Gibraltar new 100-pound polymer commemorative note (B135) unveiled

According to an article on Your Gibraltar TV dated 23 August 2016, this 100-pound banknote will be put into circulation in the second half of 2016. The note is dated 21 August 2015, the centenary of the birth of Sir Joshua Hassan. Nicknamed “Salvador” (Saviour), Sir Joshua was chief minister for a total of 22 years and is credited as being the most important architect of Gibraltar’s move towards self-determination.

Courtesy of Alex Zlotin.

India's Reserve Bank names new governor Patel

According to a BBC News article dated 21 August 2016, the Reserve Bank of India has named Urjit Patel to take over as governor from Raghuram G. Rajan when his term ends 4 September 2016. Expect new signature varieties to follow.

Courtesy of Aidan Work.

Ukraine new 20-hryvnia commemorative note (BNP205) reported for 01.09.2016 introduction

According to a press release dated 26 August 2016, the National Bank of Ukraine unveiled a note commemorating the 160th birthday of the Ukrainian writer Ivan Franko. One million notes were printed and will be available beginning 1 September 2016. The note substrate has Ukrainian flax added to reduce the cost of production and increase strength. Apparently 20,000 notes will be packaged with a folder and sold as a numismatic product for 31 hryven each.


Courtesy of Albert Vokhmin and Igor Tereshkov.

Somaliland new date (2014) 1,000-shilling note (B123c) confirmed

B123c: Like B123b, but new date (2014). Prefix FJ.

Courtesy of Nin Cheun (Noteshobby).

Thailand new signature 100-baht note (B183c) confirmed

B183c: Like B183b, but with new signature. Prefix 3A.

Courtesy of Martin Burger.

Thailand new 500-baht commemorative note (B187) confirmed

According to a press release dated 2 August 2016, on 11 August 2016 the Bank of Thailand intends to introduce a new 500-baht note that commemorates the queen’s seventh cycle birthday celebration. A total of 20 million notes were printed.

B187 (PNL): 500 บาท (baht) (US$17)
Purple. Front: Royal Garuda emblem; Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) wearing in the Royal House of Chakri gown. Back: Royal Garuda emblem; royal family; standing Queen Sirikit examining Royal Folk Arts and Crafts Center products; seated Queen Sirikit wearing Thai Boromphiman costume; Khon performance; Lygodium products; Queen Sirikit Cattleya and Queen Sirikit Rose flowers. Holographic stripe. 4-mm wide green-to-gold RollingStar Cube windowed security thread with demetalized 500 บาท. Watermark: Rama IX and electrotype ๕๐๐. Printer: (NPW). 150 x 72 mm.
a. No date. Signature 87. Intro: 11.08.2016.

Courtesy of Thomas Augustsson and Sanjay Basu (

East Caribbean States upgrades security thread on 10- to 100-dollar notes (B236-B239)

According to a press release dated 10 April 2015, the East Caribbean Central Bank has upgraded the security on its notes (B236-B239) with the change to a wider windowed security thread.

Courtesy of Claudio Marana.

Sudan new sig/date (03.2015) 2-pound note (B407b) confirmed

B407b: Like B407a, but new signature and new date (MARCH 2015). Prefix BE.

Courtesy of John Miscall.

Colombia new 50,000-peso note confirmed

According to a press release, the Banco de la República introduced the following 50,000-peso note on 18 August 2016.

Purple. Front: Denomination in dark blue-to-light blue OVI; BRC as registration device; Colibrí piquicorto (hummingbird) and flower in green-to-blue SPARK Orbit; nautilus shell as registration device; Nobel prize in literature winner, Gabriel García Márquez, standing with butterflies and close-up. Back: Two standing natives; Ciudad Perdida, the heart of the Tayrona culture in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta; burgao (nautilus shell); Liberty head bank seal. Solid security thread and yellow-to-green windowed security thread with demetalized BRC. Watermark: Gabriel García Márquez and electrotype 50. Printer: IMPRENTA DE BILLETES — BANCO DE LA REPUBLICA. 148 x 66 mm.
a. 19 DE AGOSTO DE 2015. Signature Escobar/Buitrago. Prefix AA. Intro: 19.08.2016.

