Azerbaijan new variety or error 100-manat note (B308) reported

A frequent contributor to this site has reported a possible error or new variety of Azerbaijan B308, the 100-manat note from 1993. Specifically, the silver guilloche which nomrally appears at upper right on back (bottom) is missing (top). The note with the missing guilloche has serial number A/1 04584505. All other images I've seen have the guilloche, but are of later serial numbers.

If you have this note with a serial number earlier than or near A/1 04584505, please let me know if it has the guilloche.

Courtesy of Sejin Ahn.

Paraguay new 100,000-guaraní note (B864) confirmed

B864 (PNL): 100,000 guaraníes (US$22)
Green, blue, and yellow. Front: Semicircle symbol for blind; round coat of arms with star; lion and cap registration device; round emblem with lion and cap; San Roque González de Santa Cruz. Back: Represa de Itaipu (Itaipu hydroelectric dam) on the Parana River. Motion windowed security thread. Watermark: San Roque Gonzalez de Santa Cruz and electrotype 100 MIL. Printer: (TDLR). 157 x 67 mm.
a. 2015. Signature 22. Prefix H.
Like B861, but new date, new signatures, denomination at upper left front no longer in OVI, and denomination at upper right back now in OVI.

Courtesy of Miguel Pratt.

Paraguay new 50,000-guaraní note (B863) confirmed

B863 (PNL): 50,000 guaraníes (US$11)
Purple, peach, and green. Front: Pentagon symbol for blind; map; guitar registration device; guitarist and composer Agustín Pío Barrios (also known as Mangoré) in tuxedo; round coat of arms with star; round emblem with lion and cap. Back: Guitar. Motion windowed security thread. Watermark: Agustín Pío Barrios and electrotype 50 MIL. Printer: (Oberthur Technologies). 157 x 67 mm.
a. 2015. Signature 22. Prefix H.
Like B859, but new date, new signatures, horizontal serial number at lower right in black (not green), denomination at upper left front no longer in OVI; and denomination at upper right back now in OVI.

Courtesy of Miguel Pratt.

Paraguay new 20,000-guaraní note (B862) confirmed

B862 (PNL): 20,000 guaraníes (US$4.50)
Blue and green. Front: Circle symbol for blind; BCP registration device; round coat of arms with star; round emblem with lion and cap La Mujer Paraguaya (Paraguayan woman) holding vase. Back: Modern Banco Central del Paraguay headquarters building in Asunción. Motion windowed security thread with star in circle pattern. Watermark: La Mujer Paraguaya and electrotype 20 MIL. Printer: (PWPW). 157 x 67 mm.
a. 2015. Signature 22. Prefix F.
Like B860, but new date, new signatures, vertical serial number at left in black (not red), and denomination at upper left front no longer in OVI.

Courtesy of Miguel Pratt.

Lebanon new 50,000-livre polymer commemorative note (B540) reported for 01.08.2015

According to a press release dated 22 July 2015, on 1 August (Army Day) the Banque du Liban will introduce a new 50,000-livre polymer note commemorating 70 years of the Lebanese army.

Courtesy of Claude Akl (

Maldives new 5,000-rufiyaa commemorative polymer note (B222) confirmed

According to the Maldives Monetary Authority press release dated 26 July 2015, the MMA has introduced a 5,000-rufiyaa note (US$330) commemorating the 50th anniversary of independence. This is the first denomination in a new family of seven banknotes printed on DLR’s Safeguard polymer substrate. The other circulating denominations—10, 20, 50, 100, 500, and 1,000 rufiyaa—will follow from October 2015 onwards (the existing 5-rufiyaa note will be replaced by a coin).

B222 (PNL): 5,000 rufiyaa (US$330)
Light blue and gold. Front: Combination of people, trees, buildings, and boats symbolizing growth and development of the northern seashore of the capital city of Male’ over 50 years. Back: Large central 50 inside of which is depicted the signing ceremony in which Maldives officially gained independence on 26 July 1965; interwoven background signifying the uniqueness, craftsmanship, heritage, and Islamic customs retained by Maldivians. Printer: (TDLR). Dimensions unknown. Polymer (Safeguard).
a. 2015/AH1436. Signature 4. Prefix MF. Intro: 26.07.2015.

Syria new 1,000-pound note (B631) confirmed

B631 (PNL): 1,000 Syrian pounds (US$6.60)
Green, purple, red, and yellow. Front: Ancient Roman amphitheater in Bosra. Back: Tile mosaic of grape harvest from ancient Romain ruins in As-Suwayda; olive branches. 4-mm wide windowed security thread with demetalized SP1000 and Arabic text. Watermark: Electrotype 1000 and eagle coat of arms. Printer: (Goznak). 155 x 65 mm.
a. 2013. Sig. 17. Prefix B/G3. Intro: 30.07.2015.

