Argentina new 2,000-peso note (B427a) confirmed introduced 22.05.2023

On 2 February 2023, the Banco Central de la República Argentina unveiled a new 2,000-peso denomination commemorating the development of science and medicine in Argentina.

B427 (PNL): 2,000 pesos (US$7.30)

Pink, red, and black. Front: Spanish text; denomination as registration device; facade of Malbrán Institute; doctors Ramón Carrillo and Cecilia Grierson; caduceus on shield in green OVI. Back: Spanish text; coat of arms; facade of National Institute of Microbiology in Buenos Aires. No security thread. Watermark: Ramón Carrillo and Cecilia Grierson. Printer: CASA DE MONEDA ARGENTINA. 155 x 65 mm. Paper.

a. No date. Sig. 94: Pesce/Moreau. Series A. Intro: 22.05.2023. 

Courtesy of Alex Zlotin, Julian Boer, and Juan Cho.

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