Bahamas new 10-dollar note (B356a) confirmed

This note is like the preceding issues, but with a new color scheme to better distinguish it from the 1-dollar note (B349).

B356 (PNL): 10 dollars (US$10)

Gray, yellow, green, and red. Front: English text; sand dollar as registration device; map; Yellow Elder flower, SPARK Orbital butterfly; Stafford L. Sands. Back (vertical): English text; coat of arms; Hope Town lighthouse, Abaco with buildings and boats; two flamingoes on land and flying; sand dollar. Rapid HD Detect windowed security thread with demetalized 10 and sand dollar. Watermark: Stafford L. Sands, electrotype $10, and Cornerstones. Printer: CRANE CURRENCY. 156 x 67 mm. Composite (Durasafe).

a. 2022. Sig. 6: Rolle. Prefix A. Intro: 15.12.2022.

Courtesy of Jason T. Rohn and Sam Assad (4WS Banknotes and Coins).

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