East Caribbean States new 2-dollar commemorative note (B245a) confirmed introduced on 06.12.2023

This note commemorates the 40th anniversary of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank.

B245 (PNL): 2 dollars (US$0.75)

Yellow, red, blue, and purple. Front (vertical): English text; conch shell; Central Bank headquarters building; Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards, “The Master Blaster,” wielding cricket bat; 40th anniversary logo; turtles and fish. Back (vertical): English text; fish, coral, and turtles; map of islands; 40th anniversary logo. No security thread. Watermark: None. Printer: (De La Rue). Dimensions unknown. Polymer (Safeguard).

a. No date. Sig. 3: Antoine. Intro: 06.12.2023. 

Courtesy of Don Ludwig and Stane Straus (polymernotes.org), and 4WS Banknotes and Coins.

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