for B717j)
Solomon Islands (added listings for BNP202.10, BNP202.20, BNP202.50, BNP202.100)
Sudan (added listing for B329az)
Zambia (added listings for B104as1/2, B105as1/2, B106as1/2, B107as1/2)

6 August 2021
Botswana (added listing for B130az)
Equatorial African States (extended series ranges throughout; added listings for B201cs, B202as, B202cs1/2)
Equatorial Guinea (added listings for B203as1/2, B204as1/2, B207as1/2, B208as, B210as1/2, B401as, B403as)
Eritrea (extended prefix ranges throughout)
Estonia (added listings for B107as1/2, B109ap, B113ap, B113bp, B115ap, B116ap, B208ap, B229bz)
Guatemala (added listings for B608d, B608dz)
Jordan (added listings for B229i, B229is, B232f)
Mauritius (added listings for B430as, B431as, B434as, B436as)
Mexico (added listing for B708o)
Peru (added listing for B414bs)
Sudan (confirmed various replacement notes)
Tajikistan (added listings for B216az, B218b, B219b, B219az, B220az, B221az)
West African States (added listings for B120Cj, B120Kj, B121Cu, B121Ku, B122Ku, B123Cu, B123Ku, B124Cu, B124Ku)

30 July 2021
China (added Regional listings for Bank of Shansi, Shaanxi Official Monetary Bureau, Hulunbuir Official Currency Bureau, Hupeh Provincial Bank, Bank of Hopei (河北銀行), Bank of Hopei (河北省銀行), Provincial Bank of Hopei, Fukien Bank, Ili Monetary Bureau, Hotan District Administration)
Cuba (added listings for B910m, B910mz, B912kz, B912k, B912l, B912lz, B919az)
Guatemala (added listing for B606i)
Madagascar (added listing for B207as)
Malagasy Republic (added listing for B106bs)
Mexico (added listing for B718b)
Nigeria (added listings for B227aa, B228x, B235q, B238c)
Northern Ireland (added listings for B614cs1/2, B806bs1/2)
Scotland (added listings for B1124ds, B1175az)
Uzbekistan (added listing for B217az)

23 July 2021
Ethiopia (added listing for B204bs)
Falkland Islands (added listings for B216as1/2, B216bs1/2)
Mongolia (added listing for B443a)
Peru (added listings for B532b, B537a – B540a)

16 July 2021
Bhutan (added listings for B218c, B221d)
Canada (added listing for B363az)
China (added National, Foreign, Military and Regional listings for Pei-Yang Kin-Fu Bank, Hunan Government Bank, Official Mint Hu Nam, Fungtien Provincial Bank, Feng Tien Government Bank, Kung Tsi Bank of Fengtien, Fengtien Public Exchange Bank, Yu Ning Imperial Bank, Kiang-Nan Yu-Ning Government Bank, Guilin Regional Bank, Gansu Official Bank, Zhenwei 3rd & 4th Army Corps, People’s National Army, Kiang-Se Bank of the Republic, B3823as, B3824as, B8011a – B8022a, B45506.8a, B65112ar; added Foreign illustrations for B8751; improved Regional illustrations for B65112; renumbered Foreign listings B7997 – B8012 as B8001 – B8022)
Cook Islands (added listings for B111a, B111as, B111az)
Gibraltar (added listing for B131b)
India (added listings for B299c, B303f, B303fz)
Malaya and British Borneo (added listing for B107as1/2)
Vietnam (added listing for B348q)
West African States (added listing for B121Has)

9 July 2021
China (added National, Communist and Regional listings for Bank of Chinan, Bank of Shangtong, Anhui Northwest Special District Soviet Bank, Southeast Hubei Workers Farmers and Soldiers Bank, Southeast Hubei Workers and Farmers Bank, B4063ap, B4065ap, B55118as, B71402.5a; improved Regional illustrations for B71403)
Congo Democratic Republic (added listings for B323c, B324c)
Georgia (removed Looking Forward item; added listings for B254b, B256b)
Hong Kong (added listing for B820e)
Hungary (added listings for B556bs, B556cs, B557as, B557cs, B557ds, B557gs, B558as, B558fs, B558hs, B559as, B559bs, B559cs, B568as, B568bs, B568cs, B568ds, B570as, B570bs, B570cs, B571bs, B572as, B574bs, B574cs, B574ds)
Macau (added listings for B073d, B213az, B214az, B214bz, B215az, B216az, B217az, B217b, B217bz, B218az, B218b/c)
Papua New Guinea (added listing for B155b; added illustration for B156a)
South Africa (confirmed Replacement notes throughout)
West African States (added listings for B120Bj, B121Bu, B122Bu)
Zimbabwe (added listing for B196a)

