Denmark new date (2016) 500-kroner note (B938d) confirmed

Like B938c, but new date (2016). Prefix A7.

Courtesy of Frede Hansen.

Mauritius new date (2017) 1,000-rupee note (B429d) confirmed

Like B429c, but new date (2017). Prefix CA.

Courtesy of Owen Griffiths.

Mauritius new sig/date (2017) 100-rupee note (B422h) confirmed

Like B422g, but new signatures and new date (2017). Prefix DR.

Courtesy of Owen Griffiths.

Australia new 50-dollar note (B233) reported for October 2018 introduction

According to a 15 February 2018 press release, the Reserve Bank of Australia has unveiled the design of a new 50-dollar polymer note to be introduced in October 2018.


Courtesy of Trevor Wilkin.

Sierra Leone new note family reported for 2021 introduction

According to a 14 February 2018 article on Awoko, the Bank of Sierra Leone announced plans to introduce redesigned banknotes in 2021 to celebrate the country's 60th anniversary of independence. The new notes will depict past presidents, including Ahmad Tejan Kabbah on the 5,000-leone note and Ernest Bai Koroma on the 10,000-leone note. No word on whether the bank will continue to produce 1,000- and 2,000-leone denominations, with face values of only US$0.15 and US$0.25, respectively.

Botswana new 10-pula polymer note (B129) confirmed

Like B124, but printed on polymer. new date (2018), and new signatures. Prefix AE.

Courtesy of .

Venezuela new sig/date (23.03.2017) 5,000-bolivar note confirmed

Like note dated 18 DE AGOSTO DE 2016, but with new date (23 DE MARZO DE 2017) and new signatures. Prefix B.

Courtesy of Olexandr Danishenko.

Sudan new sig/date (00.03.2017) 2-pound note (B407c) confirmed

Like B407b, but new date (MARCH 2017) and new signature. Prefix BF.

Courtesy of John Miskell.

South Africa new Mandela commemorative note family reported for 18.07.2018 introduction

According to a 11 February 2018 press release, on 18 July 2018 the South African Reserve Bank plans to introduce new banknotes to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Nelson Mandela. The commemorative notes will circulate in parallel with the exiting issues.

Guatemala new date (20.03.2013) 50-quetzal note confirmed

Like 2012-dated note, but new date (20 DE MARZO DE 2013), new printer imprint (OBERTHUR fiduciaire), and sans serif font for lower right s/n.

Courtesy of Hartmut Fraunhoffer (Banknote-Online).

Guatemala new sig/date (28.01.2015) 20-quetzal note confirmed

Like 2014-dated note, but new date (28 DE ENERO DE 2015) and new signatures.

Courtesy of Hartmut Fraunhoffer (Banknote-Online).

Jamaica new date (01.06.2017) 50-dollar note (B249c) confirmed

Like B249b, but new date (01.06.2017). Prefix WA.

Courtesy of Hartmut Fraunhoffer (Banknote-Online).

Sri Lanka new 1,000-rupee commemorative note (B130) confirmed introduced 04.02.2018

On 4 February 2018, the Central Bank of Sri Lanka began issuing 5 million 1,000-rupee notes commemorating the 70th Independence Celebration. The note is like B127, but with a Celebrating Diversity logo instead of a butterfly at the lower left front, new vignettes at center front, new date, and serial numbers from S70/1 000001- S70/5 1000000.


Courtesy of Igor Tereshkov, Aidan Work, and 钞票百科 (Chaopiaobaike).

Albania new 10,000-lek note reportedly approved

According to a 7 December 2017 report in Albanian Daily News, the Banka e Shqiperise has approved a design of a new 10,000-lek note featuring poet Aleksandër Stavre Drenova, known by the pen name Asdreni. No word yet on when the note is expected to be introduced into circulation.

Courtesy of Nick Meister.

Singapore new symbol (one diamond) 5-dollar note (B209e) confirmed

Like B209d, but one diamond on back. Prefix 5AK.

Courtesy of KK Lim ().

Pakistan new sig 10- to 5,000-rupee notes confirmed

Like preceding issues dated 2017, but with new signature.

Courtesy of Chris Hall.

Peru new 10-sol note confirmed introduced 04.12.2017

Like P187, but denominated in soles, not nuevos soles. Dated 10 DE MARZO DE 2016.

Courtesy of Thomas Augustsson.

Peru new 100-sol note confirmed introduced 04.12.2017

Like P190, but denominated in soles, not nuevos soles. Dated 19 DE FEBRERO DE 2015.

Courtesy of Juan Carlos and Thomas Augustsson.

Costa Rica new sig/date (16.09.2015) 2,000-colon note (B558c) confirmed

Like B558b, but new date (16 de setiembre de 2015) and new signatures. Series A.

Courtesy of Nin Cheun (Noteshobby).

Albania new sig/date (2015) 500-lek note (B317c) confirmed

Like B317b, but new date (2015), new signatures, 2.0-mm wide security thread, and umlauts added to SHQIPËRISË (Albania) and PESËQIND LEKË (five hundred lek). Prefix KU.

Courtesy of Nick Meister.