Singapore new 5-dollar polymer note (B209a) confirmed

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) will issue new $5 polymer notes from 18 May 2007. This is the third denomination in the Portrait Series to be converted from paper into polymer. The $5 polymer notes will circulate alongside the $5 paper notes, both of which will remain legal tender.

As with the $2 and $10 polymer notes, MAS has retained the portrait series design for the $5 polymer notes as it is familiar to the public. The $5 polymer and paper notes have the following similarities:
• Portrait of Singapore’s first President, the late Encik Yusof bin Ishak, on the front, and images of the Garden City theme at the back.
• Same colour (predominantly green).
• Same size (133 mm x 66 mm).

The $5 polymer notes also include security features unique to polymer technology which are similarly found in $2 and $10 polymer notes. They are:
• Two see-through windows – one on the top-left hand side, and the other at the bottom-right corner.
• A stylised gold Singapore Lion symbol with a hidden image, beside the top-left hand window.  An image of the Singapore Arms will appear at varying angles.
• The security thread in the shape of the Singapore island.

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