2 July 2021
Albania (improved illustrations for B324a, B327a)
North Macedonia (improved illustration for B101a)
Philippines (added listings for B1089g, B1095b)
Venezuela (added Looking Forward item)

25 June 2021
China (added National and Regional listings for Central Bank of China, Zhili Provincial Treasury, Hupeh Government Cash Bank, Anhui Yuwan Monetary Bureau)
East Caribbean States (improved illustration for B240a)
Indonesia (added listing for B422as)
Mauritius (added listing for B429e)
Solomon Islands (added listings for B223b, B223bs)
United Kingdom (improved illustration for B206a)
West African States (added listings for B124Kt, B124Ts)

18 June 2021
Albania (added illustrations and descriptions for B324a, B327a)
Angola (added listing for B523.5a)
China (added Regional listings for Xinjiang Commercial and Industrial Bank, Chekiang Provincial Bank, Kiang Su Bank, Kiangsu Bank, Shan Hsi Zing Fun Bank, Yue Soo Imperial Bank, B40804a, B40805a, B40806a; renumbered and expanded Foreign listings B6001 – B6006 as B6001 – B6012; renumbered Regional listings B70201 – B70203 as B63907 – B63909)
Congo Democratic Republic (deleted listing for B317f)
Djbouti (added listing for B201b)
Pakistan (added listing for B234s)
Uzbekistan (improved illustratios for B217a, B218a)

11 June 2021
Afghanistan (added Looking Forward item)
China (added Foreign, Military and Regional listings for Yunnan National Pacification Army, Republican China Military, Kwang Tung Provincial Treasury, Guangxi Military, Republic of China Guangdong Province Military Government, Asiatic Commercial Bank, B55113as, B55115b, B55116as, B55117as; improved Communist and Regional illustrations for B26221, B26222, B55114)Congo Democratic Republic (added listing for B325c)
Gambia (added listing for B239b)
Georgia (added Looking Forward item)
Haiti (added Looking Forward item)
Iran (corrected date for B240a)
Liberia (added Looking Forward item)
Mexico (added listing for B715b)
Nigeria (added listing for B232e1/2)
North Macedonia (initial publication)
Uzbekistan (added listings for B217a, B218a)

4 June 2021
China (added Regional listings for Guangdong Currency Bureau, Guangxi Provincial Treasury, Jiangxi Monetary Bureau, Jiangxi Official Bank, Kiangse Government Bank, Shanxi Provincial Railway Two Bank Joint Office, Xinjiang Provincial Government Ministry of Finance Treasury)
Indonesia (added listing for B610g)
Iraq (added listing for B356d)
Mexico (added listing for B712l)
Trinidad and Tobago (added withdrawal dates for B201 – B235)
Venezuela (added listing for B382az)

28 May 2021
Bangladesh (added listing for B352m)
Egypt (confirmed replacement notes throughout; added prefix ranges throughout; added listings for B102s, B103s, B104js, B105s, B107es, B107ks, B108fs, B108s, B108t, B109as, B109s1/2, B111t1/2, B112t1/2, B113as1/2, B113t, B114at, B116as, B117s, B117ds1/2, B119as1/2, B120bs, B120cs, B121s1/2, B121t2/3, B122as1/2, B122bs1/2, B124t, B128a1/2, B128s, B130bs, B132cs, B133as1/2, B210p, B213js, B233as, B226t, B301s1/2, B303bs, B313as3, B316as1/2, B319as1/2)
Sudan (added listing for B413b)
Trans-Dniestria (added listings for BNP221a)