Courtesy of Andres Collazos, Cleo Phas, Noel Jose Cuenca Jimenez, and Camilo Uribe.

Poland unveils unissued Warsaw Pact notes

According to an article in The Guardian dated 19 August 2016, in the 1970s the National Bank of Poland printed stocks of banknotes denominated from 1 to 2,000 zloty. Codenamed E-17, the notes were intended to be issued in territories captured by Warsaw Pact forces. The notes will be on public display in 2017. Given that the bank last year sold albums with all 23 notes issued from 1975 to 1993, it's possible that it will eventually sell sets of the Warsaw Pact notes, too.

Uganda new date (2015) 20,000-shilling note (B158c) confirmed

B158c: Like B158b, but new date (2015). Prefix AX.

Courtesy of Claudio Marana.

Uganda new date (2015) 10,000-shilling note (B157d) confirmed

B157d: Like B157c, but new date (2015). Prefix BA.

Courtesy of Claudio Marana.

Bangladesh new sig/date (2016) 500-taka note (B353f) confirmed

B353f: Like B353e, but new date (2016) and new signature.

Courtesy of Nin Cheun (Noteshobby).

French West Africa chapter of The Banknote Book is now available

French West Africa cover
The French West Africa chapter of The Banknote Book is now available for individual sale at US$9.99, and as a free download to subscribers.

This 28-page catalog covers notes issued by the Banque de l’Afrique Occidentale (Bank of West Africa) from 1902 to 1945, Afrique Occidentale Française (French West Africa) in 1944, and Institut d’Emission de l’A.O.F. et du Togo (Issuing Institute of French West Africa and Togo) from 1955 to 1957. Published 19 August 2016.

Each chapter of The Banknote Book includes detailed descriptions and background information, full-color images, and accurate valuations. The Banknote Book also features:
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  • Security features described in full
  • Printer imprint reproduced exactly as on note
  • Each date/signature variety assigned an individual letter
  • Variety checkboxes for tracking your collection and want list
  • Red stars highlight the many notes missing from the SCWPM
  • Date reproduced exactly as on note
  • Precise date of introduction noted when known
  • Replacement note information
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  • Background information for historical and cultural context
  • Details magnified to distinguish between note varieties
  • Bibliographic sources listed for further research

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Bahrain revised 10- and 20-dinar notes reported


According to unattributed images circulating online, the Central Bank of Bahrain is apparently planning to introduce 10- and 20-dinar banknotes like the current issues (B304 and B305), but with enhanced security features (Orbital SPARK instead of holographic patch on front, and possibly Motion threads on back) and slight redesigns. It's unclear if the other denominations issued in March 2008 will also be revised, or when the new notes will be issued.

Courtesy of Yaqoob AlShaer.

Singapore new symbol (one diamond) 100-dollar note (B206f) confirmed

B206f: Like B206e, but one diamond below YOUTH on back. Intro: August 2016.

Courtesy of Tan Wei Jie (

Scotland's Clydesdale Bank new date (25.01.2014) 10-pound note confirmed

Like P229J, but new date (25th January 2014). Prefix W/LB.

Courtesy of Claudio Marana.

Egypt new 50-pound note (B340) confirmed

B340a: Like B332, but different windowed security thread and larger, green OVI at upper right.

Courtesy of Thomas Augustsson.

Egypt new sig/date 10-pound note (B339b) confirmed

B339b: Like B339a, but new date and new signature.

Courtesy of Thomas Augustsson.

Malawi new date (01.01.2016) 20-kwacha note (B158c) confirmed

B158c: Like B158b, but new date (1st JANUARY 2016). Prefix BA.

Courtesy of Hartmut Fraunhoffer (Banknote-Online).