Paraguay new 20,000-guaraní note (B862) confirmed


B862 (PNL): 20,000 guaraníes (US$4.50)
Blue and green. Front: Circle symbol for blind; BCP registration device; round coat of arms with star; round emblem with lion and cap La Mujer Paraguaya (Paraguayan woman) holding vase. Back: Modern Banco Central del Paraguay headquarters building in Asunción. Motion windowed security thread with star in circle pattern. Watermark: La Mujer Paraguaya and electrotype 20 MIL. Printer: (PWPW). 157 x 67 mm.
a. 2015. Signature 22. Prefix F.
Like B860, but new date, new signatures, vertical serial number at left in black (not red), and denomination at upper left front no longer in OVI.

Courtesy of Miguel Pratt.

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