21 May 2021
Central African States (added listing for B108Te)
China (added Military, Communist and Regional listings for B13413a/as, B13414a, B26220a, B28602as, B28603as, B42003.3a/ar, B42003.7a/ar, B45699a, B45704.3a, B45705ap, B45706ap, B86603as, B86607as, B86609as; added Regional illustrations for B40803, B42006; improved Regional illustrations for B46702; renumbered Military B10001-B17504 as B10001-B15906, Regional B40501-B40511 as B41901-B41914)
Kuwait (added listings for B231b, B232b, B234b)
Nigeria (added listing for B236n)
Oman (added listings for B210as, B211as)
Philippines (added listing for B1084e)
Romania (added listing for B289c)

14 May 2021
Central African States (added listing for B109Fd)
China (added National, Communist and Regional listings for Hunan-Hubei-Jiangxi Workers and Farmers Bank, Bank of Eastern Chekiang, Chinese Soviet Republic National Bank, Chinese Soviet People’s Republic National Bank, Shanxi-Qahar-Hebei Border District 7th Administrative Zone Cooperative, B612ar, B1039r, B1049ar, B1050r, B1053ar, B1061r, B1133ar, B1721b/br, B2210at, B2301as, B2306t, B2307t, B2308t, B2309.3a/b/bp/c, B2309.5bp/s2, B2310ar, B2315ar, B2401.5a/b/bs, B2402bs, B2808c, B34502ap, B27401b, B27403as, B27404as, B27405a, B45018ap2, B45521as, B52703ar; added Regional illustrations for B45702, B52703; improved Communist and Regional illustrations for B27403, B40510, B45503, B66308)
Greenland (added listings for B136ar, B154as, B154br, B405.5a, B406.5a)
Iceland (added listings for B807cs, B809ms, B810as, B810hs, B811is)
Morocco (added listing for B519as)
Nicaragua (added listing for B427ap)
Nigeria (added listings for B229t, B234m)
Sudan (added listing for B411a1/2)
West African States (added listing for B123Sr)

7 May 2021
Azores (added listings for B108p, B109p)
Chad (added listing for B202ds)
Dominican Republic (added listing for B601ds, B613bs, B622as1/2, B623as1/2, B656bs, B673ds1/2)
European Monetary Union (added listing for B113n4)
French Pacific Territories (added listing for B106c)
Uganda (added listings for B155f, B156f, B157g, B159e)

30 April 2021
Democratic Republic of Yemen (added suffix ranges throughout)
Djibouti (added listings for B102cs1/2, B102ds, B103bs, B106as1/2)
Liberia (added listing for B301b)
Malawi (added listing for B158f)
Malaysia (added listing for B148d)
Mauritius (updated prices throughout)
Moldova (added listings for B109gs, B111as1/2, B112as, B113as, B114as, BNP102as)
Philippines (improved illustration for B1095a)
Saudi Arabia (added listing for B201a; removed Looking Forward item)
South Sudan (added listing for B116b)
Spain (added listing for B466as)
Sudan (added listings for B409c/d, B416b, B417as; added illustrations for B417as)
Zanzibar (updated prices throughout)

23 April 2021
Brazil (added listing for B875f)
China (added National, Occupation, Foreign, Communist, and Regional listings for Jiangsu Province, Ninghsia Provincial Bank, Oriental Bank Corporation, Monetary Bureau of Kansu Provincial Government, Monetary Bureau of Government Kansu, Kansu Provincial Bank, B1018as2, B1038as, B2309.5a/ b/c/s, B2702as, B2801ap, B2807ap, B2816bp, B4119as, B5607ap, B27211as, B27212as, B27213.5a, B27218.5a, B66321as; improved Communist images for B27210; updated National prices for B3000 – B3999)
Demerary and Essequebo (added illustrations for B117ar)
European Monetary Union (added listing for B111u4)
Moldova (added series ranges throughout)
Samoa (added listings for B114bs, B115cs)
South Sudan (improved illustration for B117a)
Tonga (added listing for B217b)
West African States (added listing for B124Au)

16 April 2021
Chad (added listing for B211as1/2)
Colombia (added listings for B997e, B998b)
Nigeria (added listing for B232h1/2)
Romania (added listing for B290d)
West African States (added listings for B120Ai, B120Aj, B121Au, B122Au, B122Ss, B123Au)
spreadsheet (added Siam and St. Pierre sheets)

9 April 2021
Dominican Republic (added listing for B727b)
Iraq (updated prices throughout)
Nigeria (added listings for B232f1/2, B232w)
Saint Pierre and Miquelon (initial publication)
Siam (initial publication)
United Kingdom (added listing for B206a)
West African States (added listing for B120Hi)
spreadsheet (added 2021.04.02 sheet)

