Zimbabwe newly discovered Cargill Cotton cheques deemed suspect


In late 2016, cheques began to appear on the collector market in amounts from Z$5 million to Z$50 billion. These notes are suspect because the denominations greatly exceed amounts needed during 2003 and 2004, the dates on these cheques, when the largest Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe travellers cheque (B118) was Z$100,000. Furthermore, the PAY TO THE ORDER OF line on the cheque has a crude blue CARGILL COTTON rubber stamp, even though the legend reads For and on behalf of CARGILL COTTON (PVT.) LTD. It’s illogical for the company to write cheques to itself. Unless compelling evidence surfaces that these are legitimate issues, The Banknote Book considers them fakes created from remainder cheque stock specifically to defraud the collector market. As such, they are not cataloged and buyers should be highly suspect of same.

Courtesy of Austin Mattox and Steve Milner.

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