Mexico introduces two new commemorative notes (B710a and B711a)

In a press release dated 23 September 2009, the Bank of Mexico announced the immediate introduction of two new commemorative banknotes: a paper one to celebrate the bicentennial of independence, and a polymer one to celebrate the centennial of the Mexican Revolution. Each will be limited to 50 million pieces and these notes will not replace the currently circulating notes of the same denominations.

20,000 sets of notes with matching serial numbers were sold in a special folder. Anyone with information on the original cost of a set or the ability to scan the folder is encouraged to share that info and the images.

B710 (P128): 100 pesos (US$5.20)

Yellow, brown, red, and orange. Front: Spanish text; ear of corn; camp follower (Adelita); locomotive that carried revolutionary troops in 1910; corn field; map of Mexico as registration device. Back: Spanish text; map of Mexico; corn field; soldiers in David Alfaro Siqueiros’ mural “Del Porfirismo a la Revolución;” bank seal; ear of corn. Watermark: Adelita. Printer: BANCO DE MÉXICO. 134 x 66 mm. Polymer. a. 20 NOV. 2007. Sig. 11: Valdés. Series A. Intro: 23.09.2009.

  • Prefix A Signatures: Guillermo Ortiz Martinez and Raul Valdes Ramons
  • Prefix B Signatures: Roberto Del Cueto Legaspi and Raul Valdes Ramons
  • Prefix C Signatures: Everardo Elizondo Almaguer and Raul Valdes Ramons
  • Prefix D Signatures: Jose Julian Sidaoui Dib and Raul Valdes Ramons
  • Prefix E Signatures: Jesus Marcos Yacaman and Raul Valdes Ramons

B711 (P129): 200 pesos (US$10)

Green and pink. Front (vertical): Spanish text; map of Mexico as registration device; church bell in OVI; Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla with a banner, from Jesus Enrique Emilio de la Helguera Evans’ painting “Don Miguel Hidalgo.” Back (vertical): Spanish text; stylized bright red cap (symbol of freedom); Angel of Independence, on Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City; map of Mexico; bank seal. Windowed Motion security thread with printed 200 and demetalized bell. Watermark: Angel of Independence with electrotype 200. Printer: BANCO DE MÉXICO. 141 x 66 mm. Paper. a. 15 SEPT. 2008. Sig. 11: Valdés. Series A. Intro: 23.09.2009.

Signature information courtesy of Thomas Krause.

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