2 April 2021
Bangladesh (added listings for B361a, B362a/as)
China (added National, Foreign, Communist and Regional listings for Reconstruction Bank of Kiangsi, Jiangxi Regional Bank, Provincial Bank of Kiangsi (江西銀行), Provincial Bank of Kiangsi (赣省銀), Kiangsi Provincial Bank, Kan Sen Bank of Kiangsi, Yu Ming Bank of Kiangsi, Bank of Kiangsi, Kiangsi Bank, B873a, B874a, B911ap, B1132.5a, B1150t, B1152at, B1415as2, B1417as2/3/4/5, B1435j/bs, B1497ap, B1826b, B1827b, B1828b, B2110d/dp, B2111d, B2112d, B2315ap, B2411.5a/ap, B2412.5a/ap, B2413.5a, B2808b, B2811b, B2812c, B2813ap, B2816b, B2819t, B7802b/c/d/e/es, B7803b/c/cs/d/e, B7804b/c/d/e, B7805b/c/d/e, B7806b/c/d/e, B8704ar2, B28605as, B45005b, B45006b, B45007b, B45008b, B45017ap2, B53006ap2; added National and Regional illustrations for B2813, B41204, B55114; improved National and Communist illustrations for B1203.5, B21702, B27204)
French Pacific Territories (added listing for B108b)
Hungary (added listing for B588c)
Ireland, Republic of (updated prices throughout)
Jamaica (added listing for B249e)
Malaysia (added listing for B149c)
Taiwan (added listing for B311as2)
Trans-Dniester (added listings for BNP220a)
Ukraine (added listing for B858c)

26 March 2021
European Monetary Union (added listing for B110e4)
Hong Kong (added listing for B802at)
Northern Ireland (added listing for B941b)
Russia (added Looking Forward item)
Switzerland (improved illustrations throughout)

19 March 2021
Afghanistan (added listings for B338as, B341bs)
Algeria (improved illustration and description for B412a)
Botswana (improved illustration for B130a)
Cuba (added listings for B902d, B912j)
Indonesia (added listing for B611g)
Iran (added listing for B287d)
Nigeria (added listing for B232u/v)
Pakistan (added listing for B233s)
Syria (added listing for B632c)
Taiwan (added listings for B497a, B498a, B499a/as, B500a)
Thailand (added listing for B195d)

12 March 2021
Banco Nacional Ultamarino (added signature for A77)
China (added National, Foreign and Regional listings for General Monetary Bureau of Xinjiang, Xinjiang Frontier Treasury, Xinjiang Divisional Treasury, Xinjiang Ministry of Finance Treasury, Xinjiang Provincial Bank, Bureau of Finance Ching Hai, B623ap, B624.1a, B624.3a, B624.7a, B626ar, B626.5a, B644at, B651as, B1006ks/l, B1007l/p, B1008bs/l, B1010p, B1011p, B1012p1, B1013p, B1014p1, B1023p, B1076g, B1077d/ds, B1080d, B1081f, B1083b, B1088g/p, B1089d, B1092cp/d/ds, B1094ap, B1095b, B1100g, B1101d, B1104d/ds, B1107b, B1115c1/2, B1117a1/2, B1118a1/a2/c1/c2, B1119a1/2, B1124ap, B1135p, B1136p, B1137p, B1152ap, B1126ap, B1128ap, B1204c/d, B1205c/cs/d/p, B1206c/d, B1435i, B1440ds, B1443p, B1453c1/2, B1454c1/2, B1455b1/b2/c1/c2, B1456a2/b1/b2/c1/c2, B1457a2/b1/b2/c1/c2, B1465ap, B1492ap, B1730at, B1731at, B2108bp/c, B2109c, B2110c, B2111c, B2112ap/c, B2207t, B2209t, B2601d, B2602d, B2603d, B2604d/p, B2605d/ds, B2606f, B2607dp/f, B2608dp/f, B2609f, B2610as/f, B2611f, B2808ap, B2809bp, B2811ap1/2, B2812bp, B2815b/bp, B3815bs, B7044as2, B7810as, B8704as, B34501.5a/ap, B47002ap, B84204ap, B84205ap; added Foreign and Regional illustrations for B7810, B47007, B72501; improved National, Foreign and Regional illustrations for B2410, B6751, B7809, B45017, B73002, B73003; reorganized signatures and variety listings for B851 – B857, B2612 – B2614; updated National prices B401 – B982)
Cuba (extended series ranges throughout; added listings for B126ep, B129ap, B303ap, B304ap1/2, B305ap, B306cs, B307s, B408as, B801ap1/2, B804s, B804ap, B804bp, B812as3, BFX836as1/2 – BFX842as1/2; added illustrations for B609a, B610a, B611a)
Cyprus (added listings for B125ms2, B134as1/2/3, B135as3, B135cs, B201as3, B203as3, BB301es3, B301ms, B301r1, B302p, B302gs, B303r, B303s1/2, B308cs, B310dp, B311cs, B312bs, B316bs)
Indonesia (added listings for B612f, B613f, B614f)
Iran (improved illustrations for B300a)
Lebanon (added listing for BNP505a)
Macau (added listings for B069d, B072d)
Nigeria (added listing for B229s)
Trinidad and Tobago (improved illustrations and descriptions for B236a and B240a)
Venezuela (added listings for B382a – B384a)
Weihaiwei (added listings for B105b, B106b; improved illustration for B105)
West African States (added listing for B121At)

