Russia 100-ruble Olympic commemorative note reported for introduction in October 2013


According to an article on Sports NDTV dated 22 January 2013, the Bank of Russia has announced that it will start printing 100-ruble (US$3.30) banknotes in March to commemorate the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, 7-23 February 2014.

The new note features a blue color scheme, vertical orientation, and depicts a snowboarder flying over Sochi on the front and the Olympic Stadium and the Firebird on the back.

Ten million notes will be printed, with introduction into circulation in October 2013, 100 days prior to the start of the games. Some notes will be packaged as numismatic products.

Courtesy of David Surette, Phil Martin, Brian Lema, Andrey Kuvaldin, Albert Vokhmin, Dmitry Zagorenko, Afanasov Evgeny.

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