Mauritania unissued 1,000-ouguiya note (B111a) confirmed

Until recently, this unissued 1,000-ouguiya note was known only in specimen form. However, a number of regular notes with fully printed dates, serial numbers, and signatures has been confirmed.

The confirmed 1981 date and S007 series fits in sequence with the preceding issued notes of this denomination (B107), although the designs are completely different. It remains unknown why this note was produced and why it wasn’t introduced into circulation.

B111 (P3D): 1,000 ouguiya

Red, orange, and black. Front: Arabic text; bearded man. Back: French text; palm trees and camel; mine; men in field. No security thread. Watermark: Bearded man. Printer: (Giesecke & Devrient). 165 x 90 mm. Paper.

a. 28.11.1981. Sig. 3. Series S007. Unissued.

Courtesy of Richard Einhorn (BanknoteWorld), Don Ludwig, and Stane Straus (

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