Switzerland new 200-franc note (B359) reported for 22.08.2018 introduction

According to a press release dated 15 August 2018, the Swiss National Bank will begin issuing a new 200-franc note on 22 August 2018. Existing notes of the same denomination will continue to circulate in parallel. The new brown 200-franc note focuses on Switzerland’s scientific expertise, as expressed by matter, the note’s key motif.

The next denomination, the 1,000-franc note, will be presented on 5 March 2019 and enter circulation on 13 March 2019. The last denomination in the new series, the 100-franc note, is to be issued in autumn 2019.


Courtesy of Christof Zellweger, Marco Pache, Sabine Leuenberger, Max Keller

Guinea new sig/date (2017) 500-franc note (B339b) confirmed

Like B339a, but new date (2017) and new signatures. Prefix AV.

Courtesy of Thomas Augustsson.

Costa Rica new sig/date (10.09.2014) 10,000-colon note (B561b) confirmed

Like B561a, but new signatures and new date (10 de setiembre de 2014).

Courtesy of Max Keller.

Bangladesh new date (2018) 1,000-taka note (B354i) confirmed

Like B354h, but new date (2018).

Courtesy of Sejin Ahn (http://www.facebook.com/myriakorea).

Solomon Islands new signature 5-dollar note (B216d) confirmed

Like B216c, but new signatures. Prefix X/1 (replacement).

Courtesy of Hartmut Fraunhoffer (Banknote-Online).

Pakistan new date (2018) 5,000-rupee note (B239l) confirmed

Like B239k, but new date (2018). Prefix AZ.

Courtesy of Muhammad Zeeshan Yameen.

Venezuela currency reform delayed until 20.08.2018

On 25 July 2018, Venezuela's president, Nicolás Maduro, announced that the currency reform that was initially planned to begin in June, and that was later postponed until 4 August, was postponed once again, this time until 20 August. During the speech, the president also stated that the conversion rate was shifted from 1:1000 to 1:100.000, which means that one bolívar soberano will be equal to one hundred thousand bolívares fuertes. Also, actual notes were shown for the first time (until now, only computerized designs have been revealed). The new coins were shown for the first time, too. Among other things, he announced that the new currency will be pegged to the petro, a Venezuelan, state-owned cryptocurrency. He also suggested the possibility that a 5-bolívares coin could also be issued.

Banco Central de Venezuela has also posted information and images about the new notes.

Courtesy of José Daniel Fernández and Fritz Simons.

Sierra Leone new sig/date (04.08.2015) 10,000-leone note (B128c) confirmed

Like B128b, but new signatures and new date (4th AUGUST 2015). Prefix ER.

Courtesy of Andrew Roberts.

Zambia enhanced security notes reported for August 2018 introduction

According to a press release dated 31 July 2018, the Bank of Zambia plans to upgrade the security features of its banknotes. Specifically, the 20-, 50-, and 100-kwacha notes will have a SPARK Live feature added at lower right front and a 5-mm wide windowed security thread. The 10-kwacha note has a new windowed security thread, and the 2- and 5-kwacha notes have different images in glossy varnish with blind embossing. All denominations have tactile marks for the visually impaired. The two smallest denominations are expected to be introduced in August 2018, with the remaining denominations issued in a phased manner, and existing notes continuing to circulate in parallel.

Dominican Republic new sig/date (2016) 200-peso dominicano note (B722c) confirmed

Like B722b, but new signatures and new date (2016). Prefix BS.

Courtesy of Christof Zellweger.

Chile new date (2014) 5,000-peso note (B298e) confirmed

Like B298d, but new date (2014). Prefix AD.

Courtesy of Jean-Luc Chatelain.

Chile new date (2016) 2,000-peso note (B297f) confirmed

Like B297e, but new date (2016). Prefix AG.

Courtesy of Jean-Luc Chatelain.

Chile new date (2015) 2,000-peso note (B297e) confirmed

Like B297d, but new date (2015). Prefix ED.

Courtesy of Jean-Luc Chatelain.

Chile new date (2015) 20,000-peso note (B300f) confirmed

Like B300e, but new date (2015). Prefix EB.

Courtesy of Jean-Luc Chatelain.

Northern Ireland new sig/date (04.04.2017) 10-pound note (B937e) confirmed

Like B937d, but new signature (Les Matheson) and new date (4th APRIL 2017). Prefix L.

Courtesy of Stefan Rombaut.

Northern Ireland new sig/date (04.04.2017) 20-pound note (B938h) confirmed

Like B938g, but new signature (Les Matheson) and new date (4th APRIL 2017). Prefix Q.

Courtesy of Stefan Rombaut.

United Arab Emirates new date (2017) 200-dirham note (B241b) confirmed

Like B241a, but new date (2017). Prefix 009.

Courtesy of Radoslaw Dlouhy.

Saudi Arabia new sig/date (2017) 500-riyal note (B140b) confirmed

Like B140a, but new date (١٤٣٨/2017) and new signature. Prefix A.

Courtesy of Sabine Leuenberger ().

Chile new date (2014) 2,000-peso note (B297d) confirmed

Like B297c, but new date (2014). Prefix FB.

Courtesy of Artem Shevchenko.

Hong Kong unveils new 2018 banknote family

According to a Hong Kong Monetary Authority press release dated 24 July 2018, the Standard Chartered Bank, Bank of China, and Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation have unveiled the designs of a new 2018 series of banknotes.

"Consistent with the current series, the new series will consist of five denominations, each adopting the same colour scheme. It is the first time that the thematic subjects on the reverse side of the NIBs’ new series banknotes are standardised for each denomination to facilitate easy recognition by the public. The selected thematic subjects represent different aspects of Hong Kong as an international metropolis, featuring its rhythm of life, recreation and entertainment, as well as its rich natural and cultural heritage. The five denominations depict respectively the position of Hong Kong as international financial centre (HK$1,000), the spectacular Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark (HK$500), Cantonese opera as our art and cultural legacy (HK$100), butterflies that inhabit Hong Kong (HK$50), and the popular dim sum and tea culture (HK$20). For aesthetic presentation of the subject and easy distinction from previous series, the reverse side of the banknote is in vertical orientation instead of the traditional horizontal layout.
The designs of all five denominations were unveiled today. The HK$1,000 and HK$500 notes will be put into circulation in the last quarter of 2018 and early 2019 respectively, and the lower denominations of HK$100, HK$50 and HK$20 will be ready for issue in batches between 2019 and 2020."
















Courtesy of Wilson Chow, David Liu, Omer Yalcinkaya, Ilkka Malmi, Paul Nahmias, John Ma.