Cameroon new 100-franc polymer note reportedly introduced on 23.09.2023

According to a “press release” reportedly from the Ministry of Finance of the République du Cameroun dated 30 November 2023, a maximum of 10,000 legal tender notes were issued to commemorate the 2024 Chinese Year of the Dragon.

However, this information has not been officially confirmed, and there is ample reason to be suspicious. The press release does not appear on the Ministry of Finance’s web site, it is dated more than a month after the supposed introduction date, it misidentifies the front and back of the note, and it erroneously describes the male lion on back as a “lioness.” Furthermore, it makes no economic sense for the country to design, print, and distribute 10,000 100-franc notes which are worth a total of only US$1,650 at current exchange rates, even if created as a numismatic product sold at a premium to face value.

We strongly suspect these are privately produced fantasy notes and urge buyers to beware.

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