5 March 2021
Croatia (extended prefix ranges throughout; added listing for B201ar)
India (added listings for B298d, B299b, B301c, B302d, B303e)
Iraq (added listing for B357b)
Italy (added signature names to variety listings)
Liberia (added listings for B103b, B316c)
Malaysia (corrected illustration for B112)
Mongolia (updated prices throughout)
Taiwan (added listing for B336s)
West African States (added listing for B123Kt)
Yugoslavia (added listing for B412cs)

26 February 2021
Cambodia (added listing for B433as)
Comoros (added listing for B102as3, B102bs, B103bs, B104as1/2)
Congo Democratic Republic (added listings for B103ap, B206cs1/2, B208cs1/2/3, B208ds1/2, B209bs1/2, B209ds1/2, B210bs1/2, B305as, B326bs)
Costa Rica (added listings for B507t, B508s1/2/3, B510s3, B511s, B513s1/2/3, B515s1/2, B517s1/2, B519s1/2, B522s1/2, B525ap, B526s, B535s, B536s1/2, B537s1/2, B538s1/2, B539as, B540as1/2, B541s1/2, B542s1/2, B544s1/2/3, B545s1/2/3/4, B546as, B546cs, B547cs, B548s, B550bs, B551bs1/2, B551es, B560as1/2, B561as1/2, B562as1/2, B563as1/2, B568as)
European Monetary Union (updated prices throughout)
Italy (updated prices throughout)
Nigeria (added listings for B235e1/e2, B236d1/2)
Northern Ireland (added listing for B807bp1/2)
Uruguay (added listings for B560b, B561b)

19 February 2021
Angola (improved illustration for B561)
Botswana (added listing for B130a)
China (added National, Occupation, Foreign, Communist, and Regional listings for Bank of Chungking, Local Bank of Szechuen, Sichuan Official Bank, Sichuan Provincial Government, Szechuen Provincial Bank, Szechwan Provincial Bank, B1006k/hs, BFX1007as, B1007k/cs, B1008k, BFX1009as, B1013as, B1016as, B1024p, B1025ap2, B1026ap, B1027ap2, B1042ap, B1045ap, B1046b, B1053ap, B1064ap, B1075p, B1078b, B1085ap, B1087p, B1090b/bp, B1099p, B1102b, B1121ap, B1146d, B1419p, B1420p, B1421p, B1422p, B1423p, B1443cs, B1445cs, B1446cs, B1447as2, B1448as2, B1449as2, B1461at, B1462t, B1464at, B1467t1/2, B1468at1/2, B1469t, B1470at, B2002r, B2003r, B2103c, B2104c, B2105c, B2106c, B2107c, B2303p, B2306as, B2307as, B2309as, B2312at, B2314at, B3820ap, B5616ap, B7504as2, B7505as2, B7809as, B7998at1/2, B8006as, B8010as, B8651at, B8652at, B8653at, B8654at, B8655s2, B22602ar, B25302as, B25310as, B25311as, B25313bs, B25314as, B27402b, B28107b, B34517ap, B34517.5ap, B34518ap, B45701.5a, B47011as, B47204as, B72309as2; added National and Foreign illustrations for B1045, B1053, B1055, B1064, B1068, B7809, B8006, B8010; improved Foreign, Military, and Communist illustrations for B6730, B7504, B7505, B8010, B17502, B22021, B22023)
Congo Democratic Republic (added listings for B317e/f)
Falkland Islands (added listings for B213cs1/2, B213ds1/2, B214as1/2)
Singapore (added listing for B206i)
Libya (added listings for B001ap, B002ap, B551a)
Turkmenistan (improved illustrations for B234a – B239a)
Vietnam (added listings for B344k, B345l, B346n, B347k)
West African States (added listings for B120Ti, B122Dt, B122Tt)
spreadsheet (added 2021.02.15 sheet)