Courtesy of Hartmut Fraunhoffer (Banknote-Online), Cleo Phas, Reha Yucememis, and Christof Zellweger.

Simplified numbering for The Banknote Book

The Banknote Book just got a lot better. In response to requests from collectors for a simplified number system, each country's type notes are now referenced with unique 3- or 4-digit numbers prefixed by the letter B (for example, Fiji B123). Already a must-have numismatic reference for its unparalleled content, this move will accelerate the adoption of The Banknote Book numbering throughout our hobby.

The printed edition just got a lot better, too. Anyone who buys, or has bought, a complete three-volume set direct from Spink is entitled to a free 6-month subscription (a US$59 value) to the online edition, giving you the best of both worlds: Printed books for quick reference; downloaded PDFs for all the latest.

Full details of the print+online bundle, number simplification, and spreadsheet with cross-references are available online.

To work out any kinks in the transition, the new numbers are rolling out in chapters as they are otherwise revised.

The Banknote Book awarded IBNS 2014 Book of the Year Honorable Mention

IBNS 2014 Book of the Year - Honorable Mention certificate
The International Bank Note Society has announced the winners of the 2014 Book of the Year awards, and has bestowed Honorable Mention upon The Banknote Book for "significant contribution to the advancement of numismatic knowledge."

I humbly thank the IBNS for this honor, which I share with my contributors, collaborators, and publishing partners at Spink Books.

Qatar new signatures 1- and 5-riyal notes confirmed

1 riyal, no date. Like B215a, but new signatures (Abdullah Saud Al-Thani and Ali Shareef Al Emadi). Intro: 2015.

5 riyals, no date. Like B216a, but new signatures (Abdullah Saud Al-Thani and Ali Shareef Al Emadi). Intro: 2015.

Courtesy of Nin Cheun (Noteshobby).

Pakistan new date (2015) 50-rupee note confirmed

50 rupees, 2015. Like B234j, but new date. Prefix FD.

Courtesy of Muhammad Zeeshan Yameen.

United Arab Emirates new 500-dirham note (B242) confirmed

500 dirhams, 2015 and ١٤٣٦ (AH1436). Like B232, but with tactile printing at left/right center front for the visually impaired.

Courtesy of Nin Cheun (Noteshobby).

United Arab Emirates new 5-dirham note (B236) confirmed

5 dirhams, 2015 and ١٤٣٦ (AH1436). Like B226, but with tactile printing at left/right center front for the visually impaired.

Courtesy of Nin Cheun (Noteshobby).

Namibia new date (2015) 200-dollar note confirmed

200 dollars, 2015. Like B213a, but new date. Prefix N.

Courtesy of Heinrich Lindner.

Nigeria new date (2015) 500-naira note confirmed

500 naira, 2015. Like B228p, but new date (2015). Prefix P-66.

Courtesy of Alex Zlotin.

Pakistan new sig/date (2015) 100-rupee note confirmed

100 rupees, 2015. Like B235k, but new signature and date. Prefix KE.

Courtesy of Muhammad Zeeshan Yameen.

Guinea new 20,000-franc note (B338) confirmed

B338 (PNL): 20,000 francs (US$2.80)
Blue, green, orange, and purple. Front: Guinean woman wearing head scarf; two pigeons taking flight; coat of arms. Back: Map of Guinea; hydroelectric dam in Kaleta; electricity transmission towers. 3-mm red-to-green windowed security thread with demetalized GNF 20000. Watermark: Guinean woman and electrotype 20000. Printer: (TDLR). 148 x 70 mm.
a. 2015. Signature 5. Intro: 11.05.2015.

Courtesy of Ruslan Vaschenko, Claudio Marana, Cedrian Lopez-Bosch, and Fernando Iglesias.

Bangladesh new date (2015) 10-taka notes confirmed

10 taka, 2015. Like B349d, but new date. Issued first with Bengali digits in both serial numbers (top), then with Western digits in lower left serial number (bottom).

Courtesy of Syeed Bin Salam (Tuhin).

Philippines new date (2014B) 20-peso note confirmed

20 pesos, 2014B. Like P206, but new date. Prefix P.

Courtesy of Константин Бохонок.

Nigeria new date (2015) 20-naira note confirmed

20 naira, 2015. Like B232n, but new date.

Courtesy of Evžen Škňouřil.