Peru new 20-sol note (B538a) confirmed introduced on 20.07.2022

B538 (PNL): 20 soles (US$5.55)

Ochre, brown, red, green, and yellow. Front: Spanish text; José María Arguedas Altamirano; green-to-blue SPARK Live element. Back (vertical): Spanish text; Andean condor; coat of arms; Cantuta flower. 4-mm wide green-to-blue RollingStar windowed security thread with demetalized 20 BCRP. Watermark: José María Arguedas Altamirano, pixelated background, and electrotype 20. Printer: (Perum Peruri). 140 x 65 mm. Paper.

a. 21 DE MARZO DE 2019. Sig. 183: Unknown/Velarde/Rossini. Prefix/suffix A/A. Intro: 20.07.2022.

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