South Africa shreds 3.6 million defective 100-rand notes

According to an article on dated 20 May 2012, the South Africa Reserve Bank shreaded more than 3.6 million 100-rand notes  printed by Crane Currency’s Swedish division (Tumba Bruk) because they have the same serial numbers as a batch printed by the South African Bank Note Company. In addition, the notes printed in Sweden aren’t the right color, and they are one millimeter short.

The article doesn’t state if the defective notes are of the existing series (B760) or the new series featuring Nelson Mandela’s portrait (B765), which are scheduled for introduction in late 2012. In 2011, the South African Reserve Bank outsourced printing of the 100-rand note to Sweden following the discovery of missing security features on notes previously printed by the South African Bank Note Company.

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