Solomon Islands new 50-dollar note (B228a) confirmed introduced on 29.12.2023

On 28 December 2023, the Central Bank of Solomon Islands announced the introduction of 50- and 100-dollar notes with a new 18-mm wide micro-optic stripe replacing the Optiks security thread of the preceding issues.

B228 (PNL): 50 dollars (US$6.05)

Purple, green, and yellow. Front: English text; basket weave designs; stylized bird as registration device; Solomon Islands flag; bird carvings; Solomon Islands coat of arms. Back: English text; Nymphalid butterflies; flowers; lizards; shells; plants; spear; stylized bird as registration device. 18-mm wide micro-optic stripe. Watermark: Falcon head, electrotype CBSI, and Cornerstones. Printer: (De La Rue). 145 x 66 mm. Paper.

a. No date. Sig. 9: Forau/Dentana. intro: 29.12.2023.

Courtesy of Janus Juraschek, Don Ludwig, and Stane Straus (

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