Kazakhstan new 10,000-tenge note (B159a) confirmed

On 15 November 2023, the National Bank of Kazakhstan unveiled a new family of notes that will have a staggered introduction from 2023 to 2025. The designs are based on the elements of “Saka style” and reflects the heritage of the country, from the unique nomad culture to modern Kazakhstan. The new notes will circulate in parallel with preceding issues for at least one year, after which older notes will be gradually withdrawn.

B159 (PNL): 10,000 теңге (tenge) (US$26)

Purple, blue, and red. Front (vertical): Kazakh text; snow leopard detail and gold ornament; “Tree of Life” detail of sacred branch with hovering bird from headgear of 3rd or 4th century BCE “Golden Man” found in the Issyk kurgan burial mound; DNA spiral; national emblem. Back: Kazakh text; snow-covered mountains in outline of infinity ornament; gold stylized snow leopard ornament; resting snow leopard (Panthera uncia); circular Kazakh symbol. Windowed security thread with demetalized text. Watermark: Samruk bird with electrotype 10000. Printer: (BFoNBK). 145 x 70 mm. Composite (Durasafe).

a. 2023. Sig. 9: Suleymanov. Prefix AA, AБ..Intro: 30.05.2024. 

Courtesy of Alex Zlotin, Don Ludwig, and Stane Straus (polymernotes.org).

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