Guyana new 50-dollar independence commemorative note (B119) confirmed


According to an article in Guyana Chronicle dated 12 May 2016, the Bank of Guyana is commemorating the nation’s 50 years of independence by issuing a new 50-dollar banknote as well as new 2,000- and 5,000-dollar coins struck by the Mint of Norway.

B119 (PNL): 50 dollars (US$0.25)
Brown, tan, red, and green. Front: Silhouettes of standing people in line; bank logo; map; 50th Independence Anniversary logo with jaguar. Back: National flower, Victoria amazonica (giant waterlily); tree branch; map on flag; doves in flight. Windowed security thread with demetalized GUYANA. Watermark: Red Macaw parrot head and electrotype 50. Printer: (TDLR). 156 x 65 mm.
a. 2016. Signature 15. Prefix AA. Intro: 12.05.2016.

Courtesy of Claudio Marana, Hemmy Bhola, Alex Zlotin, and Arnoldo Efron (Monetary Research Institute).

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