Suriname new 200-dollar note (B550a) confirmed

B550 (PNL): 200 dollar (US$5.75)

Green, red, blue, and brown. Front: Dutch text; Suriname coat of arms; Central Bank van Suriname headquarters building at the Waterkant in Paramaribo; transparent laser-cut window in shape of sandbox tree seed; CBvS logo as registration device. Back: Dutch text; CBvS logo as registration device; Hura crepitans (sandbox tree); fishing trawler with nets. Green-to-gold RollingStar LEAD stripe with sandbox tree seeds. Green-to-gold RollingStar i+ Cube windowed security thread with demetalized 200. Watermark: Bank headquarters and electrotype CBvS. Printer: GD. 140 x 70 mm. Composite (Hybrid ADDvance).

a. 1 JANUARY 2024. Sig. 10: Roemer. Prefix AG. Intro: 23.03.2024. 

Courtesy of Alex Zlotin and Charles Toussaint.

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