Russia new 100-ruble note (B834a) unveiled on 30.06.2022

B834 (PNL): 100 рублей (rubles) (US$1.50)

Orange, olive green, and purple. Front: Russian text; bank seal; main building of Moscow State University; Spasskaya Tower of the Moscow Kremlin with chimes; Zaryadye concert hall and floating bridge; Ostankino Tower; QR-code. Back: Russian text; Rzhev Memorial to the Soviet Soldier in Rzhevsky District of Tver Oblast; birds in flight; aerial view of countryside; map of Russia. 2-mm wide windowed security thread with demetalized 100 and . Watermark: Spasskaya Tower and electrotype 100. Printer: (Goznak). 150 x 65 mm. Paper.

a. 2022. Prefix AA. Intro: Expected 2022. Unconfirmed.

This note depicts the Central Federal District. The clock tower depicts the time as 8:20, which corresponds to the year of issue (2022) in 24-hour format.

300-dpi scans requested.

Courtesy of Stanislav Gusev.

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