Angola authorized to issue new note family in early 2013


According to an article on Angop dated 26 June 2012, the Angolan National Assembly (Parliament) has passed a law authorizing the Banco Nacional de Angola to issue new banknotes and coins in early 2013. The current banknotes in denominations of 1 to 2,000 kwanza were initially issued in 1999 to 2003, and have not had any changes to their security features since that time. The bank is authorized to issue new notes up to 10,000 kwanza (US$105), but plans to issue 5,000- and 10,000-kwanza notes only if necessary. Existing notes will remain legal tender.

The new 2012 series notes will bear different features from the current ones, particularly microprinting and ultraviolet features. The paper notes will bear a watermark depicting the figure of the “thinker,” a symbol of the national culture. Among other features, the notes will also bear two lightly overlapped effigies of the late founder of the Nation, António Agostinho Neto and the incumbent head of State, José Eduardo dos Santos.

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