12 February 2021
Afghanistan (added listings for B372, B373)
Bulgaria (added listing for BNP101b)
Cape Verde (revised listing for B222a)
Costa Rica (added listing for B518s1/2)
Danzig (updated prices throughout)
Faroe Islands (added Looking Forward item)
French Indo-China (added listings for Central Bank of China, B351 – B353)
Germany (updated prices throughout)
Guinea (added listing for B340b)
Hungary (updated prices throughout)
Iran (added listings for B298a – B301a; renumbered B298a as B301a)
Malaysia (added listings for B104as1/2, B123ap, B129ap, B150c)
Mongolia (added listings for B439a – B442a)
Nigeria (added listing for B235p)
Oman (improved illustrations and descriptions for B238a – B241a)
Philippines (added listings for B1086i, B1088e; renumbered B1086i as B1086j, B1088e/f as B1088f/g)
Romania (added listing for B288b)
South Sudan (added listing for B117a)
Syria (improved illustration for B634a)
Uruguay (added listings for B556b/c, B557b, B558b)

5 February 2021
Angola (added illustration for B561)
Australia (added listings for B230b, B233b, B234b)
Azerbaijan (improved illustrations for B408a, B409a, B412a)
Brunei (added listing for B303b)
Central African States (renumbered B106Fb-d)
Chile (added listings for B290as, B290x2s, B290as, B293as, B293ks1/2, B294as1/2, B294ns1/2, B294ws, B296as, B296k, B299h, B299i, B299as, B300as; renumbered B290dd-gg)
European Monetary Union (added listing for B111v4)
French Oceania (added signature varieties for B505 – B508)
French Pacific Territories (added listings for B102as, B102es, B103ds, B103gs, B103r, B104ds, B104es)
Indonesia (added listing for B590h)
Mexico (added listing for B704s)
New Hebrides (added listing for B403bp)
Northern Ireland (added listings for B418gs, B613bs)
Republic of the Congo (added listing for B101ap1/2)
Switzerland (added listing for B355b)
Turkmenistan (added listings for B234a – B239a)
West African States (added listings for B122At, B123At, B124As/t, B123Bt, B124Bt)

