Syria new 500-pound note (B630a) confirmed


According to an article on Syrian Radio & TV dated 16 July 2014 and an article on SanaSyria dated 20 July 2014, Adib Mayala, governor of the Central Bank of Syria, has announced that a new 500-pound note has been issued on 20 July 2014, and will be dispersed early in August, and a 1,000-pound note will be issued in two months (August – September).

Existing notes of that denomination will circulate in parallel before being gradually withdrawn.

The new note is expected to join the family of 50-, 100-, and 200-pound notes (B627a – B629a, respectively) dated 2009, introduced 27.07.2010, and printed by Oesterreichische Banknoten- und Sicherheitsdruck, a subsidiary of Oesterreichische Nationalbank, Austria’s central bank.

Mayala said the new note will have different colors, depiction, and figures, and will be made of better-quality materials “in a way to reflect the cultural and historical image of Syria and protect the banknotes from getting worn out.”

Courtesy of Cleo Phas and Takis Kouvatseas.

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