Lebanon new 1,000-pound note (B541a) confirmed

B541 (P90): 1,000 livres (pounds) (US$0.65)

Green. Front: Arabic text; cedar tree; alphabetic characters. Back: Arabic and French text; cedar tree; alphabetic characters. 3-mm wide magenta-to-green windowed security thread with demetalized BDL 1000. Watermark: Coat of arms and electrotype ‮١٠٠٠‬. Printer: (Crane). 115 x 60 mm. Paper.

a. ‮٢٠١٦‬‭ ‬(01.01.2016). Sig. 12: Charafeddine/Salamé. Series K01 – K22.

Courtesy of Claude Akl (dekeneh on eBay), Donald Ludwig, and Stane Straus (www.polymernotes.org).

The Banque du Liban issued one million notes each consisting of 11 different experimental substrates, coatings, and printing methods. Serial number ranges for each test batch are as of yet unknown.

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