Azerbaijan new 20-manat note (B411a) confirmed

B411 (PNL): 20 manat (US$12)

Green. Front: Azeri text; Kharibulbul flower in gold-to-green SPARK Live; symbols of power: sword, helmet, shield, and khari bulbul flower as the symbol of peace; holographic stripe. Back: Azeri text; map of Europe; national ornaments; map of Azerbaijan. Gold-to-green RollingStar LEAD Mix windowed security thread with demetalized AMB 20. Watermark: Khari bulbul and electrotype 20. Printer: (Unknown). 141 x 70 mm. Paper.

 a. 2021. Sig. 1: Rustamov. Prefix A. Intro: 10.02.2022.

The theme of this note is Karabach, represented by the Kharibulbul flower.

Courtesy of Don Ludwig and Stane Štraus (

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