Maldives new sig/date (02.01.2013) 100-rufiyaa note (B214c) confirmed



On 22 October 2013, the Maldives Monetary Authority issued a new 100-rufiyaa note like B214b, but with enhanced security features, including Cornerstone watermarks, electrotype 100 watermark, and 3-mm wide red-to-green color-changing windowed security thread with demetalized 100 MMA and decoractive pattern. The new notes bear the signature of Governor Dr. Fazeel Najeeb and the date 20 Safar 1434/2 January 2013. The bank’s pamphlet describing this note indicates the denomination was last printed in 2004, but the only known dates are 1995/AH1416 and 2000/AH1421.

Courtesy of Alexander Petrov, Peter Cin, and Aidan Work.

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