South Africa new 20-rand note (B778a) confirmed introduced on 04.05.2023

According to a press release dated 3 May 2023, these notes are like the preceding issues, but with enhanced security features and new designs featuring “The Big Five” families on the back. The denominations will be released gradually and will circulate in parallel with the preceding issues.

B778 (PNL): 20 rand (US$1.40)

Brown and violet. Front: English text; coat of arms; elephant in rectangle as registration device; preamble to South Africa’s Constitution; Nelson Mandela; two elephants in SPARK Live Truspin. Back: Text in English, Tswana, and Southern Ndebele; three elephants; elephant in rectangle as registration device. Holographic windowed security thread with coat of arms, SARB, elephant, and 20. Watermark: Elephant and electrotype 20. Printer: (South African Bank Note Company). 134 x 70 mm. Paper.

a. No date. Sig. 10: Kganyago. Intro: 04.05.2023.

Courtesy of Dave England.

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