Moldova new 200-leu numismatic product (BNP102a) confirmed

This note commemorates the 20th anniversary of the Moldovan leu, which was introduced on 29 November 1993. It is like the preceding issue, but with 20 DE ANI at lower center front, and denomination as registration device. The bank packaged 200,000 notes in sleeves and sold them at 15% over face value.

BNP102 (P20): 200 lei (US$10)

Gold, pink, and brown. Front: Romanian text; Ştefan cel Mare; coat of arms; Victory token; bank logo; denomination as registration device. Back: Romanian text; bank logo; Ştefan cel Mare coat of arms; crescent moon between columns of Traian and Infinity; Primăria Municipiului Chişinău (city hall of Chişinău). Solid security thread. Watermark: Ştefan cel Mare. Printer: (Unknown, France). 133 x 66 mm. Paper.

a. 2013. Sig. 2: Dragutanu. Series G. Intro: 29.11.2013. 

Courtesy of Vladimir Kozin (

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