Somaliland new polymer 10,000-shilling note reported

According to an article in Hiiraaan Online dated 6 October 2023, “The Sahamiye Foundation has issued a pressing appeal to De La Rue, urging the company to reevaluate its [$9.6 million] contract with the Central Bank of Somaliland for printing 380 billion SL shillings. The foundation warns of economic, ethical, and legal repercussions that could exacerbate poverty and inequality in the region.”

An invoice dated 13 February 2023 from DLR indicates that the firm contracted to produce 500-, 1,000-, 5,000-, and 10,000-shilling notes. No image other than the back of the polymer 10,000-shilling note has been seen, and it’s unclear when the notes were scheduled for delivery. More information is requested.

Courtesy of John Miskell and Alex Zlotin.

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