Free samples of Banknotes of the World industry newsletter


InterCrim Press (Moscow, Russia) publishes books and magazines of interest to banknote collectors, most notably Banknotes of the World, a 40-page monthly newsletter containing news and articles covering the currency industry and the banking community in Russia and abroad. While the editorial is geared towards currency industry insiders, collectors may also appreciate learning about the business side of banknote production and handling. Each issue devotes several pages to the security features of new notes, and there are counterfeit notices as well, plus a fair bit of information on coins, too.

An annual subscription to Banknotes of the World costs $300 for 12 PDF issues, or $360 for printed copies. InterCrim Press has generously agreed to allow BanknoteNews to distribute three back issues as a free download to provide a sample of what you can expect when you subscribe to the newsletter.

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