Iraq planning new 50,000-dinar note

According to an article on Iraq-Business News dated 28 November 2011, the Central Bank of Iraq confirmed it will issue a new banknote valued at 50,000 dinars (US$43), but marked as 50 dinars. Deputy Chairman Dr. Muzher Saleh said the bank is working to issue this new money in addition to coins in both Arabic and Kurdish in an effort to address the liquidity problem in Iraq. Currently the largest denomination in Iraq is the 25,000-dinar note (B352). The new currency will include symbols that reflect the diversity of Iraq’s sects and cultures including the Kurdish culture. “Iraq needs to support its economy and its currency through the issuance of a currency similar to foreign ones like the $100 bill,” Saleh added.

Keep in mind, for the past four years Iraq has reportedly been attempting to revalue its currency, and just last month it was reported that new notes would be issued in September 2012.

Courtesy of Mehdi Kasumov.

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