Fiji new 88-cent numismatic product (BNP513a) confirmed introduced on 08.08.2022

This 88-cent legal tender note was sold at a premium for 28 Fijian dollars.

BNP513 (PNL): 88 cents (US$0.40)

Yellow, red, brown, and green. Front: English text; denomination as registration device; hibicus flower in gold-to-green OVI; hibicus flower; coat of arms. Back: English text; piles of coins; god of wealth and money tree; bank logo; denomination as registration device. Holographic PUREIMAGE windowed security thread with demetalized 88 and diamonds. Watermark: Hibiscus flower and electrotype 88. Printer: (De La Rue). 156 x 76 mm. Paper.

a. No date. Sig. 5: Ali. Intro: 08.08.2022.

Courtesy of Max Keller.

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  1. The strangest denomination in the entire British Commonwealth series.

    I will definitely get one just to fill in a gap in my collection – even though I don’t usually buy notaphilic products.

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