Denmark new 100-krone note confirmed


According to Danmarks Nationalbank, the 100-krone (US$17.70) note issued on 4 May 2010 depicts The Old Little Belt Bridge on front and The Hindsgavl Dagger on back. This signature pair is of Torben Nielsen, Governor and Lars Gerrild Sørensen, Head of Banking Services.

The following signature combo has also been confirmed for Nils Bernstein, Governor; and Lars Gerrild Sørensen, Head of Banking Services:

The Old Little Belt Bridge
The Old Little Belt Bridge, linking Erritsø in Jutland to Middelfart on Funen, was opened in 1935. The bridge was originally planned as a railway bridge in 1924, but the decision was later made to include roadways. The bridge is 1,178 metres long and has a maximum vertical clearance of 33 metres.

The Hindsgavl Dagger
The finest example of a flint-knapped dagger is the 29.5 cm long flint dagger that was found in about 1867 on the island of Fænø in the Little Belt opposite the Hindsgavl peninsula. This type of dagger is called the ‘fish-tail design’ due to the shape of the handle. The Stone Age dagger is from the latter part of the Dagger Period, 1900-1700 BC, and resembles metal daggers that have handles topped with an oval disk. The exquisite flint knapping shows the lengths to which the flint knappers went to compete with the increasingly popular metal goods that ultimately put the craft of flint knapping out of business.

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Courtesy of Rui Manuel Palhares and Bill Stubkjaer.

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