Press release: Track & Price announces World Paper Money software upgrade


[Owen W. Linzmayer, editor: I’m happy to publish the following press release for Track & Price because The Banknote Book relies heavily on this unique service to provide timely, accurate, and inclusive pricing history based upon actual sales. Our editors interpret this information and distill it down to a snapshot of values listed in The Banknote Book, but Track & Price is the only place you can see the big picture.]

Naples, FL- 22 November 2016
Track & Price, a one-of-a-kind collection of software tools, has released an updated software version of World Paper Money. Track & Price is used by paper money collectors, dealers, and auction houses globally to assess the value of paper money. This easy-to-use and highly accurate software helps even amateur collectors seamlessly maneuver through millions of auction results. Giving you complete control, Track & Price conveniently lets you search using your local language and currency, sorting the results by grade, note type, auction date, price, individual catalog number, and more!

Track & Price makes sense of huge price swings, with actual auction results, by using its sophisticated prorating algorithm. This software is the only constantly updated World Paper Money auction report! 500 to 2,000 real auction results are added daily from across the world. To date, Track & Price offers more than 1 million useful results. Don’t waste any more time searching through pricing catalogs that are consistently off by many orders of magnitude, both wildly underpriced and overpriced. Finally, there is no need to spend hours searching through the SCWPM as we make it easy for you to input the details of any given note for the most accurate pricing results.

Estimating the price of multiple note lots has also never been easier! 40-50% of auction lots consist of multiple notes. Track & Price breaks down these multiple note auction lots and prorates their relative values based on the final auction price, including the buyer premium. T&P allows you to effortlessly search specific parameters to get actual values, which eliminates estimating and guessing! You can also refine your searches by note variety (i.e. P1, P1a, or P1b, etc.).

Track & Price is a highly trusted tool used by auction houses throughout the world. The U.S. software is used by all the major auction companies and has been providing U.S. auction results and census data for auction houses, dealers, and collectors since 2001. World Paper Money is used by Archives International, The Banknote Book, Heritage, Lyn Knight Auctions, Spink, Stack’s Bowers, and other market leaders.

We invite you to try a free trial of Track & Price. Simply go to and select the software you would like to use for the next 30 days! Questions? Please call Sandy Bashover at (239) 384-9674 or write

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