Identify items on back of Jordan 5-dinar note


Today’s challenge is to identify the items which appear on the back of the old 5-dinar notes of Jordan.

If you can precisely identify the name of these items—or have a lead which you think might be useful—please post a comment, preferably including a URL which links to evidence supporting your identification.

At left is a registration device that looks like an urn, vase, or maybe even the top of a chess piece, and at right are plants that look like cattails. These appear on the back of all 5-dinar notes from 1992 to 1997 (Pick 25 and Pick 30):

IDENTIFIED: Monastery tomb urn on top of Ed-Deir Monastery in Petra. See also this photo.
IDENTIFED: Cattails.

Courtesy of Tristan Williams and Alessio Amato.

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