Belarus new 100-ruble note (B148a) confirmed introduced on 01.07.2022

B148 (PNL): 100 рублёў (rubles) (US$50)

Light blue. Front: Belarusian text; denomination in SPARK; denomination as registration device; Radziwills’ Castle in Neswizh, Minsk region. Back: Belarusian text; Vertep portable puppet theater; bow, tambourine, and violin. Holographic windowed security thread with demetalized Br100. Watermark: Radziwills’ Castle and electrotype 100. Printer: (Goznak). 151 x 72 mm. Paper.

a. 2022. No sig. Intro: 01.07.2022. 

Courtesy of Gleb Shevchuk.

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