Solomon Islands new 100-dollar note (B225a) confirmed

Like B220, but revised design. Intro: 10 April 2015.

The following is a press release from De La Rue:

10 April 2015: A new $100 designed and printed in close collaboration with De La Rue has been launched by the Central Bank of Solomon Islands. This is the second denomination of the new family of notes following the $50 launched in September 2013 .
The Central Bank of Solomon Islands has today issued their new $100 banknote. In keeping with the new $50, this new note uses strong images and bold colours to reflect the vibrancy of the islands.
The overall theme of the note is rural life, depicting particularly the coconut as a major source of income in the rural Solomon Islands. On the front of the note, the abstract pattern work is based on a geometrical design and represents the swirling movement of shoals of fish whilst images portraying rural livelihood, social and economic activities in rural Solomon Islands are shown on the back.
As on the $50, the most prominent security feature is the Optiks™ super wide security thread with a transparent window. This Optiks technology was recognised in 2013 when De La Rue received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation for the thread and its associated paper making process.
On the occasion of the launch of the new $100, the Governor of the Central Bank of the Solomon Islands Denton Rarawa commented “This beautiful banknote is the result of the continued close collaboration between the Central Bank and De La Rue. We thank them for their contribution to the launch of this new note, the second note of our new banknote series”.
De La Rue’s Sales Director Ruth Euling said ”We are delighted to see the issue of this new note and are proud of our continued association with the Solomon Islands, a relationship that dates back almost a century to 1916”.

Also, read the press release from the Central Bank of Solomon Islands.

Courtesy of Sejin Ahn, Paul Nahmias, and Claudio Marana.

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