eSwatini new 200-lilangeni (B105a) note confirmed introduced on 08.09.2023

B105 (PNL): 200 emalangeni (US$15)

Orange. Front: English and Swazi text; King Mswati III; coat of arms with lion and elephant flanking shield topped with crown of feathers (lidlabe); lion’s head; standing lion. Back: English text; standing lion; head of cattle; two goats; bank seal; straw huts; three standing natives; rock formation; shield and spears. Windowed security thread with demetalized 200 CBE. Watermark: King Mswati III and electrotype 200. Printer: GIESECKE & DEVRIENT – GERMANY. 160 x 70 mm. Composite (Hybrid).

a. 6.9.2023. Sig. 2: Rijkenberg/Mnisi. Intro: 08.09.2023. 

Courtesy of Don Ludwig, Alex Zlotin, and Murtaza Abdeali.

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