Syria new 200-pound note (B635a) confirmed

This note is like the preceding issue (B629a), but with new date, new signature, new printer (without imprint), and octogon ornament added at lower right back.

B635 (PNL): 200 Syrian pounds (US$0.15)
Tan and green. Front: Arabic text; Baz al-Kilaniya noria (waterwheel) of Hama on the Orontes River. Back: English text; ceiling of Temple Bel in Palmyra; octogon ornament. Windowed security thread with demetalized CBS 200. Watermark: Arabian horse head and electrotype 200 and Arabic text. Printer: (Goznak). 145 x 65 mm. Paper.

a. ‮٢٠٢١‬/2021. Sig. 20: Yaghi/Karfoul. Prefix L/03.

Courtesy of Alex Zlotin and beirut-banknotes on eBay.

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