Kenya seeks new note designs without portraits

According to an article in The Star dated 8 March 2012 and an article in the Daily Nation dated 7 March 2012, the Central Bank of Kenya “hereby invites individuals, institutions, institutions, organizations and professional bodies to present in writing, proposals on elements/features to be considered for incorporation in the design of the proposed new Kenyan currency banknotes and coins.” Per Article 231(4) of the constitution, the new notes may not bear the portrait of any individual. All notes in Kenya currently feature a portrait of former president Jomo Kenyatta.

The issuance of new notes is at least two years away, and even after their introduction, existing notes will likely circulate in parallel until they wear out. The bank has not ruled out changes to the colors or sizes of the new notes, and has said that “dominant Kenyan physical features, flora and fauna and key economic activities such as agriculture, tourism and manufacturing, are expected to replace these presidential portraits.”

Courtesy of Thomas Krause.

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