Latvia new 100-lat note (B235a) confirmed

100 lats (US$194), 2007. Issued May 21, 2007. Like B228a, but new date, new signature (Rimsevics, Governor), and new security features, including serial number repeated in red in upper front left, horizontal band with 100 in greyish-brown print, 100 at lower left in larger reddish-brown OVI (also heat sensitive), vertical translucent band to left of portrait, transparent window with red semicircle of the Sun and Ls, silver Sun semicircle between the transparent window and the registration device, wider windowed security thread (with holograms and Ls 100), and 100 Ls as latent image in ornamental band on back right margin. Replacement notes suffix Z.

Courtesy of Girts Eisters (IBNS member 9639) and Frank van Tiel.

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