Macau (BNU) new 20-pataca note (B092a) confirmed

B092 (PNL): 20 patacas (US$2.50)

Purple and light blue. Front: Chinese and Portuguese text; denomination as registration device; lotus flower; old and new fa├žades of Banco Nacional Ultramarino headquarters building; lotus flower in OVI. Back: Chinese and Portuguese text; tree; map of Macau in 1780; denomination as registration device. Green-to-magenta windowed security thread with demetalized lotus flower and MOP 20. Watermark: Lotus flower and electrotype 20. Printer: (Unknown). 143 x 71.5 mm. Paper.

a. 18 DE MAIO DE 2020. Sig. DG6/A77. Intro: 00.02.2024.

Courtesy of Augusto De la Canale and Alex Zlotin.

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