Armenia new 10,000-, 20,000-, and 50,000-dram notes (B322a – B324a) confirmed


    1. By definition, hybrid notes are a sandwich of paper and polymer, and The Banknote Book classifies these as Composite.

      1. It would be more accurate to classify the hybrid notes as such rather than call them “polymer”. The polymer notes are those produced of plastic only, such as Tyvek or biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP). The BOPP notes include those produced on Guardian, Safeguard and Goznak clear polymer substrates.

  1. When hybrid notes first began appearing, they were all grouped collectively together under the term “polymer” – and this made sense at the time. However, as the years have passed, the two groups have diverged, they are being separated more and more and are viewed by many as two separate (equally interesting, of course!) technologies and collecting areas… So in my opinion as well, it is time to recognize/accept this and designate them as either “hybrid” or “polymer.” Our next catalog ( from your polymer experts at ) will feature polymer notes only. We will gladly pass the torch on “hybrid” notes to the person willing to take on the challenge (since they will no longer be documented in our catalogs)!

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