Myanmar new 20,000-kyat commemorative note (B120a) confirmed introduced on 31.07.2023

This 20,000-kyat note is a new denomination that commemorates the completion of a 24.7 meter (81 feet) marble statue of seated Buddha in Naypyitaw, and the first birthday of a white male elephant, Rattha Nandaka, born by a 33-year-old female elephant called Zar Nan Hla from the Myanma Timber Enterprise in Taungup Township of Rakhine State.

B120 (PNL): 20,000 kyats (US$13)

Green, yellow, and black. Front: Burmese text; standing white elephant facing left. Back: English text; Sagaing Bridge and Irrawaddy Bridge. Green-to-gold windowed security thread. Watermark: Head of Yadana white elephant and electrotype 20000. Printer: SECURITY PRINTING WAZI CBM. 150 x 70 mm. Paper.

a. No date. No sig. Intro: 31.07.2023.

Courtesy of Jean-Michel Engels, Tristan Williams, Alex Zlotin.

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