Morocco new 100-dirham note (B522a) wins 2024 Best New Banknote award

Two banknotes featuring Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) technology received the “Regional Banknote of the Year Award” at the High Security Printing (HSP) EMEA industry conference: Lesotho’s first Green Banknote and Morocco’s new 100-dirham banknote. 

Each year at the HSP Conference, banknotes that combine outstanding design, technical sophistication, and the highest security standards are recognized with the “Regional Banknote of the Year Award”. The winning banknotes combine artistic demands with excellent technology and security, and reflect the cultural background of the country in an appealing way. 

Morocco’s new 100-dirham banknote uses a “Galaxy” security thread for fast and clear authentication. The thread has a gold-green color change, an individual design, and is registered. Each of the three thread windows is assigned a specific design by register-true insertion into the paper, so that all notes look the same. On the new 100-dirham banknote, for example, the middle window shows a five-pointed star, while the upper and lower windows have a flip effect, changing from the text DH (for dirham) to the number 100 when tilted. 

Courtesy of Valeria Jessen (G&D).

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