Gambia unveils new note family including 20- and 200-dalasi denominations


According to an article in The Point dated 26 February 2015, on 25 February the Central Bank of The Gambia launched a new 20-dalasi polymer note, part of a new family of notes, which now includes a 200-dalasi note, twice the size of the previously largest denomination.

Please note that the D20 note shown in the poster above is incorrectly shown as blue with a windowed security thread, whereas the actual note is green without a security thread.

“All of the redesigned banknotes bear the portrait of President Yahya Jammeh and are smaller in size than the existing paper-based banknotes.

The D20 will replace the existing D25 banknote which will continue to be legal tender and will continue to circulate until it is fully withdrawn over time, the release stated.

The historic event held at State House formed part of activities marking the country`s Golden Jubilee.

In his statement, President Jammeh urged Gambians to take ownership of the new banknotes and handle them with care.

He called on the Gambian populace to familiarize themselves with the new banknotes, and help in ensuring their protection from counterfeiters.

He assured De La Rue, the firm that printed the country`s currency, of the government`s continued partnership.”

Courtesy of Alex Zlotin.

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