Argentina 1,000-peso notes (B422) reportedly printed by Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Spain

According to an article in La Nación of Buenos Aires dated 11 November 2020, earlier this year the Banco Central de la República Argentina placed orders for 400 million 1,000-peso notes from the Casa de Moeda de Brasil in Rio de Janeiro and Casa de Moneda de Chile in Santiago, and 170 million notes from the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre in Madrid to meet year-end demand for cash.

Reportedly the bank had previously ordered 200 million 5,000-peso notes from the state printing company, Casa de Moneda, which had finished its design, defined its security measures, purchased the paper and inks, and established a delivery schedule beginning in June 2020. These plans were put on hold due to internal politics.

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