29 January 2021
Central African Empire (extended series ranges throughout)
Central African Republic (added listings for B104ap, B105as, B106as, B107ar, B107as, B111as; extended series ranges throughout)
Ceylon (added listings for B219ap, B226is, B237as1/2, B239es, B303as, B306as3, B307bs1/2, B310as, B310bs, B310cs, B311ds, B311gs, B312as1/2, B312bs, B312cs, B312fs1/2, B312gs1/2, B312s, B313bs, B313s1/2, B314as, B314bs, B314cs, B315as1/2, B315cs1/2/3, B317as1/s, B317bs, B317s, B318as1/2, B318s, B319as, B319bs1/2, B319s, B320as1/2, B321as, B322as, B322bs, B322cs, B322s, B322t1/2, B323ap, B324as, B324s, B325as1/2, B326as1/2, B327bs1/2, B327cs12, B327es, B327fs1/2, B328es, B328s, B329as, B329s, B330as1/2, B331as1/2/3, B349as3)
Chad (added listings for B201p, B201r, B202cs, B208as, B209as, B211as; extended series ranges throughout)
Chile (added listing for B296h/i/j)
China (added National, Occupation, Foreign, Military, Communist and Regional listings for Bank of Kirin, Farmers Bank of Chung-Chou, Northeast Jiangxi Soviet Bank, Pingjiang County Workers and Farmers Bank, B852h/hs, B853h/hs, B854h/hs, B855j, B856j/ds, B857j, B965a, B1007bs, B1008p, B1013p, B1014p, B1018as, B1019as, B10120as, B1021as2, B1022as2, B1033c, B1034c, B1035c, B1046c, B1037c, B1139p, B1140as2, B1153as/at, B1154as2, B1164ap, B1165bp, B1166ap, B1167ap, B1168r, B1410as, B1498as2, B1507ap, B3818ap, B5437p, B5603as, B5604as, B5605as, B5607as, B5610as, B5612bs, B5614ap, B5618bs2, B5621as, B7997a/
as, B7998a/as, B7999a, B8000a/as, B12801ar2, B12802ar, B17502as1/2, B17504as, B27704a, B34517.5a/as, B40501as, B40503as, B52702a/b/c/ar, B84203as2; added Occupation, Foreign, Military and Regional illustrations for B5552, B7552, B12802, B17504, B45011, B45017; improved National, Communist and Regional illustrations for B877, B911, B936, B966, B970, B1004, B1005, B1009, B1127, B22602, B27703, B62702; renumbered Regional listing B52702 as B52703, B70501-B70503 as B17301-17303)
European Monetary Union (added listings for B109w3, B111y3)
Israel (added listings for B444b, B445b)
Pakistan (added listings for B231t, B234r, B235t)
Syria (added listings for B634a/as)
spreadsheet (added 2021.01.25 sheet)

22 January 2021
BNU Signature Varieties (added signature for DG6)
Cameroon (added listing for B401cs; extended series ranges throughout)
Cayman Islands (added listings for B101as1/2/3, B102as1/2/3, B103as3, B104as1/2/3, B105as, B106as1/2, B107as1/2, B109as1/2, B110as1/2, B111as1/2, B112as, B113as, B115as, B116as, B117as, B118as, B119as, B120as, B203as1/2, B207as, B212as)
Cuba (added listing for B917b)
Hong Kong (added listings for B653bs, B663xs, B666is, B668ds, B670bs, B671cs)
Jordan (added listing for B230i)
Philippines (added listing for B1095a)
Taiwan (added listing for B336c)
Thailand (added listing for B194c)
West African States (added listings for B123Ct, B124Ct)
Yugoslavia (initial publication)

15 January 2021
Afghanistan (added illustration for B366as)
Australia (added listing for B232b)
Cape Verde (added listing for B222a)
Comoros (added listings for B303a1/2)
Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes (added listing for B202b)
Qatar (improved illustrations and descriptions for B219a- B225a)

8 January 2021
Bahamas (updated prices throughout)
Barbados (updated prices throughout)
British Guiana (updated prices throughout)
Canada (added listing for B371d)
China (added National, Occupation, Foreign, Military, Communist and Regional listings for Tsihar Hsing Yeh Bank, Yü Hsiang Bank, Yu Sien Bank, Fulong Bank, Bank of the Northwest, B640as, B1015at2, B1125as, B1432s2, B1473p, B1480ap, B1483p, B1501ap2, B2205s, B2206s, B2412b, B2412bp, B2413b, B2414b, B3806as, B3812as, B3817as, B3829ap, B3830ap, B3831ap2, B5304as, B5306as, B5307as, B8206as, B8207as, B8308as, B20802ar, B45001as, B45002as, B47003ap, B47004ap, B47013as, B47016ap; added Foreign and Communist illustrations for B7814, B21702; improved National, Foreign and Communist illustrations for B1125, B1126, B1128, B6717, B6718, B25316, B25317, B47004)
Cuba (added listing for B916d)
East Caribbean States (updated prices throughout)
Jamaica (updated prices throughout)
Leeward Islands (updated prices throughout)
Mexico (added listings for B704r, B712k, B717h)
Qatar (added listing for B213b)
Republika Srpska (corrected watermark descriptions)
Saint Lucia (updated prices throughout)
Sierra Leone (added listings for B125d/e)

1 January 2021
Croatia (added dates of intro/withdrawal for B101 – B205; renumbered B201 – B205)
Mexico (added listing for B717i)
Serbia (added dates of intro/withdrawal for B301 – B312)
Thailand (improved illustrations for B198a, B199a)