Jordan new 5-dinar note (B236a) confirmed

B236 (PNL): 5 dinars (US$7.05)

Orange, red, and brown. Front: Arabic text; crown as registration device; unknown plant; rock-cut architecture of Al Khazneh (The Treasury) at Petra archaeological site; King Abdullah Bin Al-Hussein; OVI patch. Back: English text; camel caravan flanking detail above pediment of The Treasury; crown as registration device. Solid security thread and windowed security thread with demetalized CBJ 5. Watermark: King Abdullah Bin Al-Hussein and electrotype Arabic text. Printer: (Unknown). 137 x 74 mm. Paper.

a. 2022 ‮٢٢٠٢‬. Sig. 29: Al-Ississ/Fariz. Intro: 2023. 

Courtesy of Tomasz Jazwinski.

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