Angola new kwanza note designs unveiled


According to an article on MacauHub dated 26 December 2012, the Banco Nacional de Angola intends to issue new banknotes denominated in 5,000 and 10,000 kwanzas (US$52 and $104, respectively) in 2013. The lower denominations are expected to be revised and issued later in 2013. Currently the largest denomination is the 2,000-kwanza note (B542).

According to an article on MacauHub dated 22 January 2013, the bank will make an official statement on 29 January regarding the issuance of the new notes.

New coins are to be introduced starting 18 Febuary, followed by new notes issued from March to June. Illustrations of Falls Cuemba (Bie), are printed in the denomination of 50 Kwanzas, the Binga Falls (Kwanza Sul), in footnote 100 Kwanzas, the Falls Thiumbue (Lunda Sul), in footnote 200 Kwanzas, the Falls Andulo (Bie), at 500 note Kwanzas, the Falls Kalandula (Malanje), in 1000 Kwanzas note, the Falls Dande (Bengo), footnote 2000 Kwanzas and Dam Kapanda (Malanje), in note 5000 Kwanzas.

Courtesy of Andrew Roberts, Jay Mollindo, and Phil Martin.

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