Malaysia central bank appoints new governor as of 01.05.2016

Datuk Muhammad Ibrahim
According to a Bank Negara Malaysia press release dated 27 April 2016, deputy governor Datuk Muhammad Ibrahim has been appointed as the new governor for five years, effective from 1 May 2016, following the retirement of the current governor, Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akthar Aziz. Expect new signature varieties to follow.

Courtesy of Liew Siang Ping.

Uruguay new 2,000-peso note (B553) reportedly introduced 27.04.2016

According to a press release dated 27 April 2016, the Banco Central del Uruguay has introduced a revised 2,000-peso series B note (B553) dated 2015 which is like the existing note (B551) of the same denomination, but with several significant changes to the security features, including denomination as registration device, holographic windowed security thread, translucent features, map of Uruguay in OVI, iridescent stripes, intaglio marks for the sight impaired. Series A notes will continue to circulate in parallel.

Courtesy of Arnoldo Efron (MRI Guide).

Scotland new 5- and 10-pound polymer note designs unveiled


According to a Royal Bank of Scotland press release dated 25 April 2016, Scottish poet and novelist Nan Shepherd will appear on a new batch of polymer £5 notes. The writer joins scientist Mary Somerville, who was chosen for the new £10 note in a public poll, meaning women will feature on RBS main issue notes for the first time. Shepherd was an English lecturer at Aberdeen College of Education but also wrote novels, poetry and non-fiction, with the Scottish landscape and weather a major influence on her work. The back of the new notes have a nature theme with two mackerel displayed on the £5 note and two otters on the £10.

The new 5-pound note will be introduced later in 2016, and the 10-pound note will be introduced in 2017.

Courtesy of Alex Zlotin.

Ghana central bank new governor appointed as of 01.04.2016

According to a press release, "Dr. Abdul-Nashiru Issahaku has been appointed by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Ghana as the Governor of the Bank of Ghana with effect from Friday, April 1, 2016." Expect new signature varieties to follow.

Courtesy of Merjim Groen.

England new 20-pound note reported for 2020 introduction

According to a press release dated 22 April 2016, the Bank of England has announced that J.M.W. Turner will appear on the next 20-pound polymer banknote due to be issued by 2020.

Commenting on the decision, Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney said: “I am delighted to announce that J.M.W. Turner has been chosen to appear on the next £20 note. Turner is perhaps the single most influential British artist of all time. His work was transformative, bridging the classical and modern worlds. His influence spanned his lifetime and is still apparent today. Turner bequeathed this painting to the nation, an example of his important contribution to British society."

As shown in the concept image, the design on the reverse of the note will include:

  • J.M.W. Turner’s self-portrait, painted c. 1799 and currently on display in the Tate Britain.
  • One of Turner’s most eminent paintings The Fighting Temeraire; a tribute to the ship HMS Temeraire which played a distinguished role in Nelson’s victory at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.
  • The quote - “Light is therefore colour” from an 1818 lecture by Turner referring to his innovative use of light, shade, colour and tone in his pictures.
  • Turner’s signature from his Will, the document with which he bequeathed many of his paintings to the nation.

The full design of the note and its security features will be unveiled closer to it entering circulation.

Courtesy of Antje Bird, James Cadman, and Mark Irwin.

Malawi new 200-kwacha note (B162) reported

B162: Like B153, but new date, new signature, and hollow 200 at lower center front. Awaiting scans of back to confirm new issue.

Courtesy of Jefferson Ritson and Garry Craig.

New Zealand 5-dollar note (B137) named IBNS Bank Note of 2015

According to an announcement on the IBNS web site, New Zealand's 5-dollar note (B137) has been chosen by the IBNS Membership as the Banknote of 2015.

South Sudan new 20-pound note (B111) confirmed

B111: Like B104, but 20 pounds, not 25 pounds, plus dated 2015 and new signature. Prefix AA.

Courtesy of Hamid Kazemi (banknoteswholesale).

South Sudan new 10-pound note (B110) confirmed

B110: Like B103, but green, not blue, plus dated 2015 and new signature. Prefix AL.

Courtesy of Hamid Kazemi (banknoteswholesale).

Persia chapter of The Banknote Book is now available

Persia cover
The Persia chapter of The Banknote Book is now available for individual sale at US$9.99, and as a free download to subscribers.

This 12-page catalog covers notes issued by the Imperial Bank of Persia from 1890 to 1932. Published 22 April 2016.

Each chapter of The Banknote Book includes detailed descriptions and background information, full-color images, and accurate valuations. The Banknote Book also features:
  • Sharp color images of note’s front and back without overlap
  • Face value or date of demonetization if no longer legal tender
  • Specific identification of all vignette elements
  • Security features described in full
  • Printer imprint reproduced exactly as on note
  • Each date/signature variety assigned an individual letter
  • Variety checkboxes for tracking your collection and want list
  • Red stars highlight the many notes missing from the SCWPM
  • Date reproduced exactly as on note
  • Precise date of introduction noted when known
  • Replacement note information
  • Signature tables, often with names and terms of service
  • Background information for historical and cultural context
  • Details magnified to distinguish between note varieties
  • Bibliographic sources listed for further research

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United States new 5-, 10-, and 20-dollar note designs to be unveiled in 2020

According to an announcement by the United States Department of the Treasury on 20 April 2016, Alexander Hamilton will not be removed from the 10-dollar note to make way for a woman. Instead, Harriet Tubman (whose life was dedicated to fighting for liberty) will replace President Andrew Jackson on the front of the new 20-dollar note, though Jackson's image will appear on the back of the new note. The 5-dollar note will also be redesigned, and it's hoped that all three new designs will be unveiled in 2020 in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote.

Poland new 20-zlotych commemorative (BNP820) confirmed introduced on 12.04.2016

According to the Narodowy Bank Pokski's prospectus for 2016, in April 2016 the bank planned to introduce 30,000 pieces of a 20-zlotych banknote commemorating the 1,050th anniversary of the “Baptism of Poland,” when King Miezko I and the majority of his court were baptized in 966 AD.

The bank has more recently posted a notice on its site indicating that up to 35,000 pieces of the note will be introduced on 12 April 2016.

BNP820 (PNL): 20 złotych (US$6.55)
Blue and red. Front: Coat of arms with crowned eagle; Dobrawa (Doubravka of Bohemia) and King Miezko I; ornate cross; floor plan of church as registration device. Back: Floor plan of church; Gniezno Cathedral; royal chalice of Trzemeszno. Windowed security thread with demetalized NBP 20. Watermark: Unknown with electrotype 20. Printer: (PWPW). 144 x 77 mm.
a. 23 LISTOPADA 2015. Signature 17. Prefix AB. Intro: 12.04.2016.

Courtesy of Jan Bogus and Hartmut Fraunhoffer (Banknote-Online).

Romania new date (2016) 50-leu note confirmed

Like P120, but new date (20)16.

Courtesy of Alexandru Mocanu.

Lesotho new sig/date (2013) 20-loti note (B223b) confirmed

B223b: Like B223a, but new date (2013), new signature (Rets’elisitsoe A. Matlanyane), and couple removed from house doorway on back. Prefix AM.

Courtesy of .

Lesotho new sig/date (2013) 100-loti note (B225b) confirmed

B225b: Like B225a, but new date (2013), new signature (Rets’elisitsoe A. Matlanyane). Prefix AR.

Courtesy of .

Lesotho new 200-loti note (B226) confirmed

Originally reported in mid-February 2016, the Central Bank of Lesotho has introduced a new 200-loti banknote with see-through Optiks thread.

B226 (PNL): 200 maloti (US$14)
Orange. Front: Basotho hat (mokorotlo) as registration device; King Moshoeshoe II, King Letsie III, and King Moshoeshoe I; coat of arms with crocodile on shield flanked by Basotho horses; holographic patch. Back: Man on horse; Basotho hat (mokorotlo). Optiks security thread. Watermark: King Moshoeshoe I in top hat, electrotype 200 capped with Basotho hat, and Cornerstones. Printer: (TDLR). 145 x 70 mm.
a. 2015. Signature 9. Prefix AA. Intro: 01.04.2016.

Courtesy of .

Canada new signature 5-dollar note (B371c) confirmed

B371c: Like B371b, but new signatures (Carolyn A. Wilkins and Stephen S. Poloz). Prefix HCM - HCR.

Courtesy of Alex Zlotin.

Pakistan new date (2016) 500-rupee note (B237k) confirmed

B237k: Like B237j, but new date (2016). Prefix EF.

Courtesy of Zeeshan Yameen.

Lebanon new 50,000-livre note (B542) confirmed

B542 (PNL): 50,000 livres (US$33)
Violet, blue, green, and orange. Front: Cedar tree; geometric block design; stylized boat. Back: Cedar tree; geometric block design. Windowed Motion security thread. Watermark: Cedar tree and electrotype ٥٠٠٠٠. Printer: (OT). 140 x 77 mm.
a. ٢٠١٦ (2016). Signature 12. Prefix D.

Courtesy of Claude Akl ().

Lebanon new 1,000-livre note (B541) confirmed

B541 (PNL): 1,000 livres (US$0.65)
Green. Front: Cedar tree; alphabetic characters. Back: Cedar tree; alphabetic characters. 3-mm wide magenta-to-green windowed security thread with demetalized BDL 1000. Watermark: Coat of arms and electrotype ١٠٠٠. Printer: (OT). 115 x 60 mm.
a. ٢٠١٦ (2016). Signature 12. Prefix K.

Courtesy of Claude Akl ().