Ukraine new 50-hryvnia numismatic product (BNP813a) confirmed introduced on 23.02.2024

This note—entitled “Unity Saves the World”—commemorates the “invincibility of the Ukrainian people in their fight for freedom and European values, consolidation of the Ukrainian society to defend its territorial integrity, as well as unity of the democratic world in the face of the russian aggression.” It was issued on the second anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It is considered legal tender, but was sold at a premium to face value.

BNP813 (PNL): 50 гривень (hryven) (US$1.95)

Light blue, pink yellow, green, and pruple. Front (vertical): English and Ukrainian text; Ukrainian coat of arms; stylized Earth with hearts on routes of aid and support extending towards Ukraine; silhouette of girl in profile wearing military helmet; map of Ukraine in SPARK Orbital; stylized chevron of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as registration device. Back (vertical): Ukrainian text; stylized chevron of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as registration device; joined hands signifying cooperation, mutual assistance, trust, and partnership; stylized trident. Security thread. Watermark: Electrotype coat of arms on leaves and grapes. Printer: (National Bank of Ukraine). 80 x 165 mm. Paper.

a. 2024. Sig. 13: Pyshnyy. Prefix ЄC. Note in souvenir packaging. 300,000 notes. Intro: 23.02.2024. 

Courtesy of Jonathan